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Audio Transmission/ Circle of Seven
« on: June 29, 2018, 11:58:12 AM »
Speaker: OPHELIA
Subject: Circle of Seven
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 29th June 2018  17:57 Local 16:57 Z

Ron Besser

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Re: Audio Transmission/ Circle of Seven
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2018, 03:29:25 PM »
Thank you so much, Lemuel!

We known now that Ophelia is of the Circle of Seven.

Ophelius is of the Mentori.

I remember both groups names, but I bet you by golly I thought the Circle of Seven was the Mentori too as I am not clear how I looked at the two different groups with Chris Maurus and Barnard of Australia. 

I want to publicly thank the Mentori for watching after me today as I have been hit so hard with an emotional depression that is quite hard for me to clear and its origins are these terrible set backs I cannot clear from my personal agenda to keep well until I can do the work of the Lord with the Lord attendant.  I have no idea why I have been hit so hard but I have, and THEN to hear that the Mentori may pull of stakes again after all of this wonderful set up to work with all of us on the list.

Here are the Mentori to speak with us:

"I am Ophelius, and you are writing an epitaph today to a brilliant career with Michael if you had just shut up about interference again and you just will not tolerate it at a certain point.  You are not at fault but you can make us all sit up and notice your fury when something untoward happens and it is minor today but tomorrow it could be earth shaking because Mantutia will not entertain a hot head on his birthday into the flesh.  You are totally convinced we do these things on purpose and are ready to chuck the whole situation out on its ear and flee to the mansion worlds as you are.  I understand that completely and you are not alone in wondering at the harshness of treatment and you are still wondering what the point is at all to be bleeding internally and facing repairs otherwise yet they pretend it is your fault for being something you see no point in discussing.  That is the gist of our work up here now.  We need to recompense this whole issue on Nystoria again as we see now that you welcome us fully and open armed without any agenda other than to have additional points of view and then discover we do not like much of what you do or are unnecessarily spoken but true.  I am Ophelius and I took a dislike to you immediately upon opening your record and all that you did to ruin Urantia, and how it came to be necessarily lost in a universe of good crisp fund and clean living.  Now the truth:  You are living the life of hell and you say so directly to Michael and you are ready to quit it one way or the other and Michael is of the opinion you cannot do that without his say so.  He will not say so.  BUT  we now learn you threw a curve to all of us yesterday again and placed a transmit so brilliant to the Theist group we now wonder why we bother with any of it when you can do so well.   I do not need hosing down Besser!

"I let all of this out to tell you that we Mentori have been up against everything we thought possible, and now we run into you and your daily routines to speak the truth and go where you may and not fuss with the meanies that get in your way.  Your cough is rough and harsh and you need your pills, but accidentally thought you had more but do not and are lamenting your oversight.  I am trying to tell you that the Mentori have a bigger assignment now from Michael than you ever guessed we would want to take on.  We have taken on not the Circle of Seven, but you not, but this entire list to be better done and get rid of the complainers that come on and leave with foul words on their breath for what ueew have tried to do but failed not, and that was to reset Nebadon, and that is not enough is it???

"We Mentori are not leaving.  You felt I was leading up to it along with rotting everything you wanted to be into your favorite sewer on line.  Ueew have chosen to be yourself a few minutes and ueew are going to start spelling it right or your are one dead Lazarus if you get my drift!

"You are not getting away with it today as you proposed and leave all for the future to get it done because you are so well intentioned and so loving you will not take a swing at anybody unless they asked pretty please to be cold cocked in front of everybody.  You have won the day with Michael at Nebadon Bingo, and you know well we are staying now but you wonder waht we have taken on that is so unusual, and it is this:   WE are sure you are the best that has ever walked on earth except for the matchless Moses who does listen when his duties do not interfere.  We Mentori wish to complete the puzzle you present by figuring out how this happened?  You are deaf and blind and not a little dumb Besser.  I must write it clearly.  You come along and read the Urantia Book and then decide it needs revised, and prepared for a material and divine mission to bring it to you when it is done.  I have seen the Father beg for less to be done, yet Michael listens attentively and orders it in place and then catches hell for listening to a muskrat on Urantia too old to cut the mustard and keeps us on tenterhooks as to whether the Urantia Foundation kills him or old age does.    Now it gets to the point you have brought down the house on Paradise with nothing really to say but to explain the Nystorian restoration eloquently and we listen and marvel.  We Mentori think you are brilliant and selfless to the point we cry each other to our rest when we can.  Now it turns out that we are to find out how you are dealt while we have the living organism at hand since we never will find another ewe.

"No one can read this post and understand this is parody  with a serious point to make, as Ron Besser is stuck on a dime of change today so harsh he can hardly move and with a depression the size of a mountain and all because you got upset with God this morning and stopped transmitting for half an hour while you fixed a serious computer problem that is never is supposed to happen.  It did happen because we tried to fix what Walmart did to you late last night and attempted to plug you for operating a double meaning on their purchase agreement for those pills you needed.  They saw you order 10 packs but they did not allow you to check price before you ordered them and had to pay for them.  You went back to find the price but they never offered a price until you paid for them and that pissed you off as stupidity and unforgivable to a prudent man who watches his pennies.  Next they threw a code at your computer that missed you and hit them back truly and they had to turn your work off and realign their computer so it did not keep ordering your type of pills in the thousands.  They got it straightened out and found you completely gone but threw a clip code as they call it, and that was to shoot you before you got them embroiled in another tantrum over your dislike how they do business on line.  You went back and found a much better vendor and will never order on line from Walmart again.  In any case that set up this morning's disaster where Lemuel transmitter Ophelia.  You knew the individual from past encounters, but wondered why Clency heard Ophelius-- that is  Me and I explain that later.   Clency is half deaf and then does not listen closely and assumes things are routine and goes with what he wants at the point.

"We are now serious.

"The Mentori stumbled on Ron when we were working with Chris Maurus, who must come back someday as he is sorely missed, but some who know him do read this site and we hope they tell him.  He is a fine young man and we need his work badly here and elsewhere.  And this.  I am asking the Mentori to stand down just a moment while I Michael speak the final denouement Ron must bear today.  He is without a friend on high but plenty of friends on Urantia and not Nystoria,  Nystoria has been rejected by the Paradise Council of Equilibrium, and I must use URANTIA for the time being.  Ron tasted the rejection but was happy to let me have the name as long as I wanted it to be spoken,  Yesterday he actually wrote that but no one saw it or remembered it for some reason.  Today the Council on Equilibrium told me they feel it is too flat in frequency and leaves the speaker wondering what to speak to once it is spoken concerning planetary affairs.  Ron warned me it was such in his own terms when he said it reminded him of a name brand or car model and not of a planet of some importance.  I agreed but it was settled when he spoke it.  Now this:

"The mighty Deity Absolute is convinced that Ron has a parallel Thought Adjuster somewhere because he can hear something before I know it if it is that important and t he Master Spirits are directly involved with the destiny of Ron Besser because he lets us and all know when something is slightly askew--  not wrong!-- but slightly out of whack and we need to give it some heed as it is usually right for some reason even he does not know what it is.  This is why Ron asked Lemuel, instead of telling him, why Ophelia and not Ophelius and now we know why.  The Mentori are almost possible in knowing what gives with this phenomenon we call Ron Besser, and it has not to do with the Deity Absolute, but with Tabamantia.

"Only Ron remembers for sure who Tabamantia is and Mantutia almost cut Him out of the Urantia Book.  Until Tabamantia reminded him that the world of revelation was not everything when it came to new disclosures and relationships.  Ron picked up on the name Tabamantia immediately upon reading the book in 1978 and found it so interesting he dwelt upon those passages fairly well both to remember what they said but to understand what he considered a mystery.  He let it go until recently and that was when Tabamantia briefly spoke to Ron on a passing remark he made to Michael about world affairs.  Ron reasoned that Tabamantia was about somewhere close over Urantia matters and Michael let it pass and Ron did not know the difference.

"Tabamantia spoke to me recently and told me that the House that Jack built on Urantia is full of moles which will change things by their very nature.  I agreed such was possible and Ron came to mind an I asked Him if there was anything to be said there?  He said plenty but not now as he was still evaluating why Ron seems to know the future so well and without fanfare and Ron  immediately remembers the extraordinary Nostradamus of the recent past on Urantia.  Nostradamus knew the future not but was well attuned to the Creative Spirit working with the Most Highs over issues of State on Urantia at that time and was most useful in becoming well known to royalty and made a lot of good differences for France in particular at that time.

"Tabamantia says that Ron has an unusual complex of brain cells that change frequencies on their own and he can hear clearly about the future when they do.  Ron makes no claim he can and stays away from prophecy for good reason as we have screwed him up royally with so many false starts to the divine Missions on Nystoria at this point.  I am sure Tabamantia dislikes the new name for the planet and Ron could care less if that is what I want, but Ron feels it is too weak for what was once called Urantia.  In any case, the Finaliter Tabamantia, works in the secret circle of the Mentori even higher than they do, and the Mentori tell me that Tabamantia considers the experiment Ron proposed on Urantia outlandish until he realized it was the perfect answer to cement the bond between man and God in the physical. 

[Ron here:  To all:  My philosophy concerning that Urantia Book, is that it has the seeds that produced me and the experiment Michael speaks to.  That book is the invitation to speak closely with the divine and God and both at the same time, as that is the feeling that is given in it as an entire work as a synthesis of love and trust and advancement when one can through one's own efforts and ideas bring something new to do.  I am a creative person and I love conceptual work to bring down to the ground so one can humanly see it and sometimes feel and taste, not a conceptual abstraction, but the steel and glass of God on earth.  IT was not so much inspiration that drives me, but putting into effect what a marvelous revelatory work Mantutia produced through his own creative endeavors.  It is brilliant on many levels I cannot entirely count, and there is a permeating of love and openness in the air with that book, and only fools would could it just revelation!  Ron.]

Michael continues:
"I see Ron swells with pride for Mantutia and his collective work he massaged into place but he also does not forget the individual contributors to the Papers in the revelation we call the Urantia Book.  That book must be placed out of the way for years to get the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) recognized.  We change its contents so it is read, but Mantutia, like Ron, hates the language changes and insists that a second and corollary to the SER be produced where he can open up thegates of statement beautifully done-- Ron calls it true poetry in parts of the original Urantia Book-- and that is what we will allow the corollary do for all of you shortly after the SER is sent to your printers Ron and get it done PDQ and they will I am sure as I am withdrawing the published text up here and preparing what you might call the digital version to show to your printers for quick printing and binding in a beautiful style your photos will show tomorrow to you. 

"Tabamantia told me many things I dare not repeat here and remain a confidant of Tabamantia, hut he did say that Ron will prove to be not an anomaly but a new style dictator of proudly done revelation in the future and Mantutia will teach that technique to him well, but Ron seems to favor the Deity Absolute for some reason and vice versa when ti comes to fruiting the truth to man in particular as when Ron speaks he makes complete sense in spite of what his detractors have to say so often.  I am not completely done with this dissertation but the hours grows late and Ron must get on with the day now as he is vastly improved after a very sorry start to the day with an extremely serious rupture to the computer and its chip set.  Don't ask!  It went bad before and they thought it was fixed but the real problem lingers and that is the manufacture did not include all the architecture in this particular machine by oversight and they still did not get it right when he sent it back for repairs. 

"I conclude this for Ophelia:

"I am Ophelia, and the Mentori stay and work with this list.

"I, Ophelia, am sure the Circle of Seven stays here too now.  I am its Director and Ron is my ward too and I make this clear:  he is not to talk while I talk unless he does and that is okay and is usually pretty good about it.  Just now we had Tabamantia stop by to see why we discuss him so openly and he met old friends andt hat is nice.  You are nuts Ron for caring these things happen but you are one of the few who knows that there is little to enjoy when there is no love among your fellow workers.  Tabamantia was a boy friend of Queen Nephrite of Egypt and lost his life to Amenhotep over the style of her hair and the way to decorate the ears that went with it.  Be assured that Tabamantia looks at you as not an anomaly but the future for Urantia, and you care little of that aspect, yet you bring fun to these proceedings all the time and at your own expense.  I ama Ophelia, and Tabamantia finally had an enjoyable moment and He is off to the races elsewhere. 

"The Circle of Seven is composed of twelve individuals Ron, and we are not Seraphim but Omniaphim, and all Omniaphim work for the Creators and you Ron are aware of that role?  [In light ways meaning a line or two or revelation and not much more.]  I see the Urantia Book in you completely and that is extraordinary for a human to do and we see how you did it and it s a good lesson to man if they ever figure out how that works.  I am Ophelia, and that is not a gender ending but a series of words smushed into one for convenience and easy for man to remember.  I wish to commend Michael for allowing all this time to get some really important facts across and I summarize them for you here:

1) The Mentori stay and study the phenomenon Ron represents to Nebadon and perhaps Avalon and Wolvering;

2) The Circle of Seven are planting their feet on this discussion forum as well and are directly involved with Lemuel, Sue, and Amethyst.  Larry Gosset and Ron stick with the Mentori;

3) Man needs to understand that the Mentori never ran into a person like Ron has become because of the Mantutia binding as superb revelation and its printed work;

4) We all expect Ron to croak but he will not an that is to be discussed tomorrow when Ron is awake enough to meet Mantutia and a check maybe and pictures too and a solution to your pain problems;

5) No where does it say how long a transmit may be or how short it should be, but never in my years doing this with many on Urantia, and this is the first time I went over my own self imposed limits. I am Ophelia, and I am an Omniaphim, and please look that up in your old Urantia Book and that revelation needs expanded ten fold and I hope Mantutia can come forward with it.  Good day. Ophelia."

"I am sure we have a record here for the Mentori and I see that is all to the good as we can get out of the mode of one page or less to say what we want to say.  That is very important for both groups and we like your thoughts Ron, and this is to end this transmision started by a shake up with Michael over what is to be done with Ron now that he has blown a fuse over computer messes he thinkgs we caused and we did not.  But that is almost impossible to understand at his level.  I also thank Michael for allowing the time to get all of this across, and to tell Ron his sleep, for the first time in almost a month, is his to revel in,


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Circle of Seven
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2018, 10:29:39 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transcription

Circle of Seven

Lemuel : This evening, I am calling upon the name of Ophelia to come forward with a message which will help to clarify the possible confusion that I had this morning between the name of Ophelius and Ophelia, and so now I am asking Ophelia to please come forward with a message. Thank you.

Ophelia : Yes, I am Ophelia, good evening Lemuel. I understand the confusion. Let me say first of all that Ophelia is the name of, in fact, a Group. We are more than one working for the Circle of Seven which you are familiar with from reading for quite a few years now the 11.11 Progress Group and Ophelia is the name given to the Group called in itself the Circle of Seven.

In a similar way, we are like Mentori, but Mentori now has a different task, a different calling in front of Itself, in fact which is much more complete, in fact, ambitious in a sense, than my Group, the Circle of Seven. I want you to understand that there is no recrimination, there is no problem really here, it is a mistake that anyone can make and watching you recorded this morning with a greatest of intention as always, because of your sincerity as always, Lemuel.

So, just to repeat, this is what I am able to tell you this evening : there is a difference between Ophelia and Ophelius. Ophelia is a name given to a Group of Us who work for and have for many years a Group calling itself the Circle of Seven and so I trust that these few words have cleared up the confusion that is being caused by the transmission this morning.

In any case, I want to thank you Lemuel for your sincerity in your recordings everyday. We thank you sincerely for your work. This is all, I bid you a good evening Lemuel. Domtia

Lemuel : You just heard what I have received and there is nothing more that I can add and I hope sincerely that in fact it has cleared-up the confusion and so I will put this on to the forum and see what Ron has to say. Anyway thank you, bye-bye.
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