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Audio Transmission/ Betrayal
« on: July 07, 2018, 01:25:54 AM »
Speaker: Peter
Subject: Betrayal
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Tiem:  7th July 2018  07:25 Local  06:25 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Betrayal
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2018, 06:56:43 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission


Peter : I am Peter, the apostle of Jesus, I come this morning to this one to talk about « Betrayal ». I am sure most of you here on the forum know this history. You have read the account of my betrayal of Jesus in your book of Urantia. I want to tell you how I suffered afterward when the full effect of my betrayal was felt by me and I was sick to the estomac and I just wanted to go away and hide, thinking that I am no longer fit enough to be seen by anyone.

To betray a friend is a most irrespectful thing, to betray the trust and the love that someone has for you and then later how one suffers because of that. You may well imagine also how my betrayal of Jesus also affected the other apostles and yet as you all know Jesus gave me a new name and told me that I was to be the rock upon which His Church was to be built.

Well, after having betrayed and denied Him three times and yet the Lord to continue to love me so dearly and to trust me so implicitly and to confide in me. I was more than grateful, I was humbled, it brought me to tears, knowing in fact obviously that Jesus has forgiven me and yet I have not forgiven myself. That feeling in my estomac was hard to describe.

May be there are some of you here who for one reason or another have betrayed someone in your life. If you have then you will know even to a small degree how I felt at that time, betraying the Master. It was something that I had to live with for a long time, eventhough I knew that Jesus has totally forgiven me because He understood the human condition and why I denied Him. But to be able to forgive oneself is much more difficult.

Well this happened a long time ago, as you all know. I am so pleased and grateful to this one for hearing me and let me in enter into his mind because, dear friends, betrayal is the most terrible thing personally to bear once you have betrayed someone, a friend, a member of your family, a child, a teacher, whoever it is, the betrayal is always based on fear, fear of the Truth. May be you are afraid of someone, saying the truth about something that you have done and you denied it because of your fear.

It is the human condition that you are all aware of, fear is deeply ingrained into the human condition and this as you all know is the leftover from the rebellion, to live in fear of everything is terrible, it is poison to the soul and in fact the soul can actually thrill and die if one’s fear is not healed. People are afraid of the Truth coming out of themselves and so they hide it and those people who live in fear, for one reason or another, they become so spiritually poor because the soul cannot grow.

I would ask each and everyone of you to look into your heart and into your mind and identify with any fear you may have about anything. Look at this fear face to face, realize that it is something that is poisoning your soul and let it depart from you, say good-bye to your fear and forgive yourself. The human understanding can be great or small, depending on your awareness of your spiritual status, that is to say when you realise that you are indeed a child of God then you cannot have fear in your lives. Recognize this as a fact : you are children of God, therefore fear has no place, whatsoever, in your being.

Once you are devoid of fear you will never be afraid of Truth and you will never be in the position where you betray someone, you deny someone. I am Peter and I betrayed Jesus and I suffered tremendously for that, but I eventually forgave myself and you, dear friends here on the forum, forgive yourselves for the fear that you still have in you for whatever reason, forgive yourselves and let this fear go. You are all the beloved sons and daughters of God and therefore there is no place for fear in your lives and therefore betrayal will never be a part of your life.

I thank you for listening, I bid you a good-day. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.