Author Topic: Probius on the Theme: A Stitch In Time  (Read 163 times)

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Probius on the Theme: A Stitch In Time
« on: July 09, 2018, 12:02:56 AM »
Teacher: Probius
Subject: Theme: A Stitch In Time
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/07/2018 12.18pm(AEST) 2.18am(GMT)

Theme: A Stitch In Time

[As I was trying to work out the Greenwich Mean Time to start this message - I hear this as follows…]


“Don’t worry about the time, as you were thinking when sewing up a worn out uniform with a tear, the saying, “..a stitch in time, saves a tear..”, when otherwise it becomes a thrown out garment. You might pause and ask: what is the point of this? On closer thinking, you do realise there are so many layers to this prompt repairment: on the practical side, it is true, it saves a lot. On the philosophical thought, it is pre-emptive to salvage something from further unnecessary disarray.

“The process in itself of finding the right tools to apply the task of sewing, enough light to feed the thread in the eye of the needle and good eyes to see at all. The knowing of how to sew in the first place is a skill acquired long ago and is again applied by hand and not by machine. The skills of the modern era is losing those ones that are done by natural hand skill-task, although an ancient acquirement, they are long forgotten or abandoned in favour by the sheer machinations, precision of automated technologies. One skill is lost and another is gained albeit the long hand once held the tear so well when the generations wonder how it was done in the first place.

“So, as you carefully place the needle in the garment and thread the cotton through, each stitch at at time is enveloping the fabric together in one stride that it is held in place and so avoids those separations that can easily be widened over misuse and, therefore, renders the cloth useless for its purpose of wear.

“The actual skill of sewing can be applied in spiritual terms as to its placement in missionary care and duty of tenderness. The stitch we place in the planet’s core, the stitch in government process, the stitch in one’s own level of progress, is all to do with the pre-emptive care taken to avoid the inevitable you know can happen if the action of avoidance is not taken in a prompt manner of time. Time prevails upon Nystoria and as it wanes, there are some actions that do divert certain courses of play upon the fabric of life you happen to entertain.

“Here, you call upon Father Michael and Mother Spirit of what is “becoming” and as you sew, it dawns upon you that very action is in progress, that it is true, in the Michael Missions soon to be and is really a “stitch in time that saves a tear”. How Michael applies the stitch is entirely to his skill and all those who accompany him in this endeavour. It is, as you know yourselves when sewing, takes a little patience, a bit of dexterity, determination, enduring painful needle pricks that make you wince, and then it also takes the joy of knowing that at each time one stitch at a time is made, the fabric is welded together one by one to hold well and be useful to wear way beyond its own expiry date.

“So, this is a one heads-up for the continuance of service. A stitch in time is all that it takes and so we continue on in a graceful and sensible manner to not throw things in the trash, but to save as much to make good of what is of value. The material has a long life when duty of care is given due value to it.  You see, we, your divine Celestial family, do value who you are. Your material lives have its place in evolutionary progression and our involvement in it for you, is also a stitch in time for your own fabric cohesion of existence.

“This is Probius, along with Pre’Mtor and Sue, like a garment stitched together, we are together in this service of love to you and see to it that we continue to progress in the work with the Creative Parents, who also work in this timely manner to achieve an abundant life to wear well.”



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Re: Probius on the Theme: A Stitch In Time
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2018, 10:39:03 AM »
Thank you Probius, Pre'Mtor and Sue,

I love this analogy of the "stitch in time", I grew up in a very poor household and you didn't even consider throwing anything away or not making a valiant attempt to repair what you had.  My mother taught "a stitch in time saves nine" and to this day I believe in that principle that can so widely be applied.  As with many of you I'm sure, it concerns me that we live in such a "throw away" society that has little value for anyone or anything and is so encouraged to disgard and replace when the 'new' wears off or the next best thing comes along.  

To me this is not being against change or progress but about recognizing the value and usefulness of what you have and honoring that value using foresight and creativity.

I am also reminded of a wonderful poem passed down through my grandmother to my mother and myself that originated from Corrie Ten Boom entitled "Lifes Weaving" that I post the link for, as I believe it to be a similar thread of thought which I have placed in another category

I have been blessed to have done cross stitch and embroidery in my lifetime and it certainly presents this difference as well between the upper and under side.

Thank you again Probius, Pre'Mtor and Sue "like a garment stitched together"..."in this service of love"..."to progress in the work with the Creative Parents, who also work in this timely manner to achieve an abundant life to wear well.”

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.


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Re: Probius on the Theme: A Stitch In Time
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2018, 10:01:12 PM »
« …… a garment stitched together, we are together in this service to you….. »

Another way to look at the above mentioned of sticking together is the patchwork quilt analogy. I often think of those groups of benevolent, well-minded people, outside of our own spiritual sphere of activity, who work hard in different fields of interest – wellbeing, nutrition, healthcare, teaching, just to name a few – to make of this world a place to live in harmony with each other and our surroundings.

I know of a group which is actually planning to create schools in different parts of the world, by gathering together people of good will, to teach youngsters as well as adults in various specializations (the list goes on and on) and eventhough they make a living out of it, which in my own view is quite normal, nevertheless I can’t help thinking – I may be wrong – that they have the backing of our Celestial family.

Like a patchwork quilt, stitching pieces together, we are all aiming for the same result : to make this world a place worth living by doing the Will of the Father. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.


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Re: Probius on the Theme: A Stitch In Time
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2018, 10:27:27 PM »
Beautiful and true, thank you Newstarsaphire and Clency. Very much enjoyed your contributions to this as I enjoyed stitching up a tear anyway! 

Much love to you all,