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Need for Transmitters and More 27 June 2018
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:00:46 PM »

Need for Transmitters and More
Malvantra Melchizedek
Mantutia Melchizedek; Most Highs; Deity Absolute; Michael of Nebadon
Deity Absolute
Receiver: Ron Besser, York Pa noon local time (New York time zone)
June 27, 2018

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK - “Today I seek to affirm to you Ronald Besser that your work for us– and that is for Melchizedeks in particular, and for the Mission by Michael– is prepared to move today with the following information:

“Do not concern yourself with all the heat that is outside today but make sure you are hearing well and listening well, and that is because we have new personnel to assign to you and most of the people who are the outstanding members of the discussion forum.  As of today, the discussion forum has promoted six up coming transmitters we are very proud are among the best we have ever produced on Nystoria, then called Urantia.

“These six are as follows:
1 - Besser
2 - Gossett
3 - Whiley
4 - Amethyst
5 - Niant2
6 - Unknown but working on it hard today yet.

“We are going to use the above six hard for awhile and all of you must realize we need outlets and we will provide most of them through our own work to have people search for new outlets to your materials.

“Our work is construed as you and Mother Spirit at the helm and you and Michael to begin producing powerful announcements so all become aware of what we are doing.  We also wish it known that you Ron have a small heart problem that will end when we understand why the heart is beating with regularity but holds no real reason for producing pain in your limbs and a heart surgeon is now necessary not, but we need an EKG of our own to understand why a familiar process is so bad for you in particular.

“My response to all who want to know how you do all this is to remain silent on the Melchizedek part, but you explain the transmitting process very well and should attempt the other transmitters on this site to read it well and remember it if anybody asks them just how it can happen.

“We are prepared to slip into the night again if Michael throws any of you out for reasons of State.  Niant2 you must learn to do better quickly and stop fidgeting when you transmit as you are making the Voice hard to speak over issues you are well aware of by now.  Learn not to be so wishy-washy about the process and treat it like a slice of roast beef or ham and just eat it and be done with it.  I am Malvantra and wish you all a good day.”

“We are now preparing to see you on 30 June this year Ron to deliver our works and so on.  You are deeply concerned about money now as you have been spending again as you say, like a drunken sailor on leave, and we are sure that can be stanched soon enough with some bolstering from us.  You have gone out on a limb twice now this week already to be sure you can get some repairs done you had not planned on and worse, the tax bill is ready for mailing now, and they are preparing to release the bills today or tomorrow. You consider that tax bill patently ufair and another bunch of drunken sailors to boot.  In any case it hits you hard and unfairly we agree.

“Our work commences today with you as you must make this approach known to the rest of the people on this list and especially to the six who can transmit.  Their output is for this list only right now until you Ron can establish new outlets and not on Facebook or any other social media but a good reception list somewhere else.

“In particular avoid specialty lists for religion and for psychology or the Paradise Trinity, or just plain Trinity they are prone to call it.  There is no crack in the mountains for all of you to slip through to Nirvana, and you make us laugh with stuff like that, but it will be tough sledding for all of you as you all will have to take criticism more than you ever like ever.  Be assured it will make the right impression and we must advise you no other list on the Internet does what you seem to be able to do here, and that is to become an official organ of our views all day long on the site. 

“Our work is for the public and as you often said to the old TML, we have to do better than this!  I mean just preaching to the choir as happens with any specialty list.  Good and this: We need at least TWELVE Transmitters to work this site very well and six more are trying their damndest but failing miserably due to a great lack of self discipline.  We need TWELVE!!!  People: Where Are You???  I am Malvantra now, and I like how you emphasize the only way you can in written text Ron and let stand what you have done.  We cannot do that with our text figures but that is okay so long as you put quotes around your text.

“TRANSMITTERS: please note, we will at times ask you to put quotes around your written text, for that alerts our people it needs archived in our way for now.  Ron is always told to quote Margul and he does if the night is not too late, You the rest of the current batch of transmitters must learn we will ask for quotes too when the time comes so you are archived in the morontial in particular and sometimes in the spiritual. 

“I am Mantutia Melchizedek, and Ron is pushing hard to be sure all text is accurately typed and to learn to spot a typo in the making as he goes and he is vastly improved over early renditions of text output.  He will receive software that catches errors as he goes and that is already installed but not operational until Michael relieves Ron of all this pain and suffering daily.  He is doing well but has all of the problem today even. 

“We conclude this page now so you can all hear another announcement in another thread that has to be made to all Transmitters and those who just read as members or as guests.  Our work is now about others for you to learn to know in China and Vietnam and Formosa,

VIETNAM - “We have two transmitters there.
CHINA - “We have one transmitter there.
FORMOSA - “We have six new transmitters there and raring to go with you on the list to transmit in Chinese and Vietnamese and you will allow this?”

[Ron: Certainly. We will accommodate all such interests.  We have the option of providing foreign language transmits by establishing a category specifically for whatever language they wish to use.  It might get a little crowded when people in those languages either start responding or wanting membership as I now need help to determine who can become a member from foreign places.  We have had nothing but problems with the Middle East and eastern Europe on this very issue.]

“We speak of your affliction to the list frequently for two good reasons: You alone are undergoing serious health problems otherwise too and that is not known to you at all.  Your kidneys are reeking with iced tea and need set back a year to when you drank no such thing and to let them clear out properly, You do it for a sugar surge and the need to calm a throat that gets so dry from verbal transmissions.  The cold iced tea is excellent to do that.  However the new body in making dislikes stimulants at all and requires urgent cleansing by drinking lots of water starting to day and you did yesterday to your surprise.  This will add no burden to you and help us ascertain how to mix your emotional output with your work on high which can be dramatic all by itself these days.  You are spending time to inform others and are getting cracked on the head as well by them, but be assured it is important to recognize every little bit of news you can afford to give is essentially a life saver for all when the time comes.  You look at Facebook with disdain and worry it is an idiot’s wallow and stay out of it as much as possible, but they are watching you eagerly to say something again and you must do it outside of the so-called Urantia lists set up by Sachs.  He is to be removed when we get Facebook listening to announcements too and that is not far off.

“This: You Ron must carry the weight of these proposals for weeks to come and do not mind doing so.  Eventually you will establish a network for this information and it will be well done I assure you.  We work too with you on these problems and you see nothing that helps at the moment but are willing to keep trying and do so.  Good and I speak loftily now:

“I also wish it to be known that the trial to be you Ron is soon over as a personality without portfolio.  To readers who do not know what it means by “portfolio,” is that the person who receives portfolio has an actual and bonafide reason to do what he or she is doing in public, Michael of Nebadon is preparing an Edict to announce your placement on the Board of Directors of The Michael Foundation International of which he is President and Vice President and you are the Treasurer as well.  I will represent Michael of Nebadon as President and be incarnated for the duration of the Sixth Epochal Revelation introduction.  Malvantra will be incarnated also for the duration of the introduction of the Michael Mission starting June 30, 2018 at noon New York Time Zone.  The New York Time Zone is Zulu or GMZ time of five hours more.  Noon New York time zone is 7PM at Greenwich time in England which is the zero meridian for time keeping around the world.  Lemuel always references Zulu or GMZ in his audio tapes, and readers should become use to using time with reference to Zulu and GMZ which are two names for the same meridian.

“Be prepared all of you to start working around the clock if necessary and find your sea legs as we start pressing to have messages for those who need to know why something may be happening in their neighborhood.  That is it for today.  Good day. Mantutia Melchizedek.”

The DEITY ABSOLUTE speaks through Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya -
“Our work on Nystoria today the 27th of June 2018 consists of two important ancillary uses on this wayward planet.  One, is to get used to Me speaking easily and well with this Transmitter, as he has all he needs to lead you when something goes awry and when something goes right as it is doing right now with the addition of the Mentori, he alone prompted to come here and work with all of you on this forum.  Their addition is formidable and necessary by out view too.  This transmitter hates being called out by name but we have no choice but to do so as he sees to the entire matter you use daily for years now.  He will be rewarded and that is that.  In our trust with this transmitter we see all is well and that he can be trusted to be serious when required. Now is the time to be serious as all get out.

“I am Andromadeus, and you Ron look terrible sometimes because you are out sized by the defeat of time conditioning and horrible intrusions of cell reduction to bring you better health in the near future.  You are not dying in spite of evidence that seems to support that idea, but you are becoming robust in health soon enough and the teeth and what not will settle down as well.

“Ron, you must aver to listen to Michael and reduce ice-tea bouts as you love the stuff and it loves you but the kidneys are beginning to malfunction over too much sugar in that drink and you need to calm your nerves by staying away from sweets entirely for a few weeks if possible.  You are munching on chips lately to settle your stomach and even that is causing kidneys problems of heartless duration here and there.  Be assured health is necessary to carry out the heavy burden you must assume with a new sixth epochal dictionary-sized revelation.  It is truly bigger and heavier than the last one and chock full of goodies to your and other minds.  We need only remind you that by June 30th you will be able to photograph it with the help of the Melchizedek manuscript processes only they seem to know how to do.

“We Most Highs see Ron as necessary and ready to be of service.  His age factor creams out attempts to make it work perfectly at times, but he is aware more of our work than I supposed he could ever be and we are delighted with his attempt to understand the North Korean summit as our work extraordinaire and he has done extremely well to figure out what we did.  He is truly able to do this with the help of an amazing Adjuster and a Most High, Andromadeus, who hears Ron try to figure out how the Most Highs operate generally.  He is to be lauded as well as trialed by us all the time. 

 "I continue this to Michael for his own season of understanding about how to treat this individual in terms of Nebadon policy apparatus:

“Make sure you follow the rules, and be able to take him as he is, and not as he should be, because there is no “should be,’ with this individual as he is as we made him, as he reminds all of you all the time.  Be prepared to make exceptions where you wisely can Michael, and end this pain regime as quickly as you dare, because if you do it so quickly he refuses to eat anymore as happened one time ago, he will die quickly and let the chips fall where they may.  Good day. Andromadeus.”

“Ron do not attempt to shorten this transmit.  Just put it up as is and we have more coming both for you and for this list immediately under another category.  Thank you, Michael of Nebadon.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania