Author Topic: Wave and Mantutia speaks on the subject of "Notification" and Vigilance  (Read 150 times)

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[I get the song/feeling/urges - “ can lean on me....”]

Speakers: Wave and Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: Notification and Vigilance
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 18/07/2018 6.14pm (AEST) 3.14am (GMT)


“It is good that you apply yourself with us tonight. Let us keep this up as a regular vigil if you would please as we are pressing you to get on with so much we have to get out to all of you. You are right to think it dear, Ron is busy (up to his ear) with so much to do, errands, dentist and banking and all the while receiving instruction from Mantutia to properly conduct himself before those who materialise before him. You too will also be tasked with much of what I have to get you going with. As Wave, I am a Liaison officiate between Michael’s staff and with those of you who hear me well. It is here we speak of the subject of “notifications”. When I say that, it is very similar to those notifications that pop up on your phone to alert you on incoming messages you allow to place on your devices.

“So too, here with me and others we prompted you with your Adjuster to make notifications in your mind to know some pressing alert is to be paid attention to. This, you know and are familiar with in your past experiences when certain things do prop up in your awareness that make you take heed. So it is here as it goes.

“As aside to notification, there are certain pressures you receive that tells you of the incoming presence to be caring of. I am Wave and Mantutia wishes to speak now.


“Yes, thank you Wave, and while I have your attention, it is all systems go with what Michael has instituted for us to be about in a matter of weeks and there are some areas we wish to see smoothed out in the U.S. government politics as Trump stumbles in a very hostile group that sees no end of the ruffles he has caused from his overseas visits recently. The media mayhem must be ignored, if not stopped altogether, as it serves only to rouse more dissension than it already is. We await for the dust to settle before we can enter a world that is soon to be aware there are more things to worry about than what has just been a naughty playground of sorts for way too long.

“Your attention will be diverted to a bigger problem that no one can get out of, even if you did try. The earth will tilt and so does the tectonic plates with it and it is sure to be a dark and perilous time for most, but it is only to be foregoing for a month of your earth time. I reiterate what is said to you before only to allow you to be mindful that what is to happen is certainly a very imminent one. It is short-lived, but is a severe transition that leaves no stone unturned. Your lives will be busy during this phase and we ask that you take stock of the notifications Wave speaks of for your own good. Take the action it prompts you to be vigilant and good to stay calm, quiet and away from rioting mobs. Stay indoors if you can, if not, do not entertain anyone, just keep walking and not look back or sideways. It is important to stay alive if you can help it.

“While this is not the news you wish to hear, it is for us as a duty to inform you, to prepare you and forewarn you of the dangers this transition period you will face very soon. We can not emphasize it enough to tell you to watch out and pray you are sensible in what is the best way to handle, endure, navigate the situation that may be yours to face. This is not a time for preaching, it is a time to be wary, and do your best to stay out of trouble from people who are beside themselves.

“While I do not wish to instil fear and panic or so on, it is my intention to help you know there are dangers coming and you need to keep the peace in yourself when all else fails before you. Know that the time of the dark period will be short and it abruptly ends when earth settles in a stable position with the Sun to shine a little better upon her than it has been. The cooling will settle the unreasonable heat exchange the planet has been under pressure from Monmatia’s over-reactive behaviour of late. This , the Power Directors are dealing with during this transition period in conjunction with stabilizing the inhabited planets in your vicinity. Yours and one other.

“Thank you for listening, and I leave this here and return Wave for you.”


“Yes, Wave here, thank you Mantutia for those words of good advice and so may I add one more the list to be ready with and that is to take the time in prayer with the Father and that is an essential life-saver for you in relation to your focus and in doing so, this reinvigorates you in service with the Father and all that He has to confer to you in these difficult times.

“This is Wave here, and I end this transmission at this point so Sue can get to type it up at once. Thank you and good evening.”

End. (7.29pm)