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Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, Probius and Lanaforge
Subject: We Are Working Still To Make Things Right, The Need For More Transmitters and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/07/2018 10.33 am (AEST) 12.33am (GMT)

Michael of Nebadon:

“I am here Sue, this is Michael, we are working still to make things right, know that is so. There are so many things on the table and those things cannot be spoken to, but we are dealing with them. While it is not easy, it is not impossible for us to deal with. For all of you though, it would be a task not suitable for you to take on and so there are more able ones in my Team who can do more and with the efficiency and effectability to get some of those things done and accomplished.

“While all of you are so good to stand by and wait, you have been like ants on a mound who do not give up when the ground gets tough. I am heartened by your stickability to stand through the gales of such a moment as this is. While difficult, eerily sombre and rather chillingly quiet for your liking, it is a moment wherein you find the time for prayer, for supplication, for the air to breathe and to take in the last of the days of the old house that is soon to see its last days.

“While we, on this side of the veil, cannot say much at this time, we can say to you to hold on to your hats, stay fast to the hope that is in you and know I am here with you as you gather your strength and resolve to continue in working with me, with Mother Spirit and all her Ministering Spirits. Probius is assigned to you and so are all those of the Mentori. They await for you to open the lines of communication to so let the word come to you. The teaching lessons that are good for you to receive at this time of transition.

“Keep the faith, my dear ones, may you rest in my peace and let this pass as it should.”

Mother Spirit:

“Mother Spirit here Sue, there are many surrounding each and all of you at this junction of time. It is a very pivotal moment in your lives soon enough and watch out for those changes coming and  may you all have the good sense to keep calm and focussed on with us as these changes must be allowed to enable a transition to a more desirable outcome that is good for all it is worth.


“Probius here Sue, I am with Mother Spirit on this and support her work going forward. This is to be an ongoing mission in with you who seek to receive such import of messages such as this to be and more is coming.

“Do not be dismayed by the “quietness” of the Forum site, this too will be flooded with interest before long. Be prepared for the many questions that may arise and seek us for the solutions to them as they may arise. There is much for many to learn and much more can be learned by all of you who maintain the vigilance that you all do.”

[Thank you Probius, is there any one else who wishes to speak?...]


“Yes this is Lanaforge Sue, I have one report to make and it is this. While the world watches on with the twelve Thai boys and their coach trapped in the cave getting rescued, we are also witnessing the extraordinary efforts of “co-operation” with those who put their lives on the line to carry out such a risky rescue. This is the first of many such “co-operative” ventures that is to increase as the changes you all face come to your reality in the weeks and months ahead. This is the time of transition before we can see real progress being made for the good of humanity. I am Lanaforge, your Planetary Manager and am busily at work to prepare for the exigencies that is to be my task to oversee, in all earnesty.

“Stay with us as we need transmitters to be so doing this work of allowing such information to be passed on for you to know about, now and in the days ahead. I bid you all a good day and may you all be in Michael’s peace in all that is to follow. Domytia.”


[Thank you Father Michael, Mother Spirit, Probius and Lanaforge for all that you do, and may you have good success in the plans you may have going forward. Sue]

Ron Besser

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Probius from York, PA at 11PM local time.

I am Probius and we skip the formalities since we are adding to the post above.  Ron is providing us some extra levity tonight as he is in the usual thought pattern to help but seeing nothing to help with he enjoys reading all of your posts.  I am not Probius now, but Lanaforge for you and the rest of the gang here.

  Lanaforge - "I see we are not using quotes but I am asking for them now.  Be assured the reason for quotes when you are asked to add them is so our people can take measure to archive what we have to say at this time.

"I am Lanaforge, and I am happy to announce we have a new tool to start using for transmitters very soon.  Ron battles the senility of age only when he types as he must use the full brain and we cut off the full brain so he does not burn you out with prose you do not understand or recognize.  That is coming so be prepared for that too; however, right now we cut him down to human size as he must report all findings as though he is writing a diary and not a revelatory post as he can so often do.

"This evening I watched Ron marvel at a Mozart Piano Concerto (#21) and how brilliant it was written played.  He imagined himself on the piano bench a realized he has almost no memory cells to recall written music at all, but he plays nifcely when resorting to the ability to improvise as I have never seen it done on Urantia now Nystoria.  Someday you will hear him place an anthem before you to marvel at too.  You all must recognize I call myself a Planetary Manager and Ron thought that up many years ago to get rid of the idea of monarchy when speaking to the Spirit luminaries and now I take him up on it only to see your reaction.  Ron can live with either but things it is much more relelatory to use the word 'Manager.'

"I now leave it to all of you to adjust your seats briefly, as the Adjuster of Ron wishes the following to be told slightly ahead of its time.  Today he visited what he thought was just a surgeon dentist.  Hardly!  The man is a brilliant researcher on mouth chemistry and bone structure about how we maintain life through what Ron calls the Orifice of Nutrition.  I kid you not.  You are also to learn that Ron has double problems the last 48 hours as the Infinite Spirit visited through a Supernaphim and threw out all body changes so far and insisted they be reverted to a normal human pathology.  That has thrown pain into high gear and eye sigth so poor Ron can hardly follow the road to get to his dental appointment today and scared us all by hitting speed bum concrete so hard it threw the back end of t he "SUV" a foot into the air.    This is an indication of what is going on in the background of all of you who do not think anything is being done, but live at the Besser household and you would get an earful. 

"This is then an opportunity to speak with all the gusto I can before Ron is swatted by the Infinite Spirit, andthat is to tell you that the end of the bric-a-brac coming to all who can transmit and that includes Weydevue and Clency in spite of your unwillingness to show us regularly.  Each of you must have life extensions and according to us, Ron adds Clency to his view that the fellow is truly worth extra life spans if he can get over the fact he will lose all of his relatives, even the children, when he is granted extra life sessions to finish what is to be started here on the planet.

"I conclude by stating that Ron is ready for the dust heap and the pain is constant and high volume as he calls it to us.  Eye sight is down to 35 percent and gets worse during bright sunshine which happened today to see the dental surgeon for some preliminary work. Your lives are silly right now because you do not know what to do with yourselves.  Today. Ron also received a nice letter from the IRS counting the Michael Foundation International as a full fledged public charity with all the numbers of approval granted.  That ends the corporation building for Ron for good for centuries we think and that is to his credit he got this much done in spite of changes in procedure up here and work redone down there to use him and all of these corporations at one time or another.  Be still now Ron!

"I say that because Prius is making noises for me to stop and announce the main item:

"We are going to run a new type of transmission through Sue to begin with and let her be the guinea pig for a change.  Ron usually takes that role but must be restrained while the pain issue is molified as he sees it as terminal if we cannot get it under control but we wll says Michael and so on.  In any case this:  Ron has experimented with sound on the piano and with his own inner figures of speech and finds that leaving a valve open is exhausting for breath purposes, so he closes them with an open eye sound which goes like this:   i s s s s i i i  for the word Nystoria and it then becomes N Y S T O R I s s s i i i and ends when the breath runs out.   That sounds more like we pronounce it believe it or not.    The many i i i i i 's  are indicative of speech patterns on high as the Nebadon language and should be practiced as though you run out of breath by repeating the sound all those eyes make as in    ssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . .

"Ron is not convinced we have that right so we try it with Sue or someone else to see what he can get out of them.

"In any case I wish to let it be known that the trial for Ron will truly end but the pain will subside sudenly and the eye sight correct for much better than it is right now but no promies just how well.  I am letting Michael speak to Ron as we speak this.  He hears Michael insist the eyesight will return fully but when is unknown.  Get this done Lanaforge, Michael shouts!

"We are losing precious daylight on Salvington as the quiet period is about to begin on this royal sphere which Michael insists happens ever millennium for worship by us all for the trial of goodness to come to Urantia.  I am not surprised Ron was shown the angels at worship and it moves him to tears.  Be assured you all need that expression too but it is so hard to manifest on Nystoria right now.  I am clearing this now so Michael can speak to all that has to be spoken to now.  Lanaforge."

"I must congratulate Sue on managing to do this in spite of a head cold I believe?  It is hard to assign rhino viruses easily but she picked up a whopper at work through careless handling of dishes left on the break sink.   Be assured the pain evaporates as suddenly as it got ramped up again and this time for good.  I have this to say and I am leaving:  No one on Nystoria believes what they will see, but ti may snow in York next weeks or three or four-- depends when we can oxygenate the upper reaches of the stratosphere on the northern climes of weather.  Our choice already made it snow in Alaska to experiment on how to chill the aire enough the hot sun cannot win everything as it has been doing in the past few decades and is killing the trees left and right.  Be assured Ron that Norway Maple you dislike will stay alive if you keep your filthy dirty ideas away from cutting it down.  It is over one hundred years old and acts like a kid after you trimmed it down by half five years ago.  It loves being pruned like that much to your dislike of the tree itself.  In any case it will catch some frost and get confuses by the sudden change in weather in York as the weathermen will never understand what happened until Rayson teaches how extra oxygen can do that to any weather system bad or good.  

"We need to mention the coming dark tribulation period.  It will happen soon enough and that tooth Ron may have to be treated as a blank for now as no one is going to travel in the dark and maybe some snow in your area.  I also add this, the rhododendrons at the side of the house are actually happy with the weed growth in them as they protect from the harsh sun and you trimmed  them out half a dozen times already.  I leave it at that for now.  Michcael."

MARGUL - Trinity Teacher Son of Paradise and willing to speak now: 
"I am delighted Ron can take the heat of pain and suffering as I doubt few could and we have now changed the style of his life extension four times and it has caused the tissues in his body to be sore and painful again and again.  We almost had the old style done a few days agon and had to restart Thursday night again last and now we are in dutch with the unending stress it causes him.  He is out of luck though as we are going to keep him busy with various ploys to keep him going in spite of being sore and hurt.  Besides he is the only one who can report to us at the moment as he still carries the credentials as an A-1 transmitter extraordinaire.  Good day.  Margul."

Prius - "I now get quoted I see..  I am leaving you not Besser, and that is fer sure.  You catch my inflections perfectly as that is human talk and we find it fund to do sometimes.  I leave you with this thought:  Sue needs a pat on the back for taking on the silence of t his web site for now and Lemuel needs some more ummppph to get him going better as he finds the days awfully long and the nights unbearably hot without a/c.  In any case we must learn the ropes better as I am Circle of Seven personnel and Probius is Mentori personnel and we get together for chats now as that is most satisfying to bring the two honorariums together for the heck of it right now.  Good Day. Prius, the Circel of Seven."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Thank you Ron, Michael, Prius, Probius, Lanaforge and Margul. It's good to know the "seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and I take it for new types of transmissions, I wait with baited breath! Happy to be a "guinea pig for a change", let's continue on gang, so help me God that I get this well done and rightly so!

I am delighted that the life extensions are still to be available and to know that you Ron are putting up with so many changes, that I can't count how many you have had so far. I wonder that this all is going to also be our cake to eat too. I knew something is brewing and that things are still to go on and I stand in, even when it becomes too quiet it seems you can hear "come on's not is eternal, you ought to know that by now!!!

I am here, try me out for new types of t/ring and so hit me on the head and see where this takes us....

Many thanks and good cheer!


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All 13 rescued from depths of Thai cave! What a blessing to witness the greater good for all at work.


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« Each of you must have life extensions and according to us, Ron adds Clency to his view that the fellow is truly worth life spands if he can get over the fact that he will lose all of his relatives, even the children, when he is granted extra life to finish what is to be started here on the planet »

First thing first : I have already made up my mind, a long time ago, even before I met the Urantia Book and joined the Serara forum, that my fight is here and now, in my own way, and I made my pledge once and for all to bring Urantia/Nystoria back in the folds of Father, by eliminating the remnants of the rebellion, whatever it may cost me in terms of material, physical or emotional outcomes.

Family and friends are very dear to my heart. So what ? when I have the hope, deeply ingrained in me, that we will meet again in a better life and to enjoy fully our companionship. The most important of all, is it not to make our Father’s Will ? and His Will is to rescue the planet, now named Nystoria. How can one be unconscious, unmindful, insensible to such a demonstration of love ?

I have hoped to have inherited some of the ability of my longago-passover-father who frequently was in communion – to use his own words – with spirits, but as a young boy I have a vague ‘souvenir’ of that period and I can’t really say if it was real or not. At my great despair, my attempt to come into contact with Celestials has been unfruitful up to now. Is it because of my perfectionism of doing things right ? I don’t know.

But I know one thing to be for real and there is no turnover : my determination to be of service in whatever the way and duration in the time period. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.