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Pole Shift and Other Changes
York, PA noon local time
July 10, 2018


"I am glad to finally speak to all of you:  Ron more than once delivered my speech for all to hear but few listen anymore due to the heating problems that keep erupting on Nystoria these days.  Your planet is too hot by several degrees Celsius, and that can kill the life on a planet easily, yet your species is propagating at an alarming rate and must be stopped too.  Be assured that is being attended too. Let this also remind all that we have a good relationship with this transmitter and he is ready to speak as we ask him too.

"Our projections for Nystoria is to have almost nine (9) billion people living on the planet in about six years at the rate some races are having children.  Nine billion is almost three times what the planet can sustain without causing serious and irreparable harm to its eco system and the food chain supply at all.  For that reason the Creative Spirit has already convened a Council to see to the end of easy fertilization and to reduce the number of children by over half until the population becomes more stable between the races.  We are working hard to follow procedures here but this transmitter is skittish about race and talking about it openly and honestly, but there needs to be a redress between all the races and then amalgamated as quickly as possible in total number under three or four billion people.  Your eighteenth century was well balanced between the races and science has made it possible for races to get out of balance by unwise use of resources and teaching.

"I am Susatia, Power Director Five (5) and we need to understand I am asking Ron to note it this way this time as other Power Directors will speak following this announcement:

"No human con continue to withstand heat and cold as it is presently being produce on Nystoria or Urantia if you will.  We still use Urantia as the correct name but Ron has been instructed to use the name Nystoria and inserts it into the text for us next.

"I am Susatia and here is Broderic, Power Director Seven, and Susatia II as Power Director Four and Seven speaks first:

"We are speaking in total unity together as one voice (Power Dir4ectors 4 and 7)

"Our work on Nystoria is very tricky.  We are speaking unison and need full silence to do that.  We are asking you to correct spelling later,   Now this:  We are looking at Nystoria as a run away planet, and by that I mean it is too full of people and too dangerously situated in a column of space that has no real way to address it yet in the full usages of our abilities to control all energies.  Our work is so full of problems we hardly know how to address them.   (I am useful not in that mode Adjuster)  (Adjuster: we adopt another one now Power Directors Four and Seven.  Wait one moment . . . )

[Ron: These Power Directors are coming into me directly, and the frequency is so high the Adjuster is stepping in so we get a complete message from them as best I can manage it.  They have taken away my use reflectivity today for whatever reason and I am left with a normal communication circuit that is breached by my own thoughts because I need to emphasize wording and repeat it to myself as I type it.  However, now reflectivity has been restored to me and it should be much easier to conclude this as they wish it to be done.  Sorry for the breakdown but it is being reset as I write this explanation. ]

"We are back now using reflectivity.  In most cases this does well but today we hear no such recrimination from Ron when we abort this messaging in favor of a translation we have given to the Creator Son to speak it through a different channel entirely for Ron to easily type it.  Thank you."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Normally Ron hears this well but today he has problems with syntax in order to correct a brain leison that develops over and over when the painful stress situation intervenes and we have to be careful not to overload him there at least as it can create one awful headache if pursued too lone.  I also remark that Ron has trouble with spelling too as part of the brain used to do that work is disconnected entirely and we have to be the memory for word spelling in English.  Now this:

"The Power Directors announce that the dim period you are all about to receive is to last about thirty calendar days for the time being.  We expect the planet to right it self within that period of thirty days, but there is no guarantee it rights itself as it once was, and Ron I know hopes there is more a tilt then had before because the old tilt allows too much heat to accumulate. Man made gasses are partially to blame, but 80 percent of warming is due to a sun malfunction and must be redressed by the universe Deities with their Power Director Associates who are quasi Deity themselves. 

"In order to provide Nystoria a place in the sun again, we must redress population too.  That is a terrible subject but population may be redressed by four billion alone when the planet slides into the dark perior or dim period however you wish to refer to it.  A fellow in England use to transmit the entity helpers of the Power Directors, but they have been silenced due to the fact they relate only to him as a matter of course and will not speak to the rest of us.  Ron did receive, at one time, a report from one of them and does so now.  It was not Prius Ron and you have forgotten his name but only need reminded so here goes:

OPHELIUS - "I speak for that entity Ron and you lost all contact when the English chap refused to answer you at all as he determined you were out of line to even ask for his advice or help as he was dying of a malady that is so common on your planet.  Now we spend a moment to tie you into Ophelius the III as we call him for when we use Roman numerals, it means the name is too important to reveal right now.


"I am that entity and you are welcome Ron.  We wish to state we want back in but Power Director Four, Broderic, controls the waves there and he insists it is not useful now.  There are reasons for all of this fooling around and we stop now to clear them.  That is done.  Let us look at the problem of Monmatia at this point:

"Monmatia is a sick sun.  It has too much going on to shine well and your extra inhabited planet in your solar system is also being wracked by the over abundance of solar radiation on its features above ground.  In any case Nystoria and the planet so named elsewhere, is fully dependent on Monmatia to live well at all.  Normally such planets are abandoned, but in the case of Nystoria, the rule of law says it must be remedied or thrown to the wolves and left to die.  In our case the translations are working well and so it is with you now.  Following your problems make this difficult to say Ron, but you are forced to deal with physical problems due to too many antigens being forced into your blood stream at once, yet if you do not use them as such you would succumb to death easily and so on down the line it goes.

"Monmatia is a sun that must be redressed easily enough, but it forces the Power Directors to use people like yourselves Ron due to the urgency of how this is to be remedied.  The sun is a Class II subject of Urantia nomenclature, and that is a nomenclature that is uneasy to follow, but it can be found well enough on most internet web pages about the sun.  In any case the motion we have to follow here is to understand that a Class II sun is no more a sun than almost just a nuclear planet burning away its mass at some point.  That makes Monmatia scary to dea with for it the sun disrupts itself it will devour your planet and kill everyone on it and that makes a huge problem with resurrection for almost 8 billion people at this point.

"Realize that the translation here is on style and keeps working well for you are easily attuned to our modifications of frequency to get this through to you.   Our work in Monmatia is truly secret as it has to do with the nomenclature of thought dealing with modifications of the electromagnetic frequencies that about near you in particular Ron as you are a true transmitter and carry immense signal strength to hear what is to be said on Urantia/Nystoria.  In any case the electromagnetic frequencies you use most are inside your own body and the pain situation does not seem to interfere with them.

"We are releasing this for now:  Do not ever foul up these transmission lanes in you Ron for if you are to die they will accumulated inside the cranium and cause serious disruption to parts of the unvierse that uses you as the calling card of important announcements.  We are using you as such today to warn all Urantians or Nystorians as the case may be, t o be aware that when the planet lays over briefly it will cause no winds, but it will cause fires to erupt everywhere.  No new furnace can withstand the electromagnetic impulse that swells the world briefly as gas fires and auto fires will happen everywhere is they are not under some cover when this happens.  Your vehicle is always garaged unless in use and if in use and the world folds over it will cause the car to stop and your battery alignment is too weak to restart it and abandon it you must.  In ancy case the trial is now on us to keep the world from catching fire this time as in the ancient history of this planet this has happened at least twelve times and it never cause much of a stir except to create a forest fire or two.  Now you are so settled with so much building and fuel usages that cannot necessarily be stopped from explosions and fires man did not start at all.

"Finally, learn that the tiral to be good these days is useful only for your own upkeep and beware thieves will be everywhere as hunger hits most places when  the dark period is on for at least twelve to fifteen days.  You look at it to get it done and over with Ron, but you do not want to go through this alone and may invite others to stand strong with you over the next months to destroy the art of caring for all and leave others alone until normalcy returns.  I close with this:

"Eat well while you can and that is hard to do for you Ron under these conditions, but you are well supplied with additional food and can withstand months of problems like this except sewer facilities and the supply of natural gas will be curtailed and you just bought an outside broiler with extra compressed gas to cook with and that saves you a huge bill to eat out if that remains possible at all for some time.  I sense you are telling yourself there is little to do and electricity should be available but it may get disrupted due to usages of it not seen before as to heat and cool hospitals that use their own generators but this will last too long for them to do that and so on.  Be assured when things return to normal day and night -- sort of--  we will see a better use of mankind than is currently in use right now.   Good day. Power Directors Four and Seven."


"I am the Thought Adjuster of this individual.  You Prius have been assigned to Ron to keep the news flow miserable and difficult to type out and today was the worst for a long time.  Are you censoring Prius?

PRIUS - "Not at all as I am used to dealing with Ron and his output and he does not abridge the laws we all observe when we are all asked to be silent on many subjects including the Michael Mission to Urantia so soon to be started on Nystoria at this time."

Thought Adjuster - "I am delighted to know that but where does the Censor sit then?"

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