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Censorship of Transmission News Is Over
The Arrival of the New Planetary Prince on Urantia Today
The Name URANTIA is Fully Restored as the Name of the Planet.
Lanaforge to Use an Assumed Name to Urantia Public

Lanaforge, Planetary Prince
Mantutia Melchizedek with Machiventa Melchizedek
Power Director Five - Susatia
Michael of Nebadon

York, Pa 130Pm Local Time
July 10, 2018

- - - - - -- -

UNKNOWN - HERE!  "We are using Ron as a bully pulpit too  and he works just the right way and we keep him in tune by letting out excessive communication energy out as useless speech and he knows it and gets greedy for some real news for a change and today he gets it aplenty as we must make amends and announce that it is I, Michael of Nebadon, who offers Censorship to Ron to keep him placid where possible but up and ready when we need him.


"Therefore let it be known all communications through Sue, Lemuel, Larry Gossett, Amethyst, and even Ron, are under heavy censorship until I am ready to announce what is to be done on Urantia at this time.  I now use the word Urantia pejoratively so I can finish this without scalding everyone I speak to on this issue alone.  Ron follows as do the four othyer fused humans the term Nystoria by my decree, but when personnel outside of the Local Universe arrive they know it only as Urantia.  I have now decreed that no one may use anything for the name of this planet other than Urantia.  Urantia is now the new norm and you Ron bow your head in disbelief.  No ruse.  Urantia it remains for now.  In any case the trial we must arrive at is how to discern who is a true Urantian and who is Lucifer, for Lucifer wanted to name this planet Nystoria, and sought the Edentia Legislature to rename it as such, and they refused.  Only the most highs knew this trial was to name it Nystoria for reaction among all of you, and only Ron objected because it just did not "feel" right and I see one or two of you since then agree it did not seem to fit.

"Finally, Urantia is a name that is copyrighted by the Urantia Foundation.  We will issue the sixth epochal revelation as Nystoria and not Urantia in order to end the perception the Urantia Foundation can rule the waves with a mere copyright on Urantia.  You are all happy with the name Urantia as we are and Father has played along with this in order to keep the place running without more confusion.  Therefore, welcome back URANTIA!

"I have also conceived that Ron has so much misery these last few days we must end his use a a transmitter not, but no longer use him as a pin cushion for physical experiments that harm his genomic application of well being.  He is not to be relieved today but in hours again as we are using his words to transmit to all of you the following:


"I am Lanaforge, and we speak this equananomously.  The rule of law is now fully established on Urantia by the Paradise Trinitym and to break the law now carries repercussions.  You all know North Korea has been very bad again and is looking to get out of the agreement Kim Jong-un signed with Trump on 12 June, but he has had second thoughts and Trump is not angry but expecting Kin to do it and plans annihilation of the capital Pyongyang.  But the Trinity disallows the use of nuclear bombs to bring peace about by silencing the wronged people and this causes Trump to stew badly and he may launch of preemptie war using all but nuclear hardware.  I am Lanaforge, and I tried to warn Ron of this yesterday and he took it as a ruse since Tump has never indicated what his true view was.  Now I am forced to bring this to the attention of authorities to renounce Ron as a trul transmitter until he apologizes to the Eternal Son for being allowed to judge some transmissions harshly and to let them lie as unbelievable for reasons of State.  Now we accept the apology Ron and get on with it.

"I am Lanaforge, and I need to remind all of you I am installed on Urantia today as your Planetary Prince, and not Manager, as is so often reported as we like "Prince," better than "Manager."   This sets the record straight for all of you.  I AM YOUR PLANETARY PRINCE! Recognize that and give me your full attention and cooperation please!

"My first duty is to relieve Ron of what he has and to end it permanently, not in death, but in readiness to serve and fully as you say Ron.  Thank you!  You are bereft of all dignity and thought for you or others and that remains in effect not any long by my first decree to end your silence on this web site and to promote the good will fo Michael and all authorities to bear witness to your fidelity and heart for what we propose to do.  In other words, Welcome Back, Reggie Besser of York."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Now I know why Ron is the top billing of all.  He just laid the ground work to open his heart once more and to allow "Reggie" (Ron - his mother use to call him that when he got high falutin')  and we have not lost our train of thought this time Ron, as you are now high on the agenda to become an unusual gravity center on the planet to hold people to the tasks they signed up for and now must proceed.  Reasons follow:


"As Machiventa Melchizedek, I am truly shorn of all Planetary Prince work, but I am available to Lanaforge if he ever wishes to use me, and he does when it comes to you Ron, as you are the quintessential quantum human on Urantia as opposed to Matchless Moses as stated in the Urantia Book.  Looking to the future, I suggest a marriage between you and any female who can stand the pleasure be attributed not to you but to Michael and the Adam and Eve.


"We still have not finished the primary news announcements so here goes:

"URANTIA IS THE OFFICIAL NAME of earth as of today gain.

"Power Director Five (Susatia), and Power Director Four (Broderic) are now in charge of changing the polarity of Urantia back to normal once the pole shift is attendant upon all and the dim period ends shortly thereafter.  That does not mean as it is today, but a polarity that allows earth batteries and other stored energy to be useful including the transmission of electricity once again.

"Lustful beings will be lustful but the population of Urantia will be curtailed by half and the cataclysms of neutral standing will supply the numbers to reduce Urantia to a total world population of between 3 and 4 billion inhabitants again.

"No one will be seen transmitting much during the dim period.  We call it the transition to normalcy on Urantia, but this is what it takes to get things more normal on a sphere now considered to be a runaway planet and it must be stopped before it creates even more mischief than it has so far.

"Finally and this with headlines Ron:


"We are holding the following fully responsible:  All FIVE FUSED HUMANS ON URANTIA TODAY.  You know who you are.  Your work will double very soon.  This includes many more transmissions.  No one is excepted either.

"I must be lean with the following announcement:  Ron you re free of everything you cherish shortly as we must make amends and let things ride as you are but cut the crap with pain and suffereing we have to remove the antigens doing that to you and your body cells.  We will do with a man barely out of diapers again for all practical purposes.

"And last, the entire medium through which we speak in transmissions is to end today after this inglorius length of chapter and verse from us.  Only Ron seems ablte to do it and we are glad we have such stamina in this case beyond our normal usages anyhow.  I also commend Susatia recognizing his use of those frequencies are okay soon enough but that Susatia and Broderic will use the sparingly and will relent only when reflectivity is fully installed for Ron to use almost exclusively at times under present circumstances.

"We now welcome your Planetary Prince to sign off with all of you for now:  Michael"

LANAFORGE - "I am particularly distressed that you are near blindness Ron, and that you are hardly able to make words out on the screen but rely on your sixth sense to look things over to spot spelling errors you are so prone to use.  I make one amendment to my above statements to say you have to deal with all of your problems a while longer because the Father is directly involved with you on these matters and insists it is his say so to end them as they need to be ended.  I also see we have no choice but another day of under the weather with these problems unless there is a solution to bringing them to an end as quickly as possible.  You have no idea how that drains communications Ron until you reset the concern as cruel luck has it you go by yourself when complaining about pain and blindness but not now.  Mantutia is allowed to adjust what his energies can adjust to help you see better.  I am also adding my power to your eyes too so in case you see better at the monet (Ron - I can now see all the words being typed - Thank you!)  and Mother Spirit keeps the corrections in place at least until we are done here.

"I close with one last announcement.


"Lanaforge is my correct name, but when the world comes into darkness, people will here me as Michael of Nebadon, just so you know as we must be consistent with messaging unlike yourselves, the general population has not attunement whatsoever and we reduce confusion this way.  Good day. Lanaforge."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania