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Jesus Comes Again 10 July 2018 Receptor Ron Besser
« on: July 10, 2018, 05:03:09 PM »

Jesus Comes Again

I am Michael.  So far Ron has produced three full transcripts and we produce a fourth now before we release him for the day.  He has transmitted his willingness to continue as far as I wish to go at this point in time and I do so as follows:

We are now reaching far back when Ron signed up with the Magisterial Sons sometime in 2004 or 2005.  That was when the full implant to Urantia was made with the Magisterial Sons at that time.  He was in his youthful sixties but unavailable due to circumstances the Adjuster made clear were not his to pursue at that time.  Now he is willing to continue and we are ready to cut it, but the Magisterial Sons they will not “cut it” but will continue as agreed in 2005-2006 as noted above as 2004 or 2005.  In any case the Magisterial Sons are resplendent on issues Ron produces for them and will make an announcement on Urantia in the spring of 2020 just what their intentions are regarding what is left of Urantia at that point.  I am fully aware of the problems associated with a late Magisterial Mission, but I am not so sure that is what this is and we must wait for Monjoronson and Serara to state their full purposes for us when they feel free to do so. 

“We have declared the old idea of a Magisterial Mission in default now for one year almost to the date.  This date of 10 July 2018, is Ron’s 30th celebration of greeing his Thought Adjuster in full consciousness and we celebrate that by announcing he is now under the gun to help us prepare for the next divine Mission to the planet and we hear a moan from Adjuster but not from Ron.  What a propitious moment for Adjuster to moan . . .  And why sir????

THOUGHT ADJUSTER - “I speak plainly.  Ron is now so assigned there are no openings left on his dance card for anyone else to partner with him yet for the next ten years in any case.  He is fully employed and remember back in school how got so over signed he could not even attend meetings of importance to him and he left without understanding how upset some people were that he did even say hello to them as they went on stage with his advice.  In any case that may happen here if we are not careful to assign a new designation for the soul on these matters as the soul carries a lot of the heat Ron does not as the sould is familiar with all protocols and makes it useful to say that Ron has little concern for them as long as he gets done what they want in a timely manner as he cannot work with a rulebook on who to call and not to call if he can even think of that in an emergency.  Therefore we are asking that the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, include Ron at a low level and let him work his way to your level so you have a real partner instead of an in-name individual only.  Good.”

The Magisterial Sons speal - “We agree but Ron is already working for us in many major ways as he sees what has to be done and does it in spite of being rebuked continuiously by humans who should know better but their pride is so much in the way they rather make fun of him rather than obtain what has to be done for their own spiritual growth and processing to their assigned place on the mansion worlds coming to them shortly if they do not move quickly soon.  I am Monjoronson now.

MONJORONSON- MAGISTERIAL Son of original status on Urantia followed by Serara who is to be Chief of the Magisterial Son Mission. 

“I am Monjoronosn and Serara is answering an urgent call from Paradise as we are stationed on Uversa at this time.  Our work is to prepare for the Urantia Missions as soon as we have permission to start them.  I use this temporary moment to remind you Ron you dart ahead to prepare for inclusions not necessary as we are receiving word that Michael of Nebadon, is not prepared to abort all Magisterial Missions until there is a fair understanding just what we should do and you reference the very issue now boiling between levels and Michael states you are too big for your britches.  One moment . . . .

- - - I am Monjoronson and we wait for Paradise to state for the record something we are not aware of . . . .

MONJORONSON - Message received. “We are not disallowed to speak to any of you but we must refrain from speaking to Magisterial Missions that may become unnecessary since Jesus is fully assigned to them from Paradise already and dislocates no one in an attempt to bring Monjoronson and Serara together on Urantia for a final appeal to all natives therein, who and what must be done, and if not done, to regain ascendancy on high and complete the Jesus Mission as proposed in 1979, when all of this should have taken place in the first place.  Now we wait for futher assignment, and you are great in understanding Ron:

“We now wait for Paradise itself.  Father speaks.


“I am the Universal Father and Ron made no mistake in calling this wrong and I make amends in one moment as this is Michael and I must keep my place at the moment although I may speak as the Universe Father all the time . . . . “

“I call upon Michael to clarify his DECLARATION to Urantia a few moments ago as it appears to Ron this an eighth Bestowal.  How shall we answer him?”

“Not so!  I am insinuating I am part and parcel of Jesus, but it is not to gain Soverignty but to gain access to the creatures on Urantia, primarily.  That is my answer Father.”

UNIVERSAL FATHER - “I dare say it appears the same to all creatures on Urantia including Ron who thinks you are doing new work to have an eighty Bestowal over contingencies we did not set as a requirement.  What say you?”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I am sure Ron is wrong but there is no real difference between what I did two thousand years ago and today in so many moments to come.  What do we call it?”

UNIVERSAL FATHER - “I prefer to call it Ascension again.  Do you understand Ron?”

Ron - Father, Ascension is the coming of Christ Father, and no different in my sense of things as the coming of the Seventh Bestowal on earth.

UNIVERSAL FATHER - “I fully accept your view and do not reject it.  How is it different Michael if you do not get more Sovereignty than before?”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - “In that light I agree with Ron since Ascension is the coming of Christ or Jesus as they are interplaying in these days of unrighteousness.  I leave it to you Father to decide what to call it.”

UNIVERSAL FATHER - “I rightly call it the 8th Bestowal of Christ Jesus and let it go at that.  Thank you Ron for letting us clarify that.  Father.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - “I AM FULLY GUARANTEED this Bestowal works this time and no Apostle need attend except for Ron the Acolyte we have chosen to represent all human kind.   Be sure all understand that Ron insisted on knowing what to call this.  We call it the Eighth Bestowal. 

“Just now Ron had an exchange with the Deity Absolute who asked him why do you want to have a definitive name for this action, Ron?  Ron applied he knows no difference from what Michael did to bestow Jesus on Urantia from what he is doing today, except there are some exceptions of status that seem irrelevant to calling it a Bestowal.  I see this as an excellent example of Ron’s unusual take on what we do as irrelevant still but the Father agrees with Ron as does the Deity Absolute agree with Ron.  Ron also adds this most interestingly: Michael and Jesus could open the seventh Bestowal and call it incomplte by extenuating circumstances and elect to finish the seventh Bestowal today with Jesus imploring the people to listen and heal.

UNIVERSAL FATHER - “I AGREE with that Ron and see is as even better than just calling it a new Bestowal and concluding it under a new folder.  I also see you favor it but wonder if that does not open up a can or worms with all those declarations from Nebadon, Edentia, Uversa, and Paradise that is insular considering they were made considering the seventh Bestowal is over.  I leave that to the Local Universe to chew over and I state clearly, here on Paradise this is considerd an Eighth Bestowal just for the reasons Ron recites with other spiritual matter pending based on declarations of over two thousand Urantia years old. The Universal Father has spoken.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - “Excellent Ron and all who attend these remarkable views from a mere human which considers himself so junior he hates to mention his contributions at all.  I close with this enumeration:

1 - No one calls Jesus, sir, except Ron and that is because Jesus is Ron’s Supreme leader and the English Language has no appropriate term fro responsible recognition of highest authority possible.  Ron talks to the President of the Universe when he addresses Jesus.

2 - The idea to carry this out as an Eighth Betowal is ludicrous to most except Ron as he figures things so well at times I wonder how he is connected to highest authority in the unvierse which he never abuses and they trust him to speak when spoken to in this day and age.  You are never broken apart from your fellows either Ron as you love them as part of your unit to get things done and I know you look at a couple of them as absolutely essential to get underway including Wendy Winter and Steve Gitz who are not fused on Urantia yet or may never be as that is up to the Father to decide and when is unknown.

3- Be assured all will read this thoroughly, and we must admit we use the Thought Adjuster Ron has to decide what words to pick in these speeches.  However today is a good example when Ron chose some words I did not and I think they are better and so does the Adjuster as Ron selects dictation wording as we move along and wonder where we are picking from sometimes.

4 - JESUS COMES AGAIN.  Those are our headlines finally for this long missive over issues that Ron has with it as to naming it properly as I do and the Father for reasons Ron states does not consider it an Seventh Bestowal but an Eighth Bestowal and so shall the records of Nebadon show it.  Good day from Salvington!”


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Re: Jesus Comes Again 10 July 2018 Receptor Ron Besser
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 06:17:39 PM »
Well, I really want to see him walk on water. That would be fun ^_^