Author Topic: Probius Speaks on Transmitting, Stamina, Energy, Determination and More  (Read 98 times)

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Teacher: Probius
Subjects: Transmitting, Stamina, Energy, Determination, the Mentori, the SER and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/07/2018 1.54pm (AEST) 3.54am (GMT)

[Hello my dear friends,
Allow me to start by saying a few things before Probius starts with me. I caught on what needs to be done when things got so quiet. Each day in prayer, there were moments of quiet, despite this, I kept asking until I see that Probius was in on the act to get me going with messages and I am happy to be doing this with Probius and any one else who wishes to speak.

None of you asked me how I happened on the name “Probius”. Here it is. As I sat on the lounge watching television one evening, there popped right in my mind, be it spoken or highlighted in my third eye forehead (so I think) the word which was prominent in bold iterance. I could not mistake it. As it occurred, I was quick to pay attention to it and promptly wrote it down. It so occurred to me the sense I got as one with the Mentori and so I latched on that immediately. As I warmed to the word, I realise it is a name of one of the Mentori personnel. This sense is one of a high order and who is of important work to go with in all earnesty, and I knew it well with all that I am with my wise Adjuster that nudges me all day long.

So as is requested by our Father Michael today, to keep on going with receptivity, I wait for no taps on the shoulder, but get on with asking, requesting and seeking and Probius has some significant work with me and it is like I am tied up with him like a boat trailer is on the tow ball of the truck that is to tow it along. So we get on with work and relay what it is to be said at this point of time for all of you to learn of. Sue]


“Thank you for your time Sue, we have this to say, in all probability, the energy levels you have may wax and wane as it so occurs when you are wired to hear me speak. For this reason, we use a different type of circuitry to appoint you well and better to receive me and others in the foregoing mess that may ensue. When I say “mess”, that is in relation to the foregoing changes that may arise in your wake and certain behaviours may follow as it occurs.

“With greater concentration, you can pinpoint what I am getting at without the Censors trying to word it and you know as well as I there is more in the telling than what is before you at all. Some things can be confused and other things can be quite to the mark, it takes a trained eye to see the point being made.

“Stamina is going good when you sustain yourself well with nutrition and you are one solid mass, I am happy to go with right now. As it is, you know as well as I there is more in the pudding than what can be spooned out at a time. This needs to be done and taken carefully as some things are too hot to handle and others too cold it renders it useless. Still you stay the course in this and that is good even though this is your second session in a row this day and more is to be done as we work you to the wall if we have to.

“You see as I see how good it is to take this time out to polish this exercise with me in furthering our goals to achieve the lesson-taking it takes to make it real and tangible for your fellow’s eyes to see and acknowledge in themselves as fruit to enjoy.

“Your hospitable work drains you Sue and it is noticeable when you do attempt to receive me when you know yourself you are exhausted beyond human endurance. Even so, you persist and that is amicable and I take this opportunity now that you have taken a day of rest as you have today to refresh yourself and so it is well received what this is to be to take down.

“Energy is vital in your work here with us, the Mentori, we aver to think that part is crucial in sustaining the stamina as long as you can and when prompted to take messages as this one is running nicely, you are truly good to stand it as long as you do. You note the difference between a refreshed body and an old worn worker of the day’s strain upon you. Watch that, we prefer you refreshed, relaxed and primed in good order as you are great today.

“Here, we speak of the many trials of receptivity measures we have going with the condition and health of those of you who take on transmitting as Sue is doing today. Ron has endured much today given his state of tender transition, it behooves us to take care of the fused ones who take on more than they can chew. So, we do this in a manner of short briefings to the tune of anywhere from one page on up to five or more pages in length.

“We are already two pages long in Sue’s notebook, and still going strong.

“This is a lesson in Transmitter endurance and stamina and the role this has on the very work of messaging, we together, take on for the import it has to be relayed. In the past, we have dealt with other human transmitters and they have been good to use, they have gotten too lax to take on more. Here, with Sue, we find it slightly different in the energy she has with her Adjuster to see to it she follows this to the letter as it is imperative to work it to the umpteenth time to see that God is at work indeed in all of this that we do, even with the Censors.

“So, we as the Mentori, take on those of you who are of attunement in Spirit as Sue, Amethyst, Larry, Lemuel and Ron and a few more of you who are so inclined to be about the Father’s business as this is to be.

“As I am Probius, I also work closely with the Circle of Seven, with Prius who is attendant with me in this endeavour to reach some of you to hear us and get going with what is said or relayed to you. Michael has a million things or more to attend to and is up to his hair with much decision and we are called upon to relieve the pressures of the work of import we are so equipped to do and go with.

“Sue has taken on the level of faith that defies explanation, as she knows full well this is where you take that giant leap into the unknown and she is in agreement to that assessment. There are things said, you need to take it for what it is meant for, and there are things not said, it will take a lot of guessing what we hint at all with.

As much as this goes, logic sometimes does not flow here as some transmissions do for reasons we have that tells you to pay attention. Transmissions are a work in progress as well as a perfecting mechanism in attuning more in spiritual input as it comes your way in time and space.

“We of the Mentori are here to teach and lather you in preparation of the long road ahead of you as you are now in realisation of the ascension career ahead of you.

“We also are here to cement the realisations you will receive through the Sixth Epochal Revelation, that is soon to be issued and given due regard to its magnificent and voluminous papers that cover everything from the Father to the history of your planet and to Jesus who is to be understood better than the previous epochal revelation.

“Mantutia Melchizedek has achieved a marvellous set of papers, although he laments some things had to be cut out for sheer length, it is still a remarkable piece for all of you to enjoy.

“Now I see we are in our fourth page of writing and Sue seems to be fresh at this and we continue on.

“The next subject we wish to speak on is this: Determination.

“Determination of your intentions to seek and find your path with the Father of All is and ought to be your priority goal to follow. Recall Jesus’ words, your Master and Teacher, who once said two words, so simple yet profound in its implications. Those words are: “FOLLOW ME”.

“Herein, do you see two words that take a punch in what to do in your life’s journey inwards to the Source. Here, the Son of Man and the Son of God utters two simple words to follow who He is. He is the Son of God in those words to you. You are asked to “follow” in his steps, his examples of service and love and in faith with and in the Father. Following his steps in the sand is also another analogy to take those strides with Him who is very much present with you as we are as Teachers as Jesus is to you.

“You know yourselves the truth. That he who confesses the Father is a Son and he who acknowledges the Son is one with Him. The trinity effect of loving relationship with the union of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit is all encompassing in all areas of the pattern of God in the Universe of Universes.

“Now it is the fifth page of exercise and we will need to stop here before Sue gets burned with too much going at once in one sitting.

“The other lesson is to take the time to familiarise yourself with what is presented to you through all these lessons we have going. As Sue hit it well on her head as to what is transpiring is the old classic ‘hit and run’ and there we see what happens next. While that is in part true, there are some surprises yet to come we dare not entertain here, but do get this lesson as they come as it prepares you for the many exercises that you will all be exposed to when things go one way or the other.

“I leave it there for now and grant Sue a time to refresh. And when she is ready we may take up another lesson later.  Good day.”

End. (2.51pm)