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The Second Return needs your help
« on: July 11, 2018, 09:49:05 AM »
"I am Mother Spirit and I tell all the following. The date is 11 July 2018, and this is our day to inform all on Urantia, that the entire matter of the return of Jesus is now fixed as reported by you Ron the 10th of July 2018 through Christ Michael.

"The return of Jesus is not symbolic but represents an unprecedented 8th Bestowal as Ron discussed with you yesterday his time.  The report sent to us about this messaging is the usual lackluster returns from readers who care less until face to face with the Bestowal Son shortly.   I am not afraid to state that people who read these things have become so accustomed to the lack of follow through, we are also now faced with pretensions only that it matters you are informed.   Ron here sees it clearly and works hard to keep it on an even keel; however, I see not such thing so clearly that your transmitter here has to take much more of your indifference.  It makes little difference to Salvington if nothing is known and Jesus shows up on Urantia to do this work as he is bidden to do.  However, Ron has doubled down on himself to make sure some of you learn to transmit as the emergency voices on Urantia to be assured they will make it through to the obvious conclusion: they need to be listened to fully and well.

"As a result of this temptation to throw a temper fit, I am moving heaven and earth to restore Ron if we can and he has no problem except arthritis now and remains of diabetes type II disease long ago in remission but it sparks now and then and it has to be put back in its box with our ministrations.  He now suffers an additional problem with the esophagus and that is to be remedied immediately.   He cannot continue with this health issue perpetually cropping up to destroy his attention to this work.  He is truly a hero in our eyes and you Ron must be allowed some normal life at least before you go on to wherever Michael places you for the time being.  You may sleep a little too since according to your Adjuster, the fake news media drives you crazy as do the lectures from bleeding hearts over issues they simply do not understand.  Be assured to all he is to remain with us for centuries and more if we get our way soon enough.  Now this:

"I clear Lemuel as he does wonderfully on his own speed and elephant trap without using Bahawannah;s short rifule with 30 magnum shot in it to land transmissions just lying around to pick up to the edification of the list.  Clency you must make efforts and so do you Weydevue an so on.  I am Mother Spirit and this:

"We have a problem on Urantia now we cannot diffuse further.  It is to provide man with some hope for all religious believers should pay attention to, and that is the Eighth Bestowal is soon upon all of you, and while that is unheard of, Ron actually got that clarified by the Universal Father yesterday as he sat and pondered the actions that Michael is taking to do this a Jesus once more.  You will see the live and true Jesus again and this time in modern garb and so on.  Be assured he will not appear as an Arab dressed in white robes although for some reason Ron finds that more in keeping with the religious view of Jesus coming the Second Time in flowing ruffles of white cloth.

"Finally,  Let us pray this can transpire without a major revolt among churches on Urantia and we can safely make it through to the substantial phases of the revelation and Mission to Urantia.  I am Mother Spirit.  God day.”

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