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The essence of the tree of life
« on: August 03, 2018, 09:22:00 AM »
Teacher: Joshua ben José & Mauricio grandson of José.

Subject: The essence of the tree of life!

Date: 2/8/2018

23 September 2017 green orb approaches ...

... Those energies in that solar system more than 7,000 light-years ago, were successful in the binary solar system?

Father in the center - Gravitational success occurred in a radical "blast" transferring the information in byts / language of your mind so that the stars would continue to exist due to the sophisticated thoughts in the technology of that absolute race which in the language of its scientists is intriguing because a super nova did not "die"


Joshua and Mauricio ...

Those who have their mental eyes open and their spiritual ears attentive may be in the intimate creative gravity of the eternal son in spirit, for we warn: beware of the trees of life that do not know their seeds where they can not bear good fruit, where quarrels exist. The quarrels exist because the essence of the material man was born of the very matter he longs for, but the essence of the father's spirit comes from the immaterial, invisible, ineffable, mutual, self-generating system because there is nothing before the unseen bright and unharmed , where seeds are worshiped and not the fruits of organic matter, for the seed is self-generating and essence of the functioning of the allegory of the infinite and eternal spirit as the mother of life in every duplicate of universes

The purpose of creation is threefold or threefold. You are born / incarnated ... living ... and consequently creating your personal identity with the absolute. The domain of the mind over matter does not need time and nations because nations are a patriarchal system and patriarchy is the severe consequence of original sin (the denial of the reality of the universe) that the kingship of the lower heaven sought in the experimental matter of a non-binary solar system, therefore passive of errors and correctness different from the normal binary or trine worlds in perfect and inexhaustible luminous radiations.

Whoever has ears to listen to, listen: internationalization is inherent in peoples!

May the Father be at the center of the heart of your thoughts.