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No Prompt Needed/The Pollitical Climate of Urantia
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Michael of Nebadon – No Prompt Needed/ The Political Climate of Urantia – Larry Gossett -  11 July 2018 – Florida
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: No Prompt Needed/The Political Climate of Urantia
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 11 July 2018 – 19:15 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Michael and I come today  to talk with you and the forum and I want all of you to know that the ways of the past have been upgraded as they are always being  up-stepped  because the times are not as they were just a few weeks and months ago and certainly not as they were in years past.   We all  continually work to make ways and means the better for you all… and encourage all of you to take the opportunities now at your disposal and use  that will ignite within each of you a more concentrated commitment for  what is to come.   We have offered all of you these new approaches to receiving our messages and no longer, as has been pointed out to all of you who read these missives, that the time is no longer when you must await for a “prompt” from us to come and transcribe any message that is given and awaits for you to take.    All that is now required, as the time runs so short and the work is mounting and mounting, that now we want all of you to simply let us know when you are ready to listen , hear and use your abilities to receive and transcribe our messages.     This is a new  day and a most certain critical time and we are united in our efforts to create within each of you the skills and abilities, opportunities, and yes even confidence that you already possess and only dedication and the actual doing of it will satisfy  that desire and longing, that God Hunger, that all of you have in your dedication and commitment to  do well at this work.
“Accept that this is true and it will work out for any  and all of you who simply put forth the effort. …. That we can not do for you… that is your responsibility and  it reigns supreme within you if this work is still what you have chosen and elected by your own frees wills to become immersed in with Spirit.
“Each of you have your own ways  and beliefs, interests and overviews of what all this means for you  It has been always within your reach if your heart and intensions are pure in spirit.   Were that not the case you would not still be here but now is the time that all of you have prepared for and it will come as it will.
“ Now, Spirit knows your intentions, your structures, motivations, limits, where you excel, your strengths and your weaknesses, and what your various interest are and we all can work with you just as you are in the here and now.   For you and a few others here, your interest  have alway been focused and centered on the Missions themselves and some of you have great interest in the workings at the  International  Affairs  and levels and the aspects of World Governments which will be  some of the most serious and perilous work to be done during the initial stages and phases of  our Missions and will  of needs be have to be developed quite carefully for the effects of that kind of power and world wide  oversight  will be monumental and will never have occurred for any  Government on Urantia in it’s entire past history.
“Equally true will be the defects and impacts of and for all Religions and Churches and even those “alternative” religious organizations that will  in regards to  religions as a whole on Urantia ,and you all will have to be prepared for this as it occurs for it will occur in spades!
“Your  interests and many others are still “young” and  not yet quite developed enough to  think much of this through but  if you persist in  this development there is noting that  can stop your growth and desire to learn  and gain invaluable experience and much that can be learned quite quickly in the years to come as you work with Ron and those who come in Spirit and in physical form to work in these most important areas.
“I know that you have asked about the political climate as it is developing now in regards to North Korea, Russia,  NATO, and the horrible political climate that is getting well out of control  and could easily spiral  into serious global situations and dangerous Affairs of  all Nation States on Urantia and I tell you truly
it is not only North Korea that poses  such problems and threats, nor is it limited to the machinations of the Trump Administration  nor the Russian  Federation for this will have the possibility to  gravitate to  the entire western world .   Add to that mix, the Mideast and you can easily see that a quagmire of such volatility is a powder keg just waiting to be ignited and set the world ablaze. 
“The possibilities of the dissolution of much of human Governments is indeed a staggering possibility with all that is forecasted to occur with the dim period,, the geophysical events and the coming of Jesus now as the 8th Bestowal that Ron discussed with all of you just yesterday.   There are so many likely scenarios that could overturn Urantia and we have considered them all and made an accounting of them as well.   I know that many of you would like to be  included in the dissemination of this information  and you will as the time and availability of  the Father and  We would have it done.
“I will work on getting g a clearer picture and portfolio of information available to all of you on the current and upcoming world affairs and situations as they become clearer just what mankind will likely do.   As you know we have at our behest an entire department of Exalted Beings who look at thousands upon thousands of scenarios of likely  and possible resposnes and actions to all situations and you would be amazed at such enormous  numbers that we review. I know you were hoping for more detail and  We will get that to all of you in the next few days, so keep up with your receptions.
“In the days ahead for each of you,  really focus on coming and asking for a message from Spirit… there are many Beings, some you have been introduced to before but others as well, who are  have the matching desire that you have to work with you, just as you want so much to work with them.  This is a remarkable time for all  time and  our effort is more coordinated that you might realize.
“I encourage all of you to “just do it”, the time is ripe for success and remember that remarkable quote that says, “the only failure is in not trying”.
“I am Michael your Creator son… My Peace is within you.   Call on Spirit and ask for our message and involvement with you.   No longer wait for a “prompt”…. Consider yourselves eternally prompted…… for it is so…Good day….”