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« on: July 12, 2018, 02:44:40 PM »

July 12, 2018
Noon York Pa local time
Machiventa Melchizedek:
(former Planetary Prince and now the Supreme Court Chief Justice of the Urantia spirit Supreme Court located in New York not, but in York, PA. We speak to this today for all of you:)

Other Speakers:
Michael of Nebadon
Lanaforge, Planetary Prince


“I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am the new Chief Justice of the spiritual final court on Urantia, and we may always call the planet Urantia now, as Ron has declared that easier to type than Nystoria. I am to tell you this in order to transfer no power from Salvington’s Supreme Court to Urantia, but to compliment the Salvington Supreme Court with our work down here on Urantia.

“We are now using quoteless messages and only if Michael decrees they need to be quoted will we use them. The quotes in dictated messages are archived in spirit and those not quoted may or may not be placed in the spirit message archives here.

“As I was saying I am to tell you about the spirit Urantia Supreme Court, as it is spiritual only and I am its headmaster for a change and Ron knows how I delight in this assignment very much and I do; however, it is so full of controversy I am probably the only one with vast Urantia experience to be able to handle it fully or well.

(Note: Lanaforge just came into my consciousness as he opened his door to listen to this transmit along with Mantutia Melchizedek and most of the Melchizedek Order wishes to hear these explanations from Machiventa. It caused me to pause and make this note for all of you to understand this is a very busy and active day for all of us on earth. Ron)


“I am now standing beside this transmitter and he is moving rapidly here and there over news he got this morning medically which makes him very unhappy. You can talk to him about it in personal messaging if you wish.

“You all know me as the Sage of Salem, and Clency thank you for digging that up about my aborted mission of Urantia at the time as the book dates it as 1973BC, and Ron added the BC since it makes it clear it was a very long time ago. However the proper date is, I think, is about correct add a feww years to it as about 1976 BC making it older than given in the book. In any case I had to get out of there after Abraham tried to bribe my helper Amadon in order to set me up as an important tribal god, and I saw trouble galore in that matter and got going to resume my career as a Melchizedek in spirit only at that time.

“I am being appointed to the Urantia Supreme Court, not the United States Supreme Court, everybody. Do not make that mistake ever. I have nothing to do with Chief Justice Roberts and the hens and roosters that sit with him to judge important legal questions. But I will be sitting in judgement of those who die on Urantia now and Ron you are legally bound to write what I tell you and you are not going to like this one iota: Ron you must appear before me upon your natural death whenever that may occur and I will kiss both cheeks and send you on your way. You have done more for Urantia than a beastly cook that gave everyone tuberulosis in the late 19th century called Typhoid Mary. She was responsible for more than 140 deaths and sixty seven thousand near misses due to her persisten use as a cook in well-to-do households of that day. Today she is not sequestered but makes amends by being a good girl on mansion world four as it is construed today.


“You all wonder why I bring the case of Typhoid Mary up? No reason, other than to tell you that the end of the world is better done than she was t the time, as she carried the typhoid stems or spores in her bosom having given birth several times and having picked the germ uo in her room to nurse her newborn children. In any case we are working hard to send Ron to the hospital maybe to learn his true diagnosis which I insisted be taken out of the context of a “transition,” which it genuinely was, but Michael reverted him to a purely human circumstance several weeks ago and the pain only grows in strength and mixes in with his blood stream now to cause difficulties in just staying alive. This morning we were told he is now diagnosed with osteoporosis which is fatal if not treated properly. He had no idea that was the case. However, upon additional examination, it is determined that he has not cancer of the bone, but the lack of mitochondria due to a failed experiment we used on him in 2010 and that backfired so badly he has no mitochondria left. He needs a full transplant of new mitochondria immediately which he received forty eight hours ago, and that is failing not. As a result hie now delivers hours of work to us but is hardly able to walk due to the heartless work of osteoporosis setting in so harsh he would be dead in a matter of weeks if we do not treat it medically now. He is scheduled to see a doctor on leg pain next Tuesday now.

“How does this affect me as the Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court? It has three huge repercussions in spirit:

1 - It is without precedence on Urantia and it must be fixed and he will survive the doctor care and become one of ours quickly probably in a few months;

2 - I am a Chief Justice and not a medical professional, but I know Ron preferred to see a doctor for months and months and we kept telling him not to. Now we are telling him to do so and as quickly as possible as the metal of fatigue is so harshly put upong him even walking to the mail box less than 50 yards away does him in, He must be remedied in a hospital most likely and then it is nip and tuck as to whether the power of God can overcome the advancing osteoporosis. In any case he thought it was diabetic reactions and it is not as he no longer has diabetes believe it or not.

3 - His hospital stay may be as long as a week and he needs complete rest and relaxation and the hospital is not likely the place and he will need nerves of steel ot stay there as it is likely the pole shift will occur there if we are not careful to avoid that by not going to the hospital. He needs a bone marrow transplant and I doubt they have the facilities to do that at all but then we shall see what technology they do have as osteoporosis is not treatable by most physicians and that is ours to worry about not as we will guide the hand of those who step up to take the case for an otherwise vital human being struck down by what is really bone cancer.

4 - As Supreme Court Justice on Urantia spirit grounds, I must aver to Michael over this because it is spiritual and it is without precedence and we must make every motion to keep it clear of other judicial proceedings which are stacked up around me from Trump being a bore to Trump being a miracle worker to Trump being a crashing idiot who hs already destroyed centuries of trust in the United States for good. So be it, but my case load is by morontial beings who see the entire matter a lack of spiritual help and they are hammering us hard in the Court now. Finally, the case of Ronald Besser vs Gabriel is not brought by Ron at all, but by Gabriel who seeks justice for Ron after he has practically buried himself in our concerns and works night and day to see to our well being once we arrive on Urantia as it may be stated, that is so ery soon, we may be late in using which verb tense to tell you this.

5 - The Michael Mission is arriving as I speak on Urantia today! I am glad you see to it Ron, and our work is not ready to take the case stated by Michael yet, but in a few hours perhaps, and if that is the case, and we find a victory for Ron, he might be relieved of all this horror he sees as a hospital patient for a few days for spinal taps and the whole nine yards one goes through. Be at ease Ron as you are not under the jurisdiction of the Urantia Supreme Court, a spiritual Court, not Robert’s Court.

6 - I am Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court and I rule in favor of Ron automatically, but the evidence has to be presented by his Guides and Helpers including Serena, who has been summoned to stand trial with him for reasons of State we do not supply that reason. She has insisted on his health from the beginning and now sees suffering galore and wishes it done. Ron sees it as saving his life and thanks them and says thank you is not enough either! But that is all he has to give right now. You are going to be well taken care of there Ron and make sure they understand you understandt he diagnosis is secure when he says it is not osteoporosis but deleterious diabetic pain advancing to the heart. He will be wrong but that is fine as it treats the symptoms and the osteoporosis will be defeated by us and Micahel of Nebadon once the verdict is final.


7 - Ron broke us up by referring to Michael of Nebadon just like Boss Tweed of New York, and how he manipulated the political system to make all things done now legal and fully accepted by the public and power structure above him. I also laugh because I see it as a wonderful way to get Ron healthy and pain free for a change after years of suffering thinking it was just transition. In any case I let my ward here speak to a few things before I go on. You are on Ron:


Ron Besser - I am in shock of the diagnosis. I called a well known doctor in the area to schedule an appointment to attempt to get a diagnosis less severe that osteoporosis, but he may be too smart for all of us and decide it is osteo. In anyc ase I have to prepare myself for a period of appointments I dislike so much and that is to get mixed up in the medical jargon of do’s and don’t’s and that is hard to spell these days with spell check overruling don’t with an apostrophe s too – however:

I am truly glad we have a diagnosis that I consider right. I see it clearly as bone degradation and know my nerves fail to work when the bones themselves refuse to support the blood platelets I use in my bone marrow now. I am using my Thought Adjuster to tell you this although I have been warned it is restricted use there because my fusion is now called into question since it was done under the idea that I would transition at once to the morontial reality. That had to be reversed for months and it left me with a withered arm in places and loss of hair and even some sense of being able to face consequences attendant upon on loss of favorable heart and soul living. Now I understand the excruciating pain of forty eight hours ago by now when the bones in my legs suddenly gave way and let my heart take the pain on and that is why it moved up to my arms and I had severe tinnitus on top of it for hours. I know of no other disease that can do that, yet I was struck how I let it go because of the idea of transition. Well, I still have transition in-completion but I honestly do not know where that goes anymore. Here is Michael to explain something I assume:


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron is completely fused so there is no question about it whatsoeer. He has added to that fusion over the years a fusion with Me the Creator Son and with portions of the Supreme Spirit Beings as the Creative Spirit and God the Supreme to date in several portions not yet revealed. I am truly sorry for this mess, a transition mess, that backfired on all of us and the Father is not to blame, but a mis diagnosis mostly since we assumed Ron had a diabetic condition, but he had purged his system of that disease by insisting he take nothing that any sugar in it, including sugarless gum and candy, as that is a nasty misunderstanding people- manufacturers know darn well when they manufacture sugarless sweets they use an alcohol base, and the body immediately converst all alcohol back to sugar, and it is a worse sugar than you eat for the most part in candy made with sugar. In any case the diagnosis was to replace mitochondria he had with new mitochondria that was properly oxygenated. It worked for about six weeks and suddenly one day all of the new mitochondria was purged and he was left with NO MITOCHONDRIA. For those who do not know what mitochondria is, it your bone marrow as that is where the body manufactures new red blood cells to replace old blood in the body.


I wish no quotes on this because I am in Court today thanks to the Supreme Court insisting to hear the case of Ronald Besser vs Gabriel of Salvington, over this issue of mitochondria and the loss of all blood production techniques. In that case we must see to it I have no predudicial statements for or against us in the records, and quoting me places these statements in our spirit records in Nebadon. All others who transmit us need to know that when you quote our words they are recorded so be instructed by your transmission giver whether to quote or not.

By now the shock is worn off Ron and he dearly wold love to think it is a bad dream but he must face something like this– as all of you must do in your closing years of material life, and I mean all of you– and that is why we trust Machiventa will find cause to restore Ron before he had this bone disease which is really a type of bone cancer that rivets the patient to a solitary life while it finishes them off in considerable pain and lack of sleep. Ron is used to that already due to an Adjuster who regulates sleep due to his eternal sense of exhaustion and that is a different story for another time.

Finally, we need to hear the Court story Machiventa is about to tell for the edification of all of us on Salvington and on Urantia and perhaps Uversa and even Paradise. I welcome Machiventa back! Michael.


“You are my favorite squid Ron. Do not change! We are mostly going to describe my philosophy abnout Justice Ron, and you must stop smiling now as it is harsh. You Ron love the discussions on Justice as you usually side with us on all matters regarding life and death issues. But you fail one important area: mercy. You have none for true miscreants, yet the Justice I serve insists that it be extended everytime for the best outcome in the universe. I am now telling you you are using the Michael keyboard Ron and you can fly with that one.

1 . “I see sin as endless on Urantia.

2 . “I see there are many reasons for it, but I never will condone murder and rape.

3 . “I am truly outsized by the Eternal son, yet his part of my makeup as the Urantia Book clearly indicates that most Melchizedeks are outsized in creation by admitting the use of the Eternal Son, in their personal makeup. I seize this opportunity to tell you Ron you are the most disastrous work I have ever seen in being quiet and that is not you but your Adjuster who insists on being fully informed by all of us and he is there pressing me for more. Good, I will give more:

4 . “The Eternal Son is one of the most generous of Spirits you will ever find. He works ceaselessly to stand out of the way in case a serious case of Justice must be invoked immediately as we do here with this Transmitter and a very dangerous disease at that at work, and we must take all we can to place it well into the record so that it can be read and understood by all who need to know what happened.

“I am fully aware this transmitter can move like lightning over the page, and he pauses briefly to let blood flow catch up, but he moves this way as there is so much volume to get done, he dare not tally over little incidents unless he must do them such as finding the quote key on this keyboard. Nonetheless, he does, and I do the same for my work, as I must make sure I call upon all who are making tracks to do their work without interruption, and the Father has made serious inroads into Ron for the sake of mercy as he hates doing harsh things but he will do them if required and hate it all the time. He is truly a Melchizedek in that temperament alone.

“I am destroying much of what I wanted to say as Ron’s case before me is now coming to an end and Michael has justified the attempt and we accept it as just and reasonable, but Ron compounded the problem by throwing all support to our efforts and hit the snag all do when making full support available, and that was to overproduce work that was essentially useless to us until we discovered how useful it could be and finally accepted it as ours too. He will sell all of his corporations to us for a total one dollar an that is accepted already by Michael of Nebadon, with no one dollar reauired either, Ron. Good and this:

5. - “The decision in the Court is to remand to Ron Besser all he has spent and more to make seven corporations do the work in material form we usually hide from the public and we know it is a precedence but we are anxious to see how well they form a union with the people of Urantia. You see it clearly Ron as I do and you are one of the few who cares no legacy be given to you for this work, but do not doubt it will be accoutered when time is available to do so.

“Be assured you will live to fight another day Ron even up here as there are many needy folks to hear you expound on many subjects and so on. I am truly at your service Ron when you need me. You are now remanded back into custody with Michael.

6. - “I see there is no possible way to say things except to speak directly to this issues.

    A - Gay life is remanded into custody for ever; it will be permitted only because it works on Urantia, but it will not be extolled on high for ascension as such, but as a transitory decision by the soul to stand down from certain parental exercises;

    B - No one under the age of 15 (fifteen) will carry a weapon ever and that means hunting rifles and firearms as well;

    C - No one shall spend more than six years in the service of any nation in the military or executive positions in government held quarters such as the White House in Washington DC;

    D - No one will ever be sent to jail for possession of marijuana or cocaine but they will be committed to community service while they use the drugs of choice;

    E - I am fully assured that man will come to recognize God, but people who just cannot see it or are incapable of knowing God, are not committed to life in penury, but to reclamation centers to provide them the means to decide how they really feel about loving or not loving God;

    F - There are no centers for aging anymore, but I will decree that the lessons on high prepare for euthanasia if absolutely necessary;

    G - Abortions will cease and reproduction materials such as the sperm and the egg will be prevented inseminating individuals by leasing the entire apparatus to the care of God during coitus, and no laws shall be made by man to counter these operations by the divine;

    H - Let alone all malignant cancers. Ron Besser has a malignant form of bone cancer as we are finally finding out and that will be made complete and whole as though it never happened by divine intervention by decree of this Court. This is our first case strickly on behalf of a Urantia mortal, and it stands as a precedence for all future cases where a serious disease interupts a life span to valuable to let go easily. Further:

     - No man shall have cancer pronounced on them and consequent chemotherapy allowed. The treatment is barbaric and must cease;

    - Cancer will be erradicated by judicisous use of common application of products already found on Urantia and we will see to their remediation shortly in another announcement to Steve Gitz, and others of you who have a deep interest in the medical changes we are going to institute on Urantia once we are past the dim period;

     - Cancer in children will be reproved by the medical profession by using already established procedures to avoid introducing the damage cause by heppatitis virus in a woman’s womb and that shall be dirven as already given to you Ron and Steve Gitz;

    I - No many shall have dental work like Ron received to avoid total disintegration of the enamel due to a hepatitis infection gotten from garden mulch one year. He was made so ill he could hardly move to rake the stuff much less to haul it. He will have his back hoe and be glad I thought of that Ron!


“I have made no announcements concerning the conduct of murder, rape, incest, and the like. These are questions dealing directly with the Ancients of Days, and the Urantia Supreme Court avers to that fact and asks for the indulgence of the Ancinets of Days as we consider the cases of mass murderers and the like. They must be stopped and quickly, in all of these offenses, and we will insist upon the followin criteria for our actions:

    A - Murders of all classifications including nurses who murder patients with IV’s will face the following jurisdictional considerations:

    - Life behind bars at least and never parole; and/or: death by lethal injection using our chemistry; and/or: letting all know that life cessation forever is ordered by the Ancients of Days, and immediate execution. There will be no mercy of the Court ever for these kinds of confused and illiterate people;

    - No man who uses us as a warden will be safe if he commits crimes in our place to arrest or hold back another crime UNLESS it can be proved that we had no choice but to do as we did to stop mayhem and more murder. The case of mass murdering by people in schools, in place of movies and entertainment places, in the countryside by the military to ethnically cleanse persons under their care, and so on. I am the Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court, and I make it clear there must be no crime to stop a crime unless there are extentuatin circumstances such as to disarm a mass murder or kill him outright to stop the murdering;

    - No man shall stand aside and not help victims of rape or strangulation. It is punishable by incarceration not to come to the aide of victims if at all possible.

    B - Loss of life by accident for community servants is to be honored as usual but there shall be no national or state attention to these deaths unless they are heroic in nature;

    C - I am truly sorry we must abridge the rights of mourners too, but the Urantia funeral must be amended in some manner; to be announced further later;

    D - No many shall carry weapons of mas destruction including the brief case of nuclear codes and passwords for the United States President or Vice President, and so on, and these are codes the Court will issue if such a case should ever be brought before it.



“I am Michael of Nebadon and I am now on record to state the following as well:

“The Supreme Court of Urantia is hereby annulling all court cases having to do with mass murder. The Ancients of Days spoke to this immeditaely as follows:


“No one conducting a mass murder as it has been done on Urantia far too long, will continue to live at all. We make that clear and all and every person who can help to dealy more murder or caranage shall be held accountable by the Urantia Supreme Court or any Court in the Spirit of Trust in the Justice System on the world of Urantia.”



“I now adjust to the Proclamation and thank the Ancients of Days for such strict guidance.”

“I close this with two brief statements. We in advertently announced the death of Richard Keeler yesterday and Ron is take down that portion of text;

“And no one should be surprised we close this with a warning to all of you that these transmissions are loaded for bear to be seen and understood and are not in the classical revelatory tones of revelation. Be prepared to get transmissions that speak clearly to you and we abide in that and let Michael complete this transmission now, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court. Good day!”

“Ron, there is no need to shorten any of this transmit as it was a good transmission full of news for everyone. Keeler is not to be pestered by this anymore as he now understands it was in a standing order to you to print it so they may hear the truth of the matter and he finally understands you re professing only that which is given to you to say in public. I lament how harsh this is on your reputation, but you will have plenty of time left to remand all unfavorable thoughts about you into a pure sense of worth soon, as we will make ti clear once you are free of medical problems.

“We close with this benediction to you Ron for your recovery ane full health once more including those things you love to vacation with, and we wish all is well for you now. I am Michael and wish all a good day.”



“I am delighted with this transmitter as he is accurate to a fault. Be assured he goofs but catches most of them now. I am also wondering why the English Teacher called him on misspellings but Ron says to let it go as it had another meaning probably. In any case the diagnosis for Ron is as given and it must be worked out by the medical profession and thank goodness Ron has adequate medical insurance left after years of trying to avoid see a doctor on anything. In any case, the following example is also given for all of you out there hopint to have some sort of Adjuster fusion while on Urantia.

“Ron is fully fused today after two days of fighting all advances to see a medical professional as we have finally rescinded all medical care in his life as of yesterday when he was hit with such harsh conditions. He now works with our medical team who can interface with his appointed doctor shortly in a week or less. It is not so crucial he see the doctor today but it would help to relieve chronic pain he suffers now for actually years.

“I am enforcing a ban on people who can transmit but do not step up to do the work and that is thousands who have been here and work to do that transmissions but then fall back as they do not trust public reaction ever. I call upon them to either become accredited or to step back and lose the favor for good. I kid you not, as we now have seventeen people who can transmit successfully and they refuse to come forward at all.

[[ “You Ron are marvelous and you just showed me a trick I did not know I possessed and that is to give your prompt for paragraph so quickly you question whether it was given at all . . . ]]

“In any case, the trial for people to be responsible for this Mission is closing down for transmitters as of today if there is no evidence they wish to support for our purposes. I also suggest to all of you to remember that Ron transmits what we want to say and not does not usually debate its worth including the Keeler report given by Michael yesterday.

“I close with the rendition Ron gave me several days ago when we could not get synchronized to speak well as a T/R, and he said we should start over as I am fine however it goes, and I believe it as I threw some punches here and recovered them perfectly well. Good day. Lanaforge.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 04:43:50 PM »
I say Glory Hallelujah and Amen!

First let me say congratulations to you Machiventa  at being the Honored Urantia Supreme Court Chief  Justice
Certainly  none of what I read  about the coming and establishing Decrees of Justice seemed out of line or harsh in any way with what needs to be immediately addressed on Urantia.

The read is fascinating, informative and encouraging to know that these situations will be corrected.

And as for you, dear Ron,. I am filled with tears of joy to learn that finally a diagnosis has been made and that finally, finally, you will be made well for the first time in a decade!  Our prayers for your healing  are being answered and as it says in the Bible of an olden time :

Isaiah 63:9

"In all their affliction He was afflicted, And the Angel of His presence saved them; In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them, And He lifted them and carried them all the days of old."

You are and have meant more to all of us here than you could know and I wish you well now and in to the Eternal Service that you constantly demonstrate
Let the Father's Will and Divine Purposes be known to our hearts, minds and souls and demonstrated through our thought, word and deed. We await the  coming of the Father's Temple  as  the Michael Mission comes this very day....12 July 2018.

Again I say Glory Hallelujah and Amen


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Rene A Duran

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« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2018, 07:56:51 PM »
Greetings everybody.
Thank you  Ron Besser for all your extraordinary effort even under unfavorable health conditions, I extend my gratitude to our Father Michael of Nebadon, Chief of our Supreme Court of Urantia and our Prince of Urantia for all these updates on the status of the Missions.
All these news are wonderful, finally Justice and Mercy is coming to Urantia.
I feel full of joy even knowing that I am not doing what I should be doing due to my my health problem about 9 month ago, when my brain stem got cracked because a fall a had. Now I feel pressure to do something due to the ban Micael just talked about transmitters in the post above, but I  will wait until everything is good for me to resume my work.
In any case I make myself available to any directions from my  Superiors.
My best regards.

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