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Amethyst:  We haven't heard much more on the 6,000 Finaliters sent to Urantia.  I was able to post from one a few weeks ago, but still have a lot of unanswered questions about them.  So I requested some more about it.  After I received the transmission, I looked to see if I could find any more info about their purpose to help us understand them better.

First a quote from a post from Ron on March 06, 2018
Promotion of Machiventa Melchizedek and More Origins:

"The term Guardian of Universe Destiny refers to a few types of Finaliters that are not assigned a planet or a system to prevail upon as guardians of those particular fields of interest.  Finaliters who are designated Guardians of Universe Destiny, are fellow democrats who work hard to make sure that the Deity Absolute has full control of what it is that needs fixing, and that can be everywhere there is space and not necessarily time.  As Finaliters of a Corp of Finaliters who are these Guardians, you step into some dicey situations including planets that could blow up or Systems that go into rebellion, and a whole lot more about things you are not familiar with as material time beings today.  It is a great honor and it is a wonderful substitute for being assigned to a hundred different realms to fix a thousand different problems in each and so on.  The URANTIA Book we currently have does not dare speak to Finaliter work, but the new one coming soon, does so and well.  You are very fortunate on Urantia to have a Melchizedek who enjoys his work as a Revelator. Mantutia Melchizedek. Here is Mantutia Melchizedek to explain:"

"We seldom get to explain what a Finaliter does, but on Urantia the plan is to fuse a million or so people before they leave for their final ascension to Paradise and to give them the tools to allow them to work as Guardians of Universe Destiny.  This is for the Deity Absolute in particular and for the Trinity always, as the Deity Absolute has no real reason to become well ensconced in the outer space levels until God the Ultimate is finished with his work and opens the door to the fifth outer space level which was never even suspected to exist when we did your first Urantia Book.  
I found this quote that tells us that the are to help a million people to fuse.  

Amethyst:  Is there a Finaliter here that wants to elaborate on you mission here?
I then got "STELLA"  and then "One of 6,000".
Stella are you a Finialter?  Do you want to say something?
"Yes, Amethyst, I do.

Topic:     More Detail Regarding  the Six Thousand Activated Finaliters on Urantia
Speaker:  STELLA
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       July 16, 2018    

"Have you asked yourself why were sent here?  Most of you have not.  We have many functions and tasks here, but the one I want to talk to you about is the fusion of many humans that we anticipate to occur within the next decade or so.  Fusion on Urantia is new territory in creation, and it presents certain difficulties that are not experienced by those on the morontia levels.  Keeping body, soul, and Spirit together in your physical form requires certain techniques not experienced elsewhere.  Your human bodies are fragile and frankly were not designed for this fusion to occur here, but after its death and then take place on the mansion worlds.  

"We are watching and monitoring individuals who already have fused, and those who are about to fuse soon.  This is a delicate dance you do here.  We are all Finaliters from Urantia and are particularly familiar with your frailties.  We are closely monitoring health, stamina, and your perseverance and determination to succeed at this.  Each of you has strengths, and each of you have weaknesses.  You must be strong in your determination.  You must not allow failure to be an option.  There is no shame at all in not fusing until becoming a morontia being, and that may be the best course for some of you.  But for those who do choose to do so here, must be prepared to give it your all and then some.  

"Sometimes some of you feel that too much is being asked of you, and for some of you, that is true.  Ask for fusion to occur later on the mansion worlds.  But the fused ones are the pioneers who have chosen a different path.  It is a rugged one, but will prove to be very rewarding.  You are starting a new sub-group of Finaliters that will be in a separate class than those of us that are here now.  Each of you who choose fusion and receive it are being monitored carefully to help ensure you are able to hold the energy of fusion well without loss of your physical form.

"Many of us are working in tandem with your Guardians of Destiny, helping to shore up areas in health, outlooks, courage, and stamina.  You will have ample opportunity to rest and recharge at a later time.  You will need it.  But for now, your work and responsibilities must take center stage.  Ron reminds you all on a regular basis of how important your work is and sometimes some feel for every move they take in the right direction, it just never seems to be enough.  Its as if you are limbing a mountain and every time you take a few steps closer to the top, the top keeps raising higher.  We know; we have been there.  

"Each plateau you achieve, will only whet your appetite for the next, and after a period of rest you will be expected to begin again the grueling work.  But this is not a time of rest.  We are six thousand strong right now, but  many more Finaliters can be called on if the need arises and if they are originally from Urantia.

"In addition to working with your individual angels, we are working with all t/rs and those who aspire to be because each one can provide information for the group, that they may not receive individually.  The nuts and bolts of our presence here is to help protect you and to provide all the information you need to make this a success.  At this point the workers are few but the need is great.

"There could be things holding you back that you may not have even considered, and part of our job is to bring to your attention some of these unrecognized weak spots you carry.  Once you become aware of them and begin to address them, things will move faster for you individually and the sooner the work will yield the success we need on a global scale.

"With 6,000 of us here, for the time being you will get plenty of valuable help from us as there are plenty to work with you on an individual basis.  Dora (another Finaliter) and I are currently providing some help to Amethyst.  But this is help she has been unable to recognize directly, so it was provided to her through another transmitter.  So you see, the help you need may not come to you directly, but from another, especially if you have a blind spot and you do not know some things you should.  

"We are only an invitation away from any of you.  We have many Finaliters waiting in the wings.  They have picked a number, got in line just waiting for their number to be called.  Call, and the next in line is eager to be by your side.

"You all have a glorious career ahead of you for the asking, if you are willing to put in the work to help this beautiful garden called Urantia grow into the beautiful creation she was intended to be.  Good day for now.


July 18, 2018
Amethyst:  In the above quote from one of Ron's post these Finaliters are called GUARDIANS OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, and related to the work of the DIETY ABSOLUTE.  This is exciting!  The imagination soars with the possibilities that await us.

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Re: More Details Regarding the Six Thousand Finaliters on Urantia
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Dear Amethyst,

Thank you so much for asking this question that has been on my mind since their announcement and am reminded of every day when I give thanks for their presence with us.  I appreciate the details provided and am determined to fight my way through my mess of health and other issues to do whatever it takes to fuse while here as a mortal in the flesh and become a better contributor to the manifestation of Fathers will and ways on this planet and anything I am deemed able to contribute to the betterment of this planet and her people through the Missions.

I thank Stella and her comrades as well as all other benovelent celestials for their ministry to us and their service to our Father.

Domtia - Hello and Goodbye and wishing you my heart to meet again
Bynotria - Let us pray together for each others love of God
Urboytia  - Let us work together
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Re: More Details Regarding the Six Thousand Finaliters on Urantia
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Is another And good knowledge in helping to share this good band.


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Re: More Details Regarding the Six Thousand Finaliters on Urantia
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Dear Amethyst,
Thank you for the wonderful message. Stella actually told me to re-post a certain portion (but with a little twist)  for my girl friends that I had a reunion with & it goes like this:
"'Have a glorious day ahead of you; it's there for the asking, if you are willing to put in the work to help this beautiful garden called __(ur name)___ grow into the beautiful creation she was intended to be. ' Good day"
Evan :)
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