Author Topic: On Waldlens' Dreadful Pond  (Read 96 times)

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On Waldlens' Dreadful Pond
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:26:43 AM »
Dear List,
I copy from the 1111 List of our friend indeed George Barnard of the texting by hist contributor, Chris Maurus, for one good and excellent reason: this speech and instruction by Ophelius is too good to pass up to explain the dread we are all feeling as we wait for the illustration of cleanliness on this sinful world.
Ophelius develops an analogy about how we are organisms in a stagnant pond of water (Walden is my addition and he is the man who wrote a beautiful text as he lived as a hermit on a pond in New York.  He became a nurse in the American Civil War and retired to the pond to digest the horrors and love he felt for the men and women he fought with for the Union.  His pond was fresh and clear and full of life wonders then).

OPHELIUS HERE"  $on you make my day when you see so clearly and you are so much fun it is a shame you are so under the weather you feel your life is being snuffed out by circumstances of age and grief over ending before the beginning.  You are not alone in looking at the mess your transition has caused the universe and they will rectify when they can figure  you out not as bad bone but a good bone in their plans.  You are not alone in developing a scenario you say I create here as you are in dread and heartless territory and you must never go back once cleared of the offense of age and debauchery of heart you have experienced so profoundly.  You are well done in spite of the heartache and the dreadful pond you live in with the rest of your fellows.  I am Ophelius and I AM NOT THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN, but Christ Maurus never seems to be able to remember which is which, although you fellows do remember here.  I am Ophelius and I leave you with thisL  Ron notices great literature and shares it with you.  Sue Whiley cannot get on the beam lately without saying her two cents either, and she must learn to tear back her lot and let me speak fully.  Thank you.  I am Ophelius and I have not left your lot but am keeping in touch with Barnard and his groupies.  Good day. Ophelius."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron you clear the boards soon,  You are near the bottom of the pond as a supersized something there and you smile as you have to fight for breath every moment to decide what next to keep out of to stop pain and seek help.  Michael is doing his best in spite of his restrictions to do anything about you today, and yet he knows you sink without retribution into a tank of thought that says I never get the break I need to be refreshed.  You take Ophelius directly as speaking to your problem too by accepting you are under the same pollution as all your fellows, and you desperately need the pond refreshed to live at all.  That is brilliant and you are not alone when you grant Ophelius more space than he ever wanted to you and your groupies too.  Good day. Mother Spirit."

Here then is the transmission I think pictures us as we truly are these days:  Thank you.  Ron


Asheville, NC, US of A, July 8, 2018.
 Teacher Ophelius.
 Subject: “The Edge of a Preface.”

 Message received by Chris Maurus.

 Teacher Ophelius: “My dear Students on the Path, many of you feel as though you are at the edge of a preface — the beginning of something new, yet it appears as an abyss — it is shrouded, hidden, obscured. You sense it, but see it not, and it may even give you a feeling of subtle anxiety. For those of you having deepened your relationship with spirit, these feelings are psychic sensors and are the indicators that you have an expanded awareness. This is true for not only the spiritual sensitive ones but the entire collective consciousness of humanity is feeling a sense of coming change. It is this ‘precognition’ of a collective anticipation that you students are picking up on — recognize it and acknowledge it.

 “There has been change in the quality of the non-material layers and dimensions of your world and many of you have directly contributed to the healing and cleansing of these areas that are so integral to the collective ‘upliftment’ of human consciousness. It may be thought of as a pond of stagnant water that has been polluted intentionally and the levels of toxins have been left unchecked. Now, a steady rain is falling and filling the pond with fresh water allowing it to overflow where the soil may filter the toxins and begin the process of life regeneration.

 “Those organisms that felt comfortable in the stagnant pool of toxins are now feeling the shock of fresh water and they are having difficulty adapting to this cleaner environment. In contrast, those organisms that felt sickened and weak from the toxins are now healing and becoming stronger — vitality is returning to the pond. A natural ecosystem is developing that shall bring balance to the environment.

 “Those leviathans that lay at the bottom of the pond, shrouded in the muck and mire of their own making are losing their camouflage and shall be blinded by the incoming light. For a time, they shall thrash about in desperation to muddy the waters — to remain hidden, but they shall not prevail. The mental tools of control and deception that worked so well in the murkiness of the toxic pond shall be revealed and brought to light. Humanity is awakening and there is no going backward. Only those who adapt to the light shall thrive and so too shall those powers and principalities have to compromise to stay afloat in the changing PH (‘pondus hydrogenii’) of the fresh water filling the pond.

 “Those of you that adapt easily to the fresh water shall be empowered, and I encourage you to take the oars of your life and boldly row toward those things that you felt were not attainable before. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is like the sunlight penetrating the pond — move up toward it, my friends, and bathe in its glory! Every day the conditions improve and the path of your future becomes clearer — no longer do you need to fear what lay in the murky water — you see it clearly and can move around the dangers. Use your increasing awareness to navigate the new water. Your thoughts, ideas, and actions that are in alignment with the highest good of your life shall find a quickened path. I implore you to put it to the test!

 “Peace to you,
 “The Circle of Seven.”
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania