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Michael of Nebadon
The Deity Absolute translated by Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya
Mother Spirit with the help of God the Supreme to cover fusion statements better

The Speeches to Understand Fusion and a Fire Prophecy by the Deity Absolute

ork, PA local time at noon today
July 18, 2018

“I am Michael of Nebadon as advertised in our preamble above and this morning we speak no more of Ron and his tutelage before God the Absolute as he got a rest from the Deity Absolute well done and is happy to be with this us this mroning.

“I am God the Absolute, and I am truly the Deity Absolute, but Ron has taught the Absolute a marvelous discharge to take on today.  He is unhappy as hell and makes no bones about it as he is stuck in low grade material in heart and soul and cries to get loose as a normal feeling healthy individual.  Now this:

“I as the Deity Absolute have decreed that Ron must find a better way of the dilemma than medications– which do not work anyhow– but must be found somehow to end the sorrow he feels over being let down the moment the universe is building up for the real work at hand.  Therefore, we make it clear to the Ancients of Days they must relent on this subject and provide this subject their help as best they can under very trying circumstances to the third Ancine of Days, who is the Trinitarian example of the Infinite Spirit. 

“Your ideals on Urantia are also all being severaly tested as we know.  The Mighty Messenger, Ophelius, so clearly states the truth fo the letter for all of you, as  both Zao and Ron extracted the same post and Ophelius was reported twice on the list under different Categories by Ron and Zao.   What does that tell you?  Natures of heart are similar and love is important to both of them to understand the self entirely.

“We also report that the Deity Absolute is genuinely concerned that Ron will be dropped because he falls through the cracks of Absolute policies that do not ever get amended, and that is the problem, since the the third Ancients of Days faces entirely on his own this morning.  Rescission of yet another circuit was accomplished this morning and Ron feels the let down again.  He has been through eight different circuits to help and each one has been rescinded to keep us following the rules and it is time to relate that Ron gets nothing better than the best soon.  Now this:

“In our estimation we need to pray for all of you:

“We must take to understand that the dim or dark period spoken in audio tape, by Lemuel,  is to be spoken to all of you as a need to pursue when facing an earth pole shift as is coming shortly.  It could even happen to day!

(The Deity Absolute begins without announcement) “ALL HUMANS are ill at one time or another.  It is a must in the training of bold souls as we have in Ron and Lemuel and the other fused people who are genuinely fused to their limited ability to understand even that.  However, we want to note that Wendy Winter must be advised she is slipping a little in her fusion due to her incessant emoting over the fusion process which is complete but not replete.  Please Wendy stop speaking and just sit and find another focal point even if it is dreadful television to do it.  Gitz whom Ron adores is able to do this naturally and is progressing quickly to his fusion status quickly.  When that happens Steve Gitz, let go, stop nicking people for their change for goods you sell, and disappear among your pillows for at least three days.  Three days is equivalent to the sunrise on Uversa and that is not quite right but you get the point.

“I am the Deity Absolute and the following concerns fusion on Urantia and Ron put this in the same Category concerning Fusion Talk.

“As the Deity Absolute, I speak to the trial for Me to be heard is hugely over estimated by most of you who never heard of this part of God.  I am the Future and am the Prophecy Arm of God most of you never heard of before.  All Prophecy emanates from me as I am the future and state so categorically.  That is why Ron and the others listen so carefully when I speak.  I have a Prophecy for you now:

“Very soon, Urantia will be so full of dust and wind when nature will clear forest after forest with a blazing fire that makes the western fires to date look like a small pan of charcoal otherwise to eat from.  ‘I am Father now, and Ron you just glimpsed something I keep under control and never speak to - okay [yes]. ‘

“The Deity Absolute prophesizes that Ron is fully much better in seconds today as I have relieved Michael of the problem as well as the Ancients of Days, who are likewise grateful under these circumstances to have a clear direction to settle for this Ron problem.   You Ron are a terror to type for at times as you catch nuances we never speak to and keep that under deep wraps for now.  Some day Infinity will be better understood because the likes of you constantly nibble at its causes.  The Prophecy continues:

“As the Deity Absolute observes, Urantia is already a dead planet in the future.  However, the Father has decreed that it will be relayed to a better alter future through God the Absolute and not the Deity Absolute because it is too dangerous to forecast a single help issue when the Father views Urantia as a finished sphere and never to be revised again for its present future.  We reported in the past the God the Ultimate had to reverse courses in time to place the replacement of Jesus on Urantia, now as the original Bestowal.  Recently the Father reversed that understanding to Ron one day, and called the coming of Jeuss as an Eighth Bestowal.  We do not rescind that here but be aware the records in Spirit show Jesus making his original Bestowal 2,000 plus years ago, and this Return not as an Eighth Bestowal, but as a genuine return in the Prophecy of the Last Supper meanings.   However, this matter is not concluded, as I as the Deity Absolute see the trial of confusion, not is Ron’s mind so much, but in all of yours.  Because the Urantia Book reveals the Second Return as a relenting by the Father to allow it to occur, then we must accede that the records will show it as a time return or repeat, but God the Ultimate now records it as simultaneous with the original Bestowal.  It is also true it is an eighth bestowal but only as a matter of sequence in time keeping in Urantia history.

“Ron got at it this way and I repeat it for you if it helps.  Spirit deals with time and schedules.  Spirit deals with truth and expression by intention and not clock time.  Jesus was bestowed genuinely over 2000 years ago and it had immense consequences.  It cannot be denied it is an old or past event in time.  However, Ron addressed my Deity nature and said to Me, ‘You Michael and your Deity nature see not a past event but a continuing event by intent to a time factor on Urantia.  Therefore Deity sees the Second Return as a simultaneous fusion of Spirit Intent, and not calendar times as we are forced to down here. “ Michael here: I am forced to view your view on Urantia as the Return of Jesus as an eighth Bestowal, and because I must attend upon Jesus as I did in his First Bestowal, it is a second event and the eighth bestowal.  It is in the inconsequential nature of time that trials your minds on this, and therefore the Father accedes to Ron it is an eighth bestowal without consequence to your time archives but Spirit only sees one event consequences forgiven from the original or first Bestowal.  Christianity will cause this the Second Return and hardly ever wonder what gives as you do Ron.  Thank you.”

(The Deity Absolute speaks suddenly:) “I am the Deity Absolute and those statements caused Ron to look at an average human and wonder how they would ever understand how time can be manipulated so well that the past becomes the future tpday as we look at it before the Second Return is seen that way.  He looked at a way to explain it and then  immediately gave up and said they have no language to ever understand the sense of such a transaction.  Even he sees little sense to ever explain that to anyone including this list, but we must try even here to see to it.

“I am the Deity Absolute, and we must make full trials of this to all of you.  The Father sees Ron as essential in these cases as he is not and will never be divine on earth.  He sees it as a trial to us but only because he is adamant to make it (the collusion of a man of his nature working directly under the supervision of God through Mantutia the Melchizedek) work with our help, and he will, God willing.  As such, we must remember that the future is the Deity Absolute and never anything less.  Contrary to Ron’s view for the most part, I am not the most powerful entity on the loose from Infinity, as it is the Consummator of Universe Destiny who is, and that is a ledge of understanding few ever attempt to understand and Paul of Tarsus trials Infinity like Ron does and in that they are unanimous, the wall to break through is conceptually awkward to breach.   In any case you must understand that I see Urantia burning briskly and her forests decimated and you all must be aware fire will consume millions if not brought under control quickly.  We will not do that.  But we must let you understand that rain will quench the earth far too long and water in the basement for Ron is guaranteed without a sump pump and he has no plans to install one but we would if we could and so on.   Let us pray together that this never happens so severely in Pennsylvania that is loses its forests too as Pennsylvania and New York are the last bastions of standing forests as in the past anywhere.  Good day.”

“As usual Ron elicits drafts of speech not called for in the original plan of this transmission.  He is truly connected well with such high authority he has no problem hearing what is to be except for him personally, and in that he is most trusting that it is well and within reach when it appears to him.  That is so and I am making amends all over the place to get this Mission moving as quickly as it is possible.  The issue of the human fusions now takes over for a moment:


“This so important, Ron writes a title and he should.  He views this as an important as life is to each of you, and so essential to accomplish, it must be spoken to with great humility to those who may receive it.  It is so stated and the following is very important for you to understand:

“The importance of fusion to all of you is understood.  Yet the Father sees it as temporary if Urantians refuse to take it seriously.  Already Ron is accused of botching one example by her husband and he has to lay low to get out of the fire of that one’s wrath.  I also point out that Wendy Winter is such of a nature she thought Ron was joking until she got hit with the effects of fusion and now sees Ron as truly helpful as he watches over her as best he can until she rights herself in a few days.

“Fusions on Urantia are quixotic and unstable as can be.  Steve Gitz in particular must be caring to settle down and let his nerves relax, as those conditions can delay fusion, Steve.  Find something to do or write or sing or play for a few days to forget what is brewing and Ron will inform you quickly if something must be attended to.  He is our contact person for this sacred event and must be out of contact with each of you if it is brewing to happen so as not to stampede you into something that actually prevents the fusion event to occur.

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I have authorized fusions to appeal well but few fusions will take place until we have an orderly and true understanding of what they are.

“Fusion requires full acknowledgment that you, the human, are silly putty in the hands of God (that is aimed at me folks, Ron), and as such you are wilted or strengthened as the cause may be at any given time.  Ron is so wilted he fears for his life day to day such is how nasty the circulatory system has become for him in total and in small places too.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron correctly asked Michael if he wished to finish, and that was so, but he is tied up now and must await a better moment to speak and I wll continue on this subject briefly for Him.

“Fusion is a terror to others who read this list.  Most think it a joke.  Many think Ron is deranged and stay far away.  Ron discovered a photo of him on Facebook and someone had edited to place devil’s horns on it and he actually found a way to delete the photo with a little help from us to do it.  That shows you just how hard people play and think they get the upper hand but not so as this transmitter knows the score and lets it play out to the end as he must.  He is being attended to well now and we see the results in his circulatory system as he writes now.

“Fusion is a contract word that covers a lot of territory, and it must be conceived as a unitary remission by the Universal Father to determine the whole picture on Urantia, as many on Urantia are already in partial fusion since finishing their psychic circles years ago.  What the Father must understand is how each of you make it work without making it so spectacular no one can get in a word edgewise.  Be assured we wait for Michael to finish this as he has been in reception to the Father.  I give you Michael once more . . . “

MICHAEL -”Thank you Mother Spirit; I heard Ron think that Mother Spirit approaches the telling in a better way sometimes and I did not take adverse concern on that for a change as she refreshes Ron’s mind considerable when she speaks.  Ron, you have the trial of an Indwelling from the Deity Absolute above the right ear on the right side of your brain.  He is reestablishing left brain memory and right brain unity which we have removed so we can better work with you, Ron just told the Deity Absolute, ‘it is fascinating wht pops out to memory when you (the Deity Absolute), brush some of my brain cells.’   I fully agree and the Deity Absolute sees the love for others everywhere stored but not allowed to be enjoyed at all.  This ends this transmission on Fusion for now Ron.  Thank you.  Michael.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Greetings all fortunate souls,
It has been exactly one week since my 'DOF 7/16/2018 10am Australian Local time Zone' . The physical symptoms have now subsided and my 'quixotic' impulses put in its rightful place. I am enshrouded with good old 'dutch' courage today - not gained from intoxication - but from my Adjuster plainly telling me to put my heart, mind and soul into the work that needs doing now. A new personal revelation to me is the fact that Deity Absolute is waiting for me to get with the programme too and I hear "There is much to be understood about the future 'Age of Trust'!"
I leave it there for now.