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Patience and the mortal moment
« on: July 19, 2018, 01:23:42 PM »

Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Patience and the mortal moment
Category: Threads for New transmissions
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Thursday, July 19, 2018  16:08 UTC

Beloved one, let us begin –

How unfair you are to yourself so often as you reflect upon your behaviors over the course of your life's journey to the place and space you occupy today! Do you not advise others that mortal lives are ‘videos, not snapshots?’ So too, with you this morning, as consideration of your spiritual and moral status takes the time to ‘compare and contrast’ some of the historical ‘snapshots’ of your past behaviors.

Rather, what ever needs to be forefront in your mind is that you are a progressing, growing creation of spirit potential encased in an organic carbon mortal husk – a husk liberatingly shed upon your mortal passing from this life to the Mansion Worlds. What and who you are, on this day, are a far cry from the less advanced child of God you were in the past.

And now – to another topic about which I would speak with you…. related somewhat, nevertheless one that veers on to a different trajectory. As a nascent soul in a mortal frame, imbued as you must be with the relative time frame of your mortal span of years, you so often frustrate yourself when considering the outworking's of Father’s will for you and your planet. You do not need to be reminded that the unfolding of mortal events in lifespan-delineated time is nothing like or comparable to how the Father’s will is realized on the deity levels of universal eternities. So much of what you hope for as you look about yourself and your planetary situation – hopes for spirit-led change, hopes for supermaterial leadership, for Light and Life, are not all going to happen in the course of your single mortal lifetime.

Be not so impatient! Certainly, do not allow your hopes and dreams for a better world to be obviated because you cannot see their unfolding in your mortal moment. Your faith, beloved one, is steadfast. It is already vouchsafed and eternally attested to by your Thought Adjuster, me! Sufficient for the day are the troubles and the growth challenges thereof. Go forward this morning, fully engaged in this single day- seek for and then implement in your thoughts, words, and deeds knowledge of the Father of the All and your trying to become more like Him. A day’s life is a day’s work. Now, go and be about your work this day. Ever am I with you, loving you, seeking, and abetting your increasing cooperation with me. Now go –


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