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A Thought Adjuster Speaks: I AM YOU!
« on: July 20, 2018, 11:57:35 AM »
Audio Tape:

Speaker: Beloved/ Lemuel
Subject. I AM YOU
Place: Valls, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 20th July 2018  07:25 Local  06:25 Z

Note from admin:

When we finally realize we are indwelt by a spark, a real entity, of our Father, it makes a huge difference in our approach to ourselves as living much longer and further than we thought life gave to us.  Thought Adjusters are a piece of the true spirit of the Creator of All, and they are sent to us around, mostly, about age six or seven, and then are in our hearts and minds until we breathe our last and leave the body.  They come back when you are reborn as yourself as you prepare for eternal life among the stars and moons of fate forever.

I have riposted our Member by the name of Lemuel, a friend and a fellow traveler with us as in human form he has mastered the ability to speak the Word of God, sometimes called the Voice of God, and in recent memory T/R (to Transmit and Receive the Voice of God as reminder lessons we have an obligation to know more about our place in the universe.).

I have a little surprise for you as you listen to the tape above, because Lemuel has come close to God, and that is what the Father calls "attunement," and that means the spark called the Thought Adjusters is willing to speak to you audibly and fully, and as this tape demonstrates. Adjusters can impart profound messages to you as you listen and even speak for him to us outside of you.

The surprise I have for some of you is to tell you that Saint Paul, the Apostle, could speak the Voice of God, too.  He spoke his indwelling spirit's voice of lessons for the brand new Christianity developing in the Roman Empire, Greece, and elsewhere around the great inland Sea, the Mediterranean.  But did you know that Saint Paul wrote down his teachings which the Bible codified as part of itself as the New Testament?   Here is a small list of the Books of the Bible Paul contrinuted to or entirely wrote that became Chapters you read daily some of you.   He writes the Voice of God as himself today as Paul lives eternally. not as an historical figure, but with us again on our very earth you live and breath upon today.

Here are the books in the Bible penned or dictated by Paul:

Galatians (A.D. 47–49)
Considered as his first epistle, Paul defended his apostolic authority from Jews.

1 and 2 Thessalonians (A.D. 50–51)
In the first epistle, Paul was elated by Timothy's encouraging report about the church in Thessalonica. In the second letter, he rebuked followers who were doing nothing while waiting for Christ's return.

1 and 2 Corinthians (A.D. 55)
Paul might have been staying in Ephesus when he wrote these epistles. The first letter covered mostly church discipline and the observance of Holy Communion, while in the second, he talked about the New Covenant.

Romans (A.D. 55–57)
Written about the same time as his letter to the Corinthians while residing in Corinth. In this book, Paul explained the connection between the Old and New Covenants.

Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians (A.D. 60–62)
These epistles were written while Paul was under house arrest in Rome. He talked about family to the church in Ephesus, more particularly the relationship between husband and wife, and how parents and children should live with each other.
In Philippians, Paul talked to his favorite church and related how thankful he was despite his imprisonment.
Epaphras set up the church in Colossae which Paul didn't have the chance to visit. He repeated his message to the Ephesians on family relationships.

Philemon (A.D. 60)
While being imprisoned in Rome, Paul was ministered to by a slave named Philemon. Here, Paul writes Philemon's master and pleads for his freedom.  This Book is Apocryphal and is considered to be lame and useless, but Paul attests it was altered by a Roman centurion after that Centurion saw Jesus die on the Cross, and was so angry he took what Paul wrote decades later and persecuted his own countrymen with the blade of his sword.  He was crucified as a murdered and sent to a prison ward in heaven until some sense could be talked into him.  Today he made Finaliter Status and works as a Finaliter on Urantia with Paul as his medium of information such as I am speaking to you here today in this note.

1 and 2 Timothy (A.D. 62–64)
Paul wrote to Timothy, a Gentile convert, during his second Roman imprisonment. He warned about false teachers in the first letter and the importance of trusting God's Word in the second.  The trial of Timothy is that he was stoned to death for repeating these instructive words of God and Paul to his catechism teacher in the Jewish Temple around him that day. 

Titus (A.D. 64)
Written during Paul's fourth missionary trip, he counseled his favorite protégé Timothy on how churches are to be organized and structured.  This Book is not part of the New Testament but part of the Apocrypha of legends installing new Christian churches in Turkey and the Levant.

You who read this must realize that the brilliance of the words of Paul are also the inspirational words of his Thought Adjuster.  Paul is a brilliant fellow anyhow, and he makes great strides on our planet today as a finished spirit fused with his Adjuster and is now a Finaliter and works on Urantia now to help spiritualize the population as best he can, 

I close with the admonition that psychic teachings here and abroad today are full of total gibberish and misinformation.  You who would like to T/R need only to sit in prayer and ask for the privilege.  If you hear the Voice of God when you T/R, be assured you will be instructed on best how to speak the truth in human terms all day long.  I now T/R Paul of Tarsus for your edification:

"I am that Paul who speaks in Books of the Bible.  You who are guests and read these things sometimes must learn to appeal to your fellow Christians, I still live!  Ron even jokes with me as he hears me speak, and I speak tongues yet which Ron considers hysteria, but they are rooted much deeper in the soul than emotional froth of illness over issues of heart and emotions.   The Quakers of Pennsylvania spoke tongues as a matter of faith, and Ron has heard one of his students speak in tongues, and found her truly to be of the hysterical nature.  One must so careful to know the Voice of God or T/R as we speak of it today, and to realize it is a rational process and not an emotional one so many call upon "tongues," these days.

"I confess when using Ron to have him type out what I had to do long hand, is now tribulation ever, but he is so well attuned to his Thought Adjuster, that spark of t he Father fused him in his mind and now he can relate to any spirit who can translate into English the lessons they wish to impart. 

"When I died in Rome in your calendar year seventy-five (75AD), I was hung upside down on the cross.  That story has remained obscured by changes to my text by Christians hundreds of years later, and many of my books have been so regulated, they are no longer fully and truly my sayings direct anymore.  Beware the sloth of Christianity today and favor the truth always over those who betray Jesus daily over slights they wish corrected in their own lives.  Christianity is not what it was when I walked the areas of the world then, but has become slick and ugly in the eyes of true spirit.  It must be reformed and it will be reformed, but not until Jesus walks upon the earth once more!  Be Redeemed in CHRIST!  I wish you all a good day.  Paul of the Bible."

Ron here again - I concluded with a Voice of God statement through me from our Creator Son, Michael, who is God and the soul of Jesus:

"Be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves.  You who hear me hear me not well enough yet to understand I am Jesus and I am the Creator Son of all you behold on earth.  Take with you the ideals of Christianity, but bid Christianity farewell for a far better religion of Christ to appear soon, and that shall be from the very mouth of the divine and holy One, known as Jesus of Nazareth.  I am He and you are sinners if you prevail with the pulpit as it exclaims today, "I am God the Father, for God the Father is different and fully more powerful than Me or I ever could be.  In Thessalonians we learn Paul at his best when he declares man a sinner, and God to be the One who arises daily as the sun does over field and mortuary.  Take him as he is called to serve even today on an earth so sinned soaked we must works hard and grudgingly for its redemption!  My heart goes out to all of you who search yet find not your Thought Adjuster to speak to.  Good day. Michael."


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