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Building Your Relationship With Spirit
« on: July 20, 2018, 01:13:34 PM »
Michael -  Building Your Relationship With Spirit -  Larry Gossett- Florida – 20 July 2018
Teacher” Michael, Creator Son
Subject: Building Your Relationship With Spirit
Category” New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 20 July 2018  - 17:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett   
“Begin  this transcription and message now as you sit and open yourself,  perk up those ears and listen up to my message and the  teachings you require for your own growth and the growth for some here as well.  Keep in mind that some messages are for others who read… members and guests alike.  Spirit does work in mysterious ways, my children, and you are rarely aware of all that  transpires regarding those who are here as regular guests.   Sometimes you may receive and consequently by doing so, provide just the exact thing that someone else needs to read and take in at that exact moment.  So don’t sell yourselves short and try and misjudge the importance of the messages that you hear and take. The opportunity  to develop and have the ability,  to be a T/R is a rare gift and one that can not be underestimated  I understand and see you do not always accept   the skills that you have developed but know that these skills empower not only you but those that read all that many of you put out.
 “In that place of non-acceptance lies a problem for all of you, even though Spirit knows the human mind and it’s many proclivities.  Were you not ready, able and willing you would not receive these messages.  Some of which are meant for you and some that are meant for others.   Remember that there are many more that are guests that read and monitor these words and messages than there are active members, and I know that   the term active  has come to be somewhat of a issue for you and others.   But you tend too much dwell on this and it gets in your way when you allow it to overtake your thinking.  Be not concerned with it so deeply .  It has been mentioned many times yet as you observe it, there is little change…,but that is alright for now.  The time and hour comes quickly when you will have so much work to do that you  will look back to this time and appreciate in new ways that all turns out for the best and that needless worry is a waste and misuse of time and energy.   But it is a valuable lesson learned, is it not?
“What each of you do, is an  expression and profound statement  showing and a demonstration of your will and commitment and a guage  for you and us of  just where you are or are not in your standing with Spirit.   
“I wish that all of you could see the change in your energies, in the light and color that is right above you that we all can see  that is a type of  signature that each of you have as well as the spirit  signature that you are coming, eventually, to be able to discern.  There are energies which  stand out for us and if you could visualize them and you will someday, they are as unique and personal for there is no duplicate .. you all are “one of a kinds”  and what you are able to bring to the feast cannot be brought by any other.. Of course there are patterns that are utilized and       that are followed Mother Spirit and I formulated in the creation of man and women still yet there is none like each and every one of you.  You may be part of a grouping, following a specific designed and certain pattern but that does not take away from the uniqueness and originality that is the real you.  Just as it as equally true of the  origin of the Father personal gift of your individual personality.
“There are often comments made about the ego but please  bare in mind  that your ego has it’s important purpose and function and there is much misinformation that has been dispensed and  varying understanding and misunderstanding of ego.  Although it can be perhaps too easy for the ego to get to a stage of overcontrol and even out of control as well.  They are not inherently bad things, these egis of yours, and it takes self observation, introspection, contemplation and a good and honest self examination at times and the regular realistic look and assessment  to view and acknowledge when  the ego is out of balance and is  overly in charge, or at least it thinks it is and in general is running amuck. The human design of Mother Spirit and I, way back when
 Gave and instilled all of this to the mortal human on an experimental planet as Uranita is, and that will not always be the case considering the plan and reality that Urantia will someday become an educational sphere, school, and a place for  Advanced Universal Learning. And Study Already there are many many different types of beings who look to this world as an extraordinary “case study” and as a  future place where what is offered as curriculum and education will become invaluable to understanding… especially concerning the Lucifer Rebellion and the consequential  Calagastia Betrayal and all those that followed in this rebellion.  Our plan to make this an Educational Sphere is definitely “way out of the box ‘ as you like to say and there is such a Universal interest and need  as Urantia moves towards the completion of that ultimate  and future goal.
“Believe Me when I tell you that the plans for Urantia are stunning and magnificent once we get the Mission to redeem and remake Her in motion.  She, with every native that originated and completes this first life experience on Urantia  will always share a destiny that includes hailing from this world.  The great interest to come and learn what can be taught here about the Rebellion ranks quite high as does coming here as Urantia is where I fulfilled my obligation through  the 7th Bestowal.  And now as the 8th Bestowal becomes the reality if that idea is followed through on , then,  the terrible stigma of the “world of the cross” is forever  removed, as Jesus will just not have  nor accept that renown.  ,Urantia, indeed becomes one of the most important stops in the careers of the Universe.
“I see that you recognize and feel that this is an unusal experience today and indeed is a bit of a hodge podge of subjects and I  do this intentionally so that you can exercise those listening skills and receiving muscles that  so need growing and refinement.  I know from  deep in your mind and heart of hearts how much you desire to partake and  produce reliable and meaningful receptions and that most certainly will come when the time is right for you and others here.    Know that it is a matter of trusting in yourself and we can talk and talk of confidence but the real work can only be done through a belief in yourself and a belief and experience that can only be accomplished by hard consistent study and application of what is learned.  The opportunities to do that are at your doorstep.  Keep in mind all of you reading this whether you are a member or a valued guest,  building a relationship with Spirit  is not much different that what it requires to build a lasting and endearing relationship with another.   It takes time, effort and trust, sincerity and above all a willingness to love and be accepting . honest and open and real and true.   
“This  has been very relaxing and natural.   I know that is one of your goals with your abilities in this T/R work.   Not only has this been relaxing but a bit of joyous fun as well, has it not?
ME; indeed it has , Michael .  I don’t know if I have quite ever experienced this before.  I thank you.
This  is a most unique experience that we are having  this day.  There are many levels in building our relationships with all of you.  There can develop  sessions like this that are quite warm and casual, not too different than that as you have with your parents,  your best friends, your teacher and guide, mentor, your beloved for I am all of those things and more.   As your Creator Son, as your Spirit Father, we will share times of formal meetings when protcols are to be strictly observed and there will also be times   we laugh and just enjoy the good times that we shall share….  Just as Ron does so easily.   There will be times of grave seriousness for there is much work to do.   With this kind of experience today, this casual interchange,,  you all will learn and experience  a joy not known before and we will work together to establish such impenetrable and unbreakable bonds. We are one in Spirit, in intent, in love and in service.
“Whether a message given is from your perspective and view, of world shaking  import, or value, and it will not always be that way, still yet, those of you who are giving of yourselves in any measure will lead to success.   We have many times told you that your success is  ours as well.    Just as it is for any parent who loves, guide and nourishes  their children in many ways toward learning and experience.  And  We have always mentioned to you , each of you, that your falling short of the ideal,  for I will not call it failure for it is not and as you yourself acknowledge the idiom of “the only failure is in not trying,” is truly a valuable teacher.
“Let us, together, talk briefly about a subject that is a real trial and test for most of you and that is of time management, as regards your work here in the now, in the present, and most certainly in the near future when you will be called to take up the many tasks and assignments that will be proposed to you.  Many times a day do I see you bring your thoughts and attention to these Missions… you bring them out from the back of your thoughts  to  that place of focus and attention.  Whether you are at work,  at home doing yard work, at home cooking,, cleaning and simply just being  who you are doing what a human does, you do keep  Us and the Missions upfront and I appreciate the fact that you do keep the Missions  at that important place in your mind and heart and thought.
“We are more than aware of what you all must face as human mortals on a world like Urantia.   It is to your eternal credit to have accepted the many challenges that have confronted each of you.   I will leave it at that and Mother Spirit and I and all of Spirit who watch, guide and who are intimately involved with each of you  hold you in the highest regard for your steadfast determination to stay the course with us.   This is Michael    Know that you are in My Peace….good day.
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Re: Building You Relationship With Spirit
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Thank you Michael and Larry.  This is very touching and beautiful.  The more time that passes, I am noticing the more detail and information we get.  As a group, my opinion is that we are growing splendidly.  

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