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What the Universe Millennium Has To Do with Urantia
« on: July 20, 2018, 03:13:06 PM »
What the Universe Millennium Has To Do with Urantia

July 20, 2018 from Rayson of Galilee New York and the Poughkeepsie Transmitter in downtown Poughkeepsie:

T/R: Besser

I am Rayson and I write this BLOG for certain as Ron has nothing to do with its expression. Today we talk about politics on Urantia and how hard Larry Gossett takes Ron’s criticism about where he has been that he suddenly sees the rats on the woodpile today instead of a year ago. In any case listen to ol’ Rayson tell you something about the day and what is happening July 20, in some capitals of the world governments.


Russia today exclaims it is ready for detent again. Trump is hiding in the weeds in Washington, meanwhile. Truth is Trump banged his head good and proper and is leaving trails of blood over the political landscape he may never recover from. His wife is so embarrassed she quit public appearances today for the most part, and tomorrow wishes to repair to the New York apartment which cool and serene compared the house quarters of the White House lately.

Russia considers Trump their boy and will make overtures to our Joint Chiefs of Staff to blend destruction wares over the entire world as joint policeman and that is horror to you Ron, as you explain if you take Russia on as a partner policeman, you give tacit approval what they do is as you as a policeman does, and we know that does not work as the ideals of the Russian oligarchy hold not the same values as the American founding Fathers do at all.

We propose that Washington DC find another President and quickly, and then remove Trump into exile because he will not shut up. Bonaparte on Elba was a trial to the French government when he failed to conqueror Euripe, and Trump on Bermuda will escape and cause national intrigues everywhere with his influence and wealth.


I am Rayson, the Science Officer of the proposed Magisterial Mission. It is my duty to see to it that the United States is secured against all foreign threats while our Missions attend to this land of the free and brave. You are a great nation with great promise yet, but the electorate has got to be rid of the idea that Trump is their piece of t he world pie for justice and changes you have been seeking ever since the Clinton Administration failed to complete its work with trade agreements decades ago.

The United States is without a proper foundation today. And by that I mean it carries no parallelogram of art and science it did once two and three centuries ago when it was the capital of ingenuity and change for the rest of the world to be amazed at. Today you crawl in productivity. You fail to produce good leaders. You trail the financial settlements of most other nations daily, You are fully out of mode in trade usages and contrary to this transmitter’s views, immigration is not out of control.

In so many ways, the truth is you have failed as a good nation for over three decades and must come back to the fold or lose all the United States has worked for centuries as a bastion of freedom and consequences for the rest of the world. Today the American highways are clogged with shiny automobiles and eat up resources so fast there is hardly anything left for the rest of the world to speak to. I now conclude this blog with a very serious statement:

We are approaching the millennium of trust on Urantia which you do not know about. Every millennium of universe time– and that is every 10,000 years Urantia time, the universe reviews what it has accomplished in its name. Today Urantia is an embarrassment to the Creator Son of Nebadon, and he must now either clear his name or send Urantia back to the dust from whence it came. You are all familiar with the problems Ron has physically and they continue today without let up, but Ron faces the final lap today or tomorrow and he will be back with quite a story to tell you as he is part of the Michael Mission as a fused being on Urantia with five others to date, and they all will have to face what Ron is completing today. Now how does this tie into my sorry story about politics and science on Urantia today?

I am the Science Officer to the Magisterial Mission on Urantia. Oh, yes, it is coming all right. It is full of the beans to throw away the evil and win your trust. But be assured it also carries a very bad news for the Trump administration, for it will be cleared out entirely shortly, and there will be true government installed much to the joy of all other nations around the world.

The Universe Millennium is here! We clean out our closet of mistakes! We also hear this salute the whole idea and we are glad as he is a great leader in sheep’s clothing. But he must have cooperation from some of you who just lie back in the weeds and make no difference what so ever. Our intent is to advise all of you that this blog is for good and all time as well, as Ron has decided he either lives well or not at all and that the Universe Millennium and its policies will decide today or tomorrow for sure.

In so many words, the confluence of Ron and his work, the fused six and their work, the Michael Mission, the Magisterial Mission, the Science Officer and the Paradise Trinty seek each other out to decide who wins and what for. That includes how the United States is to be dealt soon; that includes how Russia will be dealt and Saudi Arabia and Great Britain and the Philippines, and Ethiopia and China, and all the rest will faire for the rest of the time that humanity inhabits earth.

In most cases we see Ron already in full control of his side of what is to be done for us as various Missions, and I vote for him to survive as he does but he questions the sincerity of the medical profession in spirit to be fully truthful about him, and so on it goes. But the real press is for all of you to understand that the politics and the science, which I have not spoken to as I should have now, are up for grabs as to how successful they will be and so on. We shall speak to this more often now that I have my own blog on this web site now. Believe me this web site will protected now. I am Rayson and wish all a good day. Rayson.”

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