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Pole Shift
July 22, 2018
Ron Besser at York, PA noon local time

The idea of a Pole Shift, which is a short hand expression to say that the compass point for north, reverses completely and now turns backwards and points to what we now call south.   The earth is a giant magnet, and what makes it so is not gravity, but a churning ball in the core of the earth that is made of magnetic metals that are so hot, they reach nearly the temperature of the sun that shines on us daily from deep space.

Let me first describe the metal core for you.  It is molecular iron and tungsten and is comprised of nearly one billion tons of magma, for if you could see it, it would glow white hot, almost too hard for the eye to focus on.  About one billion years ago, earth got into a terrible situation where it started too cool too rapidly, then due to some chemical reactions on the surface of the planet, the cooling cycle suddenly ended, and a surface temperature began to grow until it was so hot on the face of the earth, nothing could live on it again.  This all occurred in the geological stage known as the Neoproterozoic (1 billion to 500 million years ago), and the tremendous heat was dispelled about 500 million years and ended this particular geologic era.

The Neoproterozoic age started earth’s real problems by starting a blanket around the metal earth’s core in order to protect itself from too fast cooling.  It started this way because the early earth’s core was more iron ferrite than metallic or molecular iron we know today.  Chemistry changes from age to age on our planet and in the Neoproterozoic Age it was mostly iron ferrite.  Iron ferrite stays put well and was found as a satisfactory substitute for better metallic cores but it did well until the Bronze Age on earth reached its zenith in about six hundred (600) BC.  Then a huge lava eruption occurred and the entire planet started to melt and when it melted the rocks inside the earth, the modern tectonic plates formed.  From 600 BC to the present day, it is the tectonic rock plates the continents rest upon, that when they shift, causes many serious earthquakes.

Ever since then the metallic core has tried to cool itself with magma discharges but failed to cool itself sufficiently unto today when it has reached, we think, about absolute boiling point of matter.  That is so dangerous it can only be addressed by the earth itself calling out for some solar intervention, and our sun, has suddenly begun producing huge volumes of beta ray radiation.  Beta ray radiation is a combination of solar wind and high progeny discharges of a radium nature and while not radioactive, the discharge is so potent it forces the temperature on earth to rise dramatically and can be seen as a part of our earth warming man inists is due to burning carbon based fuels and so on.  The truth is that the sun is mostly the culprit and no amount of gas trimming for fuels and aerosols will stop it.  But then what will stop it is a Pole Shift engineered by the earth to recreate better ecological conditions on the planet while cooling its core by transmitting its metallic content to another kind of molecule since cooling the current magma will convert iron into Molybdenum (symbol MO; atomic number42).  It does not occur naturally on earth as an ore but it can occur as an oxide of lead, and this is why it will work so well inside the new earth core when the poles switch very soon.

Molybdenum on the earth surface as a lead oxide is a dull grey to look at.  It melts only in very high temperaturs and is used to make components in glass furnaces and so on in factories around the world.  It carries an additional atomic weight 44 and 47 when it is super heated, but it can hide itself as Molybdenum at all by producing an unusual oxide known as the ion characteristic of Molybdenum Ditrioxide (MO4), which exists briefly as a cooling agent in certain magmas produced from deep earth fissures.

The Pole Shift has been explained easily above, but when MO4 is added to the core, it will expand to double its present size.  That will cause the earth tectonic plates to rupture around the world where there are plenty of weaknesses evident to suggest that certain sliding of the dross (loose stones and earth debris).  The Continental Shelf on the North American West Coast is littered with dross and much of the land mass of California, Washington state, and Oregon, are composed of terrible stacks of dross to the point, that if the tectonic plates are shaken under them, the dross will slide off the plate in one big whoosh and take all life with it to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.  This cause and effect of earth cooling after the Pole Shift will bring huge reductions in earth population as well, and while lamentable in the extreme, God does care enough to resurrect most all to restart their lives as themselves on our local mansion worlds far above us.

This Pole Shift is so pending, it is predicted by those in the know, to happen at any moment.  It could happen as early as tomorrow or as late as next month or even a little later, but it will happen.  For Bible fans, one of the early Pole Shifts was recorded in the Old Testament Book of Joshua 10 -12:3:14 known to scholars as Joshua’s Long day (circa 1500 BC).  Today we have an even greater problem than Joshua had, and that is because this time the Pole Shift is so severe, that the axis tilt we revolve with, it will tilt about another 10 to 15 degrees east.  Visualize the planet on a stick.  Now tile the stick left and right about 20 or so degrees to the left and to the right, and you are demonstrating the tilt we already have.  For this Pole Shift, tilt the demonstration stick 30 degrees left and right again to get the idea of how much or little more that is to you.  But there is Murphy’s Law elements in this one too nobody ever seems to think about, but you will see it with this one: While the tilt on the axis may be as much or more than 30 degrees, kick the stick at the bottom a little more to you.  That brings the current south pole closer to your body in this demo.  We think the new tile will have the present south pole swing closer toward you in the demo, and that places my home town, York, Pennsylvania, further north of the present equator.  York, in this case moves as far as cooling is concerned further north and it will cool rapidly and change its weather considerably.

Finally, this Paper is about the Pole Shift, and we must take into consideration the science of metallurgy, of mass extinctions, of troubled dynamics of gravity, and even the medieval idea of retributiion to the Paper.  It would take me a small book to tell you all the implications of the coming shift.  But let me tell all of you this:

The immediate implications to your lives on earth is we will had Joshua’s long day, as much as thirty of them.  It depends on where you live on the globe whether t he long day is night or twilight or day.  The tilt is severe enough that the gravitational forces must recollect around the planet to pull it up from a more severed tild of almost 37 to 50 degrees further east that is presently experienced.  Day and night will never be quite the same for millennia now as this Pole Shift will reset the diurnal cycle to much longer in the sourther hemisphere and much shorter in the northern hemisphere.  The nation known as England will almost be polar in its light cycles with summer being being long days no longer but short days, perhaps four hours a day, and long summer nights that are quite cool.  The EU may expereince drought since the Pole Shift will turn the weather of normal rains off and start a cycle with little rain in the Mediterranean Basin, but plenty of rain and wind in the Hebrides of Great Britain.  China will be much like the United States, with shorted days and longer night in both seasons due to the southern Arctic region being pushed into the position that tilts the northern hemisphere further away from the sun,

Finally, we have spoken of the implications to material things and lives on earth.  But there are spiritual implications too.

Spirit actually controls the science of earth through the various agencies.  Nation States are under the direct care of the Vorondadek Sons, divine beings created to evolve nation states and their civilizations and who shall survive the rush to power and who will not.  The Pole Shift falls under a different group in the spiritual agency that controls the metabolic degree to which an earth science is allowed to achieve, and then to control how much it may know.

Earth science, as good as you think it may be, is essentially in its infancy, much as the Neanderthal society of the early ice ages on this planet developed.  The material controllers are generally known as Power Directors, and they exist in myriads of forms depending on what level of matter they must control.  The Power Directors speak the language of physicists everywhere here, and are proud to announce this is complete as it must be advised that this Pole Shift will change civilization quickly, for transport will not work well during the long light/dim period, and radios and television may go down for lack of satellite synchrony.  Further radios and batteries must be reconditioned by lifting your batteries out and turning them around when anything works again.

Be assured this is just a brief over view of what will become an historical outage of vast proportions until we on earth can redo our grid systems for electrical use and so on.  Automobiles will eventually become useless due to the over use of petroleum and natural gas, and cars we call electric, are poorly designed in spite of the Tesla hype.  I also recommend that this message be purloined into the deep six for now except for the list.  Thank you.

Below is a link to a video that talks about the pole shift and that is a case of impending action very soon.  Thank you.   Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I recuse this from showing up on Facebook, as Ron sat down to write this for deploment there.  But Power Directs 4, 5, and 7 saw tp it that Ron got a full report with the help of Rayson and Ocilliaya in other deportment.  I told Ron to forget posting it there as science would conjecture him to death on this report until Rayson gets there and starts to clean house on what science believes and what it should not believe.  This report is so accurate, I asked the Unvierse Censor in charge of Ron’s work to let it fly and then to decide what to do with it.  You have an up to the minute report of what is to occur, and I am not so sure you will not see this shift tomorrow or before July 31 on earth.  I also feel Ron needs a heart and soul returned to him as it is written as a cold hearted scientist would and that is very good for this era, but many on Facebook would swoon at its cold calculation of the loss of life.  How do you report this otherwise?   You do not so enjoy the post here on the this web site where it is entirely appropriate but a little harsh on bleeding hearts that live for the most part in the United States only. Good day, Michael.”

Here is a very casual talk on video about the impending pole shift.  I find it tedious but it has good graphics and that is what we want to show.  Ron


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania