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Planetary Seraphic Government Changes from The Urantia Book
Machiventa Melchizedek aided by Michael of Nebadon and the Seraphim below
York, PA 4 PM Local Time
July 23, 2018

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. We have news today concerning the type of Planetary Government runs Urantia today.

“When we wrote the first Urantia Book, the Planetary Government was of the type we call Seraphic Government. Seraphic Government is made up of twelve Departments as usual, and Newstarsaphire made the list available which is belows as it was in 1934 and 1935.

114:6.4.The twelve corps of The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision are functional on Urantia as follows:

1. Epochal Angels
2. Progress Angels
3. Religious Guardians
4. Angels of Nation Life
5. Angels of the Races
6. Angels of the Future
7. Angels of Enlightenment
8. Angels of Health
9. Home Seraphim
10. Angels of Industry
11. Angels of Diversion
12. Angels of Superhuman Ministry

“Now we can amend this list by removing entirely items four, nine, and eleven, and those are about National Life, the Home, and Superhuman Ministry. They no longer exist for the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Mission that is to follow his mission.

“For your information the Michael Mission is scheduled to last about forty years. The Magisterial Mission to follow that Michael Mission will last close to one thousand years more. We believe Ron here will be part of all of them and may last that long.

“Now let us look at the new Departments we wish to encourage to work on Urantia. Each department is headed by a high spirit being. That means Completion Seraphim, which is equivalent to a human being a Finaliter. We have Supernaphim as Chiefs, and other Orders you do not yet know but will when you read the new Urantia Book. All Departments in Seraphic Government are headed by high spirits created or donated to us on Urantia from the Infinite Spirit.

“We conclude this Paper without the proper Department names given simply because it reveals more about the Michael Mission than we prefer to name right now. When the full disclosure is made about a month from now, the formal names will be given. We asked Rayson to assign alternative names for them to help you remember their function, but their offical names wait until the Michael Mission is on the ground.”

Here are the ten (10) departments (no longer twelve ), and who heads them to the point we may reveale them at this point:

1. Enlightenment. Headed by Sophie, a Completion Seraphim of the 3rd Order of Seraphim located in your Urantia Book in Paper 39 I believe. I am permanently assigned with human contact through the fused lady Amethyst, Amethyst already has a large notebook filled with the seven different diversification of Seraphim in Nebadon. Read Paper 39 as best you can Ron to bone up on them.

2. Sorrow Correction. Headed by a Supernaphim of the Primary Type as defined in your Urantia Book, Paper 26, as currently ordered in the hardbound edition. Sorrow Correction needs to be plain and simple and these individuals are going to help people realize that the truth of the matter is that there loved ones are not necessarily dead but moved to higher spheres to realize life afain.

3. People Pleasers. This is headed by a Supernaphim of the Third Order, known to most of you as Deity Guides on the 5th inner circle of Havona. We are sure you know it Ron as you just blinked in that memory which has been placed in the back of your head while we work on the cranium to give you a little more space as your brain must almost double in size from its present location in the cranium and that is most of the pressure you feel inside your head lately. Nonetheless, the People Pleasers, take out of their harms way anything to do with physical death and cheer people with the idea that life pervades the universe and never really dies forever even if a long sleep intervenes.

4. Show Trials. This Department is headed by Serena an formerly unrevealed Order of Angel born on Uversa and lives there all of their female lives as gender goes in function. They are Ministering Spirits derived from the Local Universe Mother Spirits, but are not revealed by name except on Uversa where they appear with the blessings of the local Mother Spirits. Nebadonia has five such personalities around her all the time to help her bring order to her creation in Nebadon. Ron knows Serena but he never knew her Order or his Origin and now he has both as Serena is known as the Rabbi of Domains,as all of her Sisters are known on Uversa and in Nebadon when they visit for a spell now and then.

5. Bad News. This Deparment works to make sure people understand they are in spiritual jeopardy if they fail to work at their chores for spiritualization on Urantia. It is headed by yet another new Order you are not familiar with what are called the Behemoth Divinities, or in the lexicon of Uversa, they are called Superangels and we let it go at that.

6. Apple Dumpling Gang Department - Ron says this sounds like Rayson, and it is Rayson. I was called in to name these departments with iconic names you can remember as that list of twelve Newstarsaphire shows is not memorable and Ron does not even try. So we name these departments with movie title sounds and they mean what they say. This Department is headed by a Supernaphim who wishes to be called Boris. He is of the Primary Order of Supernaphim and we suggest you all bone up on that Paper in your Urantia Book noted above by number. This Department functions to see to it that no one gets so much wealth they can buy a political office or become a dictator and so on. You get the idea I am sure, as the Department will function hard and fast for awhile and then probably be cut back to almost nothing many years from now.

7. The House that Jack Built Department - As civilization collapses on Urantia, so does purpose for many young people and old people. The vast majority will never have use of this department as they are already being educated to learn what they are to do and better in their lives on Urantia. We use Primary Midwayers for this work and they are already assigned to Lemuel and Gossett to get them happy with the idea of changing their ways to be more up to speed with the work they are asked to do. Primary Midwayers are easy to deal with on their own level but are real bears when they deal with humans as they make sure tasks assigned are done and well. This group of Primary Midwayers is assigned to Beulah the Primary Midwayer known as Mirtha to her friends on high, and is already working hard with Ron for many projects he has to complete very soon. I am ready to serve you Ron, and you welcome me as a friend too. We are all friends and with Ron you are loved to pieces if you let yourself be known to him.

8. Home Sweet Home Department - Headed by a Primary Supernaphim of the Secondary Order. The Secondary Order of Supernaphim are loosely associated with you on Havona starting on the third circles as you proceed inward to the seventh which is where you are taught how to approach existential Deity. These teach you universe languages outside of the Local Universe and speak to the various needs of personality to be acquired by addressing the Father in the Receiving Circle to complete your Deity Adventure. Father addresses this forum now:

FATHER - “Ron once saw me in dream form and he still cannot get over how average I look as a form. He is of course kidding about this, but I do have form for those who are material origin as that is the best way to describe what appears before you in the Receiving Circle when you go through the hoops to identify me to complete your Deity Adventure before us to become Finaliters. I do this to assure those who have material mindedness yet, I can be anything I want to be and that is so. Be assured we on Paradise are discretely aware of your deepest needs and fill them up before you come before us and make a scene. I conclude by saying that the Deity Adventure is more like a lark for someone like Ron than a hard case of disappointment felt by so many from some of the Local Universes that operate so smoothly. I come to the conclusion that Ron knows Rayson so well he can dictate what Rayson tells him if he is allowed too. I close with the idea that Ron here is still a child in many ways and has much to loose if he does not copy directly all those items for Seraphic Government over without Rayson. I am Father. Good day,”

9. The Last Hurrah on Urantia - Headed by a normal Seraphim and one known not as Manotia, but by the Second in Command, Seraphim Audrey Hepburn aka Lila. She is a Completion Seraphim like Manotia, and is second in command of nearly three hundred billion seraphim of the first order alone.

Paper 39: The Seraphim are Angels we contact with as humans. There are six other groups of angels not named and not revealed and they are not call Seraphim. The Seraphim are Group Number Seven (7) and consists of the following distinct areas of service. I list them here so you are familiar with their great variety of service to man and Midwayer as well. Read Paper 39 where each service is defined.

Group SEVEN: Seraphim; divided into the seven distinct disciplines, seven each under that, and they still exist as service units in spite of the Department name changes and functions:

1. Supreme Seraphim
(1) Son-Spirit Ministers and Bestowal attendants (2) Court Advisers
(3) Universe Orientators and (4) The Teaching Counselors
(5) Directors of Assignment (6) The Recorders (7) Unattached Ministers

2. Superior Seraphim
(1) The Intelligence Corps (2) The Voice of Mercy(3) Spirit Co-ordinators
(4) Assistant Teachers (5) The Transporters Seraphic transport techniques
(6) The Recorders Broadcasters (7) The Reserves

3. Supervisor Seraphim
(1) Supervising Assistants(2) Law Forecasters(3) Social Architects
(4) Ethical Sensitizers (5) The Transporters (6) The Recorders(7) The Reserves

4. Administrator Seraphim
(1) Administrative Assistants(2) Justice Guides(3) Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship
(4) Quickeners of Morality(5) The Transporters(6) The Recorders (7) The Reserves

5. Planetary Helpers
(1) The Voices of the Garden (2) The Spirits of Brotherhood (3) The Souls of Peace
(4) The Spirits of Trust (5) The Transporters Departure of a seraphic transport (6) The Recorders (7) The Reserves

6. Transition Ministers

7. Seraphim of the Future

Machiventa Melchizedek - “I am delighted Ron found a way to list the distinct services of the Seraphim under group seven only. The first six groups are called angels but not seraphim. Ron has numerous contacts with the first fivc of the unrevealed groups and works with them very well. He loves the one called Monarchical and the one we knows as Sansen, but he does not until now know he has contact with these first five groups unrevealed to Urantia in general. Group Six is all but disbanded and those specialists have been sprinkled back into the work of the first five Groups noted here.”

“Be assured Rayson has done well to characterize them as alternative names and we are glad he and Ron are so compatible, as Rayson adores Ron for his silly use of Raoul (Rah - oole, which is French not for Ralph but for Wayne and he laughs every time Ron assigns Raoul to Rayson’s staff as Rayson’s disciplinarian). In any case the two get along mostly very well and are of a similar personality type in spirit. Ron has some rough edges Raoul needs to get to though. We are familiar with the type of personality on Paradise but seldom does it occur on Urantia and Ron has it in spades, We depart from the usual here only to remind all of you that those who are fused have nothing to fear from the Michael Mission, but others in the Urantia Book Mission will have a trial to assign the fifth epochal revelation as fully helpful anymore and they will eventually flock to this site to read the unusual discussions that take place here. Until then, we welcome your comments and so on for this post and of hers to follow. Good day. Michael.

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Re: Planetary Seraphic Government Changes from The Urantia Book
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« ……..Seraphim Audrey Hupburn aka Lila…….a Completion Seraphim………second in command of nearly three hundred billion seraphim of the first order alone »

Wow !!!! Audrey HUPBURN (1929-1993), one of my favourite movie stars during the ‘60s and as a youngster at that time I was completely subjugated by her charm. While she was indeed at the top of her career of actress, she decided to let down her notoriety and to devote her life to humanitarian endeavours, particularly relating to children in the world. To know that she has reached such a high level of spirituality to which she is the most deserving makes me really wow !!! Domtia
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