Author Topic: Pre'Mtor on Fear and Response in the Coming Transition  (Read 123 times)

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Pre'Mtor on Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:17:50 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 24/07/2018 11.04am(AEST) 9.04pm(GMT)

[Sue: I have to admit I am scared of this coming catastrophe the Pole Shift will present to us humans. I won’t lie, this is really something to fear and loathe especially to the unpredictability as to even if we can survive this. So with a heavy heart, I converse with my Adjuster about this: Being scared, Father, is a fear mechanism that is built into our psychic makeup. Is it right for us to be so when news of impending catastrophe is in our knowledge and it triggers a response such as fear?]


“Yes, fear is a natural retreat and flee response, it triggers in you alertness, awareness as well as the need to seek shelter or security from an alarming arousal. It also enables a heightened sense of being vulnerable in the face of danger or inadequacy of stability. Upon hearing the news of the Pole Shift pronouncements, this inevitably produces this fear mechanism and arousal of preparing yourself for the worse possible scenario or outcome. Survival of such disasters is an unknown, as the circumstances prove to be unpredictable.

“Whilst fear is normal for you to feel, there are some measures you can take to feel better in yourself. Prayer with the Father helps you to focus on the eternal path before  you and it is this measure that enables you to look beyond the temporal maladies to the assurance of the care of your survival after your life in the flesh is finished. You know you will eventually move on into the Mansion Worlds, regardless of your stage in life. Most who do perish will be taken well care of in this respect in the coming population decimation that may well result in the planetary shift.

“You, however, as a fused one with me, I am with you and consolidate your well-being and know you are in safe-keeping in my embrace with you. This is so you have the confidence in your eternal path before you with me and, so, we get on with the task at hand to issue those areas of messages, lessons of assurance, encouragement and preparedness to ride out a very rough time you will experience very much so imminent the earth, as you understand it, has to be attended to in order to stabilise her metabolic behaviour of late. You understand the geologic process of high pressure and temperatures and so, the same process of metamorphosis will be reinvigorated to produce a change in metallic state from the heating core to the crustal release of pressure.

“In all probability, coastal towns, settlements along rivers and lakes will suffer immense inundations and volcanisms will be an active event to release the heat from the already over-extended hot core. The plates (tectonic) along the ridges and valley/rift zones will be under immense pressure to fracture, to buckle and move in response to the inertia of pressure built up in the core’s elements. This will be further extended when the earth’s sphere is tilted to the level in order to prove a cooling to occur as it moves on its axis away from the bursts of harmful solar energy from the Sun’s erratic atomic bursts.

“Fear is a response mechanism. It is for you to act upon something deemed too much to be complacent to a threat to your own survival. When it is that time, when fear is very real, that is the time you will know in yourself how to act, how to deal with and how to, if at all, where to turn to gain a confidence of safer reference to sit well with. I leave it there for you to dwell on as to your placement in circumstances that will soon be beyond your control to handle. This will in turn produce the awareness of co-operation between like minds to see through the dilemma you are to face.

“I am Pre’Mtor and am in charge of my ward to see to it that she remains constant in hearing what needs to be heard and heard well. She senses the problems and the fear that this produces and is naturally understanding of the challenges the dark transition may present to all concerned in her immediate environment. It is not easy to absorb, yet confronting it is. It is important to listen to our messages we send out to you in these times as your life may depend upon it as things transpire and your electrical devices and communications are in shutdown for some extended period of time. So do listen up and take it well as good advice is worth its weight in gold.

“I am Pre’Mtor and relate this in consort with Sue’s thinking on the matter she feels very imminent and “fear”, while loathsome, it is a very natural and incurring strength built in you to respond in a manner appropriate to your sense of being. I wish it well with you, wherever you are and pray you have the good sense to look deeply to the Father in these times of fear. I am with you as Father and know you all very well. Call upon me and seek me. I bid you a good day. Domytia.”

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Re: Pre'Mtor on Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2018, 07:14:03 AM »
Today, July 25 afternoon, when I was away from home, I heard a loud sound in my left ear. He lasted a few minutes, and then went into a quiet long ringing. I realized that the Adjuster is trying to tell me something important. Then I quickly returned home.
Maybe this is training for upcoming events and a warning to stay at home?
Sincerely, Alexander Prozonov


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Re: Pre'Mtor on Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2018, 10:27:37 AM »
I heard a sound in my right ear a loud tone it lasted for about 45 seconds and subsided around 10:15 A.M. yesterday. I thought about it for a second. Is it me? Or is it something else. Its not the first time it happen.


Ron Besser

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Re: Pre'Mtor on Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2018, 10:55:24 AM »
Maybe this helps Prozonov and Weydevu -

Ear popping sounds and consequent ringing are sometimes celestial attacks to the nervous system to determine your responsiveness.  With Prozonov I am informed it was a test for responsiveness: How does this man hear prompts?  Can we prompt him to listen without scaring him a lot?  What is his internal temperature and do prompts through his nervous system cause him illness?  And so on, and it is not shared with me Prozonov, how they will use this information in Pyccia that you could be a very important center of communication if they intend to use transmitting and receiving for that part of the Michael Mission to the world.  You will not be bothered very much again for now, but if they need to use you somehow, you might get more testing much later if at all.  Ron

Weydevu, I have not data for you or the incident your report.  I suspect thought you got a quick test and left to decide later what to do about your sometimes frail health over issues that have nothing to do with the Mission(s).  I suppose that makes sense to you because it means nothing to me and I am logically inclined to just let that part alone.  I also know you can transmit but you seem to keep out of it for some reason.  I let it sit for now as I have  really nothing coming in to advise you on this matter at this time.   Ron

"Ron is dead accurate on both prognostications gentlemen.  He is fed this information from your Thought Adjusters and I have never seen them do that before.  Father is using Ron to help people understand themselves to the point they are very well advised as to just wht is going on with their physical mechanims (body and nervous and mental systems).  I stand back as Ron is also communicating with the Eternal Son who wants this transmitter to go silent for now.  Thank you all.  Michael."

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