Author Topic: Building the Muscle of the Soul  (Read 85 times)

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Building the Muscle of the Soul
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:30:00 PM »
Topic:         Building the Muscle of the Soul
Teacher:      Amethyst's Thought Adjuster
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:           July 26, 2018
Location:     New York

"This is your beloved Thought Adjuster, your Indwelling Spirit, and a Fragment of the Father at the center of all creation.  I have not yet provided your with your new name, which will be forthcoming soon.  I am the Parent of your soul.  It is your soul working with Me on a daily basis throughout eternity that will be the determination of your completed destiny.

"There are many celestial beings you will encounter through your journey inward and upward, and they will provide guidance and opportunities for service.  They will offer advice and make available many different kinds of circumstances to prepare you for even greater service as you move along.  But I am the one that forges the fires to test and strengthen your soul.  You have come to that point in your development that lets us forever be one with the other.  Later as this relationship matures, there will be no delineation between Me and thee.

"You have been, and will continue to be provided all you need for the long journey that you have chosen to take with Me, and nevermore shall we be parted.  This is my promise to you.  Just as a bird must learn to flex its wings in order to sail for long distances through the skies, so too, must your soul become strong and mature with its continual use of its 'muscles'.  

"We are now blended for eternity, and many others are to follow as they too find sublime bliss in their own oneness with their Inner Light.  Come to me for strength and guidance.  I will never fail to be there for you.  There will be times you may not like what I have to say to you, but these times will be the ones that will be the most useful to strengthen our bond and building  the fortitude, spunk, robustness, intensity, stamina and vigor, that you are indeed gaining each and every day.  

"The way showers  are beginning to emerge from the fog of unawareness.  On a steady, regular basis many of you are beginning to find your voices out of the din and chaos around you.  Be patient with yourselves as this is a process and does not occur as a single event.  I have chosen to keep this transmission from Myself alone to  put emphasis for you and the others, that the relationship you have with your Adjuster is the most important one for all of eternity.  This is short, but I deem it important that all should realize that they are to seek the kingdom of God within themselves first, as it is the foundation and the strongest point of their beings.  

"I will not say at this time that I bid you a fond farewell, or good day as I am always near you and in you.  You are a part of me, and I of you.  I enfold you always in my Being."



kindred shall forever remain unbroken