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Audio Transmission / Lunar Eclipse
« on: July 27, 2018, 01:44:52 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Lunar Eclipse
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 27th July 2018  07:44  05:44 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission / Lunar Eclipse
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2018, 03:06:40 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmssion

Lunar eclipse

Beloved/Lemuel : Our subject this morning is the ‘The lunar eclipse’. I expect most of you to know that to-day is a special day because of what we are about to see in heavens, that is to say a total eclipse of the moon when our earth passes in front of the moon and we are told that this will last for about two hours and that we will be able to see it from most countries of the world. Also that the planet Mars will be moving very close to the earth which is something that happens regularly, every 15/17 yrs and one will be able to see Mars very clearly with a naked eye.

We want to mention this, this morning, because when there is an eclipse of the sun, of the moon or partial eclipse, it is an opportunity for all of you to reflect on the order and the law of the action of all the planets, all the different orbits in our solar system. Generally, you don’t think about these things, they are all taking for granted, but from time to time, like to-day, when there is an eclipse and you are able to stop and take the time to observe it and enjoy it and also to feel it, this is perhaps a strange thing to say, yes to feel it, to feel what is happening, it is a awe-inspiring experience, one could say a religious experience.

Why do we say that ? because it forces you inward to yourself and you start asking questions and so to-day is a special day, because it gives all of you an opportunity to experience something awe-inspiring and at the same time the opportunity to feel and enjoy the eclipse. Moments like this, as I have mentioned before, happen from time to time, that give all the opportunity to reflect on something that normally you take so much for granted you don’t ever think about them and yet everything is controled, everything is ordered and we can thank the Almighty that it is so.

Where would we all be if there was not this order throughout the universe ? Dear brothers and sisters, we hope that you can take this opportunity to-day to enjoy a natural phenomenon that is really awe-inpiring and gives you the opportunity to reflect on the work and the love of our Heavenly Father and all the Celestials who have the responsability to keep everything in law and order. This is a short message this morning and we hope that you will take this opportunity and enjoy it and give thanks to our Universal Father that all is well and ordered, as indeed it must be.

Thank you for listening, we bid you a very good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.