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Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:20:32 PM »

Amethyst:  Mother Nebadonia--I ask for protection as I pursue this, and for one of your daughters to shed Light on working with spirit radios.  Can they be used by transmitters to expand for the general public the meaning of what they receive on these devices?  Thank you

Topic:      The Use of Spirit Radios for Contacting Spirit
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        August 01, 2018
Location: New York, USA

"I am Sophia, a Completed Seraphim and have been previously assigned to Amethyst to help with her work.  You will be hearing much from me through her.  Amethyst asks about the value of using spirit radios to be of help in expanding what can be received on these and other devices.  Can they help?  

"Well, Yes, no,--maybe.  There are considerations, they have some potential if used properly.  Amethyst has spent much time today on youtube looking for spirit radio receptions and has had mixed results.  Some seem to provide some help, some were from loving beings, and some were not.  What was received was garbled and very difficult to understand.

"Here is the crux of the problem.  The spirit radios are strictly material apparatuses.  The beings coming through are mostly morontial, or at least no longer alive in a human form.  Many are still waiting on the grid for transport and are themselves confused.  One of the constant messages that came through from what she was able to make out was the word, "help."  This should tell you something.  Many are confused and need celestial help.

"You see, transmitters can receive because their minds are becoming morontialized.  This is a necessary ingredient to get true spiritual guidance.  Those who are still unable to transmit have not met the requisite circle attainment yet and are not ready.  But they will be with continued effort.

"So the "wall" between these two dimensions prevents communication compatibility, and that will always be the case for those anchored in the different dimensions.

"There is however an area where there is a slight blending of the two dimensions.  The links provided above were showing music being played into the radio.  I highly recommend that you listen to at least the first one, so you can better understand what I am talking about.

"There is a very distinct difference in the tone, messages, and the vibration of these two videos, and most others. Why? Because music, especially good music, like Enya, create an energy that is close to, or even at the morontia level.  This attracts higher beings and we here suggest that your technology in this area be refined to capture this higher vibrational field.  Stated differently, the more you can create technology that is attuned to the morontial level, the higher the spirit you will attract.  Music is one way to do this. Another may be sacred chanting, like the Gregorian Chants.  Still another to consider are what are called 'singing bowls'. (This is when water is in several different size metal bowls to get different tones when slightly tapped.)  Still another are different size chimes that can harmonize.  

"This is one of the reasons the Native Americans so often used a special flute in their ceremonies.  They resonate at a level that Spirit responds to.

"You will notice that in these two videos, specific questions were asked of the spirits.  The answers were mostly loving and reflected beauty.  There is much work needed to enhance the clarity of the responses.  But this is one way physical material and morontia can meet, and more recognition is possible.

"Now when people see this blending of material and morontial, they will have a better understanding of what transmitters do.  They can come to understand that it IS possible for the two planes to intermingle and serve as a valuable tool to enhance their own spirituality.

" Mother Nebadonia now wishes to say a few words."


"Sophia speaks truth to you.  A coarse and crackly EVP machine will attract a coarse and crackly being that probably itself is looking for help, as Sophia so astutely recognized.  The key to unlocking this puzzle is to devise ways to use the spirit radios with the highest intentions and beautiful sounds to attract the right beings.  There is great power in sound that your scientists have yet to discover.
I leave you with much to ponder.  Good day my children."



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Re: Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2018, 12:38:48 AM »
This is sterling work Amethyst.  And you are going about it exactly how you should.  I always learn from your work and I did this morning as a read and reread some of it.

I have worked with singing bowls that are manufacture to the letter C or A or E and other lower frequency music note equivalents and you can brush them or knuckle them or rub them and they start to hum and sing and are so pleasant to hear.  These manufactured bowls do not require water in them but you can make something like them by placing water in metal bowls too, but enamel or wood or other bowls do not work, but use the metallic chrome bowls that come with some mixing machines or water bowls for pets as long as they have a thin wall of brushed metal of some sort.  You will have to tune them to middle C or A above it or the E a third above middle C too using water volume, as these are the frequencies that the people in the grid can hear so much easier.

Very nice work Amethyst!
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Re: Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2018, 03:17:09 AM »
Amethyst, dear soul, thank you for bringing on the table more spiritual thoughts to chew in. This discussion about contacting those on the other side of the veil through electronic devises or direct transmission is so tricky that the more it goes the more is my feeling of messing up in a labyrinth, so much so that I do not know where to start. Please, don’t be upset and bear with me while I try to clear up some obscure points in my mind.

The « Yes, No…..Maybe » answer to whether spirit radio is of any help, puts those using this electronic device in a ‘no-man’s land’ where it is not easy to know, even with a good discernment, who is who and what is what, and there lies the danger of going astray.

« Many are still waiting on the grid for transport and are themselves confused…..and need celestial help »
Help can only come from those who can transmit ; those using material devices, even the most sophisticated, are interested mainly in collecting datas for their own ambitions.

It is understandable that it is ‘sine qua non’ to have a spiritualized mind by reaching the pre-requisite level of psychic circle before one can really transmit and without these two ingredients it will not work, even if one adds some good vibrations.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of music as a way to elevate our spirituality. There are some good ones on the internet that I regularly listen to, particularly those sounds that help entering deep meditation, but I wonder if it is really enough to break « the wall » between the two dimensions. Domtia

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.


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Re: Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2018, 02:20:53 PM »
Ron, thank you for your words of encouragement.

1. You questioned Sophia's use of the words "yes, no--maybe".  I think the point she was making was yes, it is possible, but there is a lot to consider, and it might not work as well as we would like.  If this has not been used on other planets, Sophia and others cannot know for sure.
2.  Help is available from many sources in the universe.  A big reason for the universe career is to help and serve as we grow and learn.
3.  you asked if this is enough to 'break the "wall."  Again as Sophia says, "yes, no, --maybe", we will just have to try and find out.  Our growth through the universe will always have surprises for us.  (At least I hope so.)
I hope I answered your questions.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and ask.  Of course, I could be wrong about trying to interpret all that she was saying.  I try to write it exactly as it is received.
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Re: Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2018, 05:47:07 PM »
I am a bit belated and behind in responding to this  very important thread and quite frankly and honestly I am one of the ones who misunderstood the  whole of the importance of  the thread itself, for which I apologize and make no idle excuses.   When this thread first got started I really couldn't understand why Spirit would want or need humans to  assist those who had died  and were in the grid, or who were "stuck in some bakery" somewhere  and then  the "light went on"  when  he explained that the purpose for using transmitter to actually  go about  and learn to use their  T/R talents and experience to actually help  others in the here and now.  I was also wondering how a lesson of this kind would just  peak and prompt Ron's many interests on topics and subjects that somehow find a place on  our forum.    We all know and have seen  almost enumerable times just how well Ron can take a situation that may  be difficult to  truly "get" and by creative examples and the  honed skills and uses of examples, metaphor and analogy that Spirit and Ron both use in topics that are presented to us.....    ( and God Bless him for that ability!)

Later as I started to understand just what it was that  he was trying to accomplish not only for  us individually, collectively and in fact "FOR GOOD THE MISSION, which is one of the reasons we are here, is it not?, I  started to be able to let my resistance soften and give way to awareness of something that is potentially very important and also something that can fulfil our need to be "doing" something instead of suffering the anxiety that comes from waiting.

One morning right about sunrise, I was just sitting in the Gazebo, looking at  the pool, listening to the early morning songs of the birds,seeing the beginnings of the beautiful colors of sunrise and basically enjoying the quiet reverie  before the rush of another work day, I began to remember about several discussions we had a couple of years ago or maybe less about "death duty" during  the coming trials and tribulations coming  from the first pole shift and the dim period.  I tried to find it but it must be so old that it is no longer in the search engine.   I had wondered at the time if there was any correlation between the subject of using  the T/R process as Ron had brought up as a way to do this as help and experience in the here and now as it oculd lay some strong foundations for this coming  death duty, which is similar in need and scope.

I thought of asking Phyllis ( Newstarsaphire) if she  had a copy of that discussion since she is so efficient in her archiving and of course if there is anyone else who remembers this death duty discussion, I would appreciate a re-post of it  since  a reveiw of that kind of information will most definitely be welcome as these initial earth changes are brought to bear on Urantia.

I thank you all for reading and welcome any response to any and all subjects and topics of our "discussion" forum and let us draw love, strength, and commradarie as we grow in Spirit with our Father, Michael, Mother Spirit and all those who come to serve  and by doing that we shall eventually change Urantia.   LarryG


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Re: Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2018, 11:26:21 PM »
Hi LarryG,
OK, you got me going here! I am going to keep my eyes and ears on for any more info on this, as there does seem to be a role that we might play in this?
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Re: Sophia Discisses the Use of Spirit Radios and Other Devices
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2018, 07:15:54 PM »

My apologies for the tardiness of my reply to your request regarding what you refer to as "death duty" as I have been in the process of packing/moving/unpacking to a new residence for the last month and just got my internet service yesterday.

I re-post for you below a posting by Ron Besser in 2015 very interesting information regarding the administration of "last rights"  as I believe this is the information you are requesting.  Please let me know if I am incorrect Larry.

Here are the instructions then given:


« Message by Ron Besser on July 10, 2015, 11:43:19 PM »
There has been added a section by Jesus and Serara to the bottom of this post which was originally placed in another thread.  I have moved the subject of LAST RITES to this Category for its own discussion space

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I also have inserted an embedded video on Exploring the Fear of Dissolution or Death by Rupert Spira on 10/27/2015 and runs about 14 minutes.  It speaks to death as the dissolution by sleep where we lay down our thoughts and we sleep with no fear because we always come back again and we have ourselves.  That is just a death briefly met so we meet our sleep a few days longer and we are ourselves again in resurrection.



The last rites is a ritual we use on Salvington to bathe a person in the light of God when they must remove themselves from the worst of disasters a man or woman can suffer, and that is to die alone on a beach or on a battlefield on some planet so barbaric they do not even bother to bury their dead.  The body is cast aside, but it is also left alone by the beasts and the birds who prey upon the carcass. In so doing, God enjoins all beasts of prey and all carrion hunters to abide one thing before they feast, and that is to allow the body stay unmolested for a few minutes while the heart of God removes the soul and sends it immediately to safety in the arms of God.  In so doing there are certain things another human can do if nearby.  Close the eyes of the one who has died, for those eyes still behold the light of the day or celestial bodies of the night even though the brain cannot analyze the scene.  Once the eyes are closed over by forcing the eyelid down from its folded position under the eyebrow, dislocate the hands from their sides and place them over the chest.  Fold them so the tips of their fingers touch each other as this allows the fluids in the hand to break open the capillaries and allows the warmth of life to dissipate and turn to room or if in the outdoors, to the temperature presently experienced.

The last rites have one other action, and that is to bless the life that has been lived, and pray to the Father, audibly, I seek your mercy Father for this one and pass him or her on to the great lands of God where they may take up life again.

In keeping this simple prayer to Father beholding the promise for a new life, the soul will immediately turn to the light.  One may never worry for such a soul when prepared to leave with this prayer on their brow.

When this prayer is done, and you have placed their hands across their chest, allow the body to be removed as it should be either from attendants nearby or by humans who are working to remove those who have met their end and to remove them to sanctuary.


I now turn to the last rites as completed, and the soul is on the way, and we have the body now removed, and the soul has gone to the light and is nevermore on Urantia.  What happens to the person who has signed them away this way?

You, if you are the one who has closed their eyes and folded their hands on their chest and blessed them to the Father, will feel no chill, but a heart rendering sob deep within you as you did that day when you knew, Ron, your dad was dying before your eyes.  That Thought Adjuster spoke to you in your heart and the sob that broke the silence was the finality of death and the leaving of your family from you forever more.  In that moment you were released and shed no further tears until he was buried in the cemetery.  You carried his ashes to the crypt and others watched with tears in their eyes, but you did not cry.  Why?

You, as others will be, are released from the sorrow of death by the Adjusters when they leave the mortal they indwell.  This happens only when you attend to their death or are in their presence of dying and Adjusters do that with the eye of thought to hold you well when others cannot maintain composure for the lost one.  Grief overwhelms everyone at the death of a loved one, especially a family member, and you Ron, so loved your parents you could not bear their deaths.  But you learned to deny them when they were ill of mind and you let them ring your neck when you had to have their help again.  This is not known to anyone, but you also managed to save them from the loss of each other over and over, and they will some day bring you the news they lost nothing after your reappearance with them.  Your mother in particular knows nothing of this work, but she will.

Whatever the situation is between those who prepare parents, loved ones, even strangers, for their journey to the mansion worlds, leave the Father in charge as it is he who stands between you and the death of those you care about.  Pray for the mercy of the Father to bring the soul safely to their resting place and resurrection.  It is evident that Ron does not know that the soul, once released on Urantia, has waiting its own morontial form now.  It did not use to be true, but Michael has ordered that the soul, if the third psychic circle or above, be placed in a conscious vehicle so that it may choose its direction and affirm it wishes resurrected.  Any soul that has not reached the third psychic circle will be provided a moment of consciousness for this choice as well.


It happens.  Sometimes souls sleep so deeply they cannot be awakened at the mansion world depot.  When this happens the light of God ascends from the routine of Mercy and slips into their minds and gently takes charge so that they hear and come into consciousness.  When this happens there appears the Adjuster of former indwelling and affirms that the soul needs to sleep awhile in order to heal its difficulties.  Our work on high brings to our attention so many variations in soul awakening we cannot possibly bring all the variations to the reader, but we can tell you that the soul is resilient to the point it can withstand a thousand morontia years of sleep before it tires of the sleep.  Sleep of the soul comes for two reasons:  It must make amends for its behavior on Urantia; or, It must take time to reconstruct its mind matrix in order to be heard as a full person.  Ron's mother slept for one month of Urantia time although she confirmed to Ron she had arrived on the mansion worlds which helped him a great deal.  His father sleeps still as he was an Alzheimer patient for too long, and his mind deteriorated before they could resurrect the soul quickly enough to save most of what he had accumulated as a civic leader.  He is now resting on mansion world two with your mother and they will rejoin life when they are both well enough to see to their mutual development.

In the last analysis, soul awakening on the mansion worlds is routine and billions if not trillions go through it every day on the Satania System.  The fact that Urantia may lose over one billion people due to tectonic plates shifting in one day is easily handled by the resurrection chambers.  We now leave this area for an announcement of unusual proportions:

JESUS:   I seldom appear at a death on Urantia, but since Ron has moved this discussion to another part of this web site that deals with disasters, many of you will have to officiate in the name of God to see that some people may pass with gladness to the other side.  I am making this available to all of you who will be on staff, and it is this:

Because you are outstanding models of humanity on Urantia, we want you to conduct yourselves as though you were priests of the Most Highs, much as Machiventa Melchizedek was at the time of Abraham.  Melchizedek officiated at many deaths on Urantia, and felt them keenly at once for their names and for their blessings to be taken on high for resurrection or eventual resurrection.  In do doing he made it clear that all men and women of the day had to stand before the judges, but in this day, you will not have the time or the patience to remind them of this habit of the universe to judge before resurrection.  In my day in Palestine I was too judged when I died as I went before the judges as they were then and fell to my knees when bade to do so.  You are not alone in wishing this kind of ordeal to be done, and they must use the moment of time you have with them before they die, to drive home the idea they are passing into the serenity of death and not an ordeal of judgement.

As a Most High once said to me as I was passing through the lands of Edentia in one of my bestowals, "do not become so sure of yourself Jesus that you lose the Heart of God once you have passed the portals of human mortality, for the human must stand before many judges and stand erect or bow on one knee before their sentence, and when that is done you are free to conduct yourself before the majesty of God."  In these words I knew that God was going to be kind to me but I had to face the reality that even with my standard views of the human, I could miss the mark as to their needs and as to their wishes at death.  I have since give over to some thought about the FINAL RITES or LAST RITES in order to configure what those who are on staff must learn to do when faced with tragedy in the front of others who must wait for the final order to leave their bodies.

One of the things that must be considered is how long you tarry with the body once the person has passed.  I suggest no more than three minutes if that.  In order for the body to be exhumed on high, the person who works to help them pass should remove themselves quickly and attend to others and then leave the area within ten minutes.  I say this to Ron who stays with those who are needing him for he tends to linger so they are okay, but he has officiated at one such death and attended to two others whom he prefers not to mention, but it caused him great embarrass before the wife of the suddenly deceased when he had to break the news to her and her child.   The clergy deferred to Ron which he did not want them to do.  But they insisted he take the responsibility and he did so coldly, for he was unable to control his emotions without resorting to absolute emotional control for the deceased and he had talked about God frequently and even the Urantia Book.  The results were unhappy and we see to it that she has better comfort than that today.  The point to be made is that in order to maintain decorum (for Ron was in shock and grieving too), the man decided to just say what happened and offered no condolences other than to say he was deeply sorry.  She took it as a pass at his thoughts and not of being sorry Dennis had died tragically hours before.  I point to this example that it is better to not say anything at all when giving last rites than to tightly control your emotions and say something that comes off cold and indifferent.  It is a way to stem the emotions and not cold feelings to give the bereaved, so keep yourself a distance from those who need ministry, as you are not asked to provide ministry.

I am Jesus, and beheld enough dying in my day on the road to Damascus as a caravan leader.  I took the camels to the City and left them there as bid to do, but on my return the scourge of the desert hit and hundreds died as I passed by.  I am not a happy camper over what I saw and how poorly they understood the need for sanitation, but I do know that many will come before you foul and unkempt.  Wash them and have them stand in a shower to drench them of all they had to go through to get here.  Leave all who come to you for help alone for a few minutes as you prepare the world to receive them again if they are to live.  Let those who are already too ill to continue tarry as they wait for you, and when you return they may tell you they are dying and that you need to attend to the needs of their wishes for any property they have on them or to get a message to a person who needs to hear what happened to them, and do so as best you can, and then leave them to absolve themselves of the diary of their lives.  When they die, give them their last rites.

SERARA: I speak after Jesus, as he knows the whole nine yards of disaster and death and tragedy.  I am not a happy person either in the face of death as I prefer sun and the shining waters of a lake or the house of bright light and beautiful furnishings.  You who know what I mean know the difference of the kinds of life so many people live shut away never to see nature or enjoy the feel of warm sunshine on their skin in rest.  Death duty, and all of you will attend at least one person who must be given the last rites, will be understood in its day as the last placement of a human's words to another human on Urantia.  Take the life of what you have been given to provide last rites as one of fine fare and leave nothing undone as to their last wishes and there desire to be heard by those they loved and either had a family with or were married to or whatever other circumstance they enjoyed at the time.

Ron, I know you feel desperately ill as the last moment approaches; we saw it with your parents and you will have it with your brother and his wife, as they may have to depend on you to have the last supper in a little while before you go one to your duties with me.  I see the one called "Barbie" calling you too as she knows the depth of your feelings for the departed ones, in this case your Aunt called Gloria who now rests comfortably on mansion world three.  Her work there is to wait for Jane (mother of Ron) and expect to have a good time for awhile as she introduces Jane to the variety of life on mansion world three.  The course is true for all of you on staff, and that you must be prepared to meet those you help once again on the mansion worlds for they want to work for the Magisterial Mission once they understand that it was you, a staff member of the Magisterial Mission, that helped them over.

I am Serara, and this is unpleasant to all of you, and I suggest that your resolve this issue in your own mind before you decide who will be the one to tell you that you are no longer required to hear from Serara, but to bow before him as Ron chooses to, and that I await your presence before me to tell you that all who bow before me are immediately taken to the inner sanctum of the Church of God there and then and presented with the wreath of the divine service award.  Ron you already wear it and you will not get another one, but you insist on pledging to me your fidelity and trust and for that I will provide you the time and place to do so.

I shall be with everyone of you as you assign the last rites to the dying, and I will get to see you at your worst and at your best doing what is required of every staff member under my tutelage.  In the case of your friend Steven and Sue, they must make the effort you do Ron, to stand before me and provide me the oath we agreed upon when you asked for the words to be spoken before me' they are:

I am your liege,
I am your servant,
I give all that I am, and give unto Father all that he desires.
I give unto Serara all that he wishes and live me life for him and the planet Urantia.

The last rites, like the last supper are all a human can participate in, in providing God some help to finish something that was of this earth and to be made different in heaven.  Learn well your place.  Learn always to help the living; learn well to help the dying when called upon to do so.

I am Serara, and we all shall meet that day we call a Symposium to celebrate the appearance of Jesus before us and I announce the beginning of the Magisterial Mission, as I am right now, in the flesh.

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.