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Help Directions for Rank and File non-Transmitters
« on: August 02, 2018, 04:45:07 PM »

Help Directions for Rank and File non-Transmitters

Machiventa Melchizedek,
Mother Spirit, Welmek,
And others not directly name to conform this transmission to a reduced length.

York PA 430PM local time
August 02, 2018


“This is Michael -

“You are looking at a page review of your work today and it is excellent entirely as you make it work when you are bored and cannot make anything else come to you at the moment and that is not Wendy who is trying her best to do what the others are doing and will succeed eventually. She sees the worth and marvel at your ability to make changes like this so all can benefit. You are looking for a lower level production process and agree you have no idea how to help that become such. I agree for without the ability to transmit one cannot enter the world of communication. Do this


•        1 - When you got to bed at night and ask in your prayers to be able to learn to transmit even if it is only a little bit;
•        2 - If you discover there are people you hear talk but you cannot hear loud enought to hear what they are saying, roll onto your best side and close your eyes as if to sleep;
•        3 - If the voices are persistent they will increase the volume to you and you may hear snippets of speech;
•        4 - Let the situation lie until it bothers or irritates you, and then speak OUT LOUD you cannot hear propertly or well or at all– what ever is the case;
•        5 - Take from the voices what you will and then ask them to stop speaking and then go to sleep or make notes on a pad nect to you what you heard and what your experience was like. Please post it to the website under GENERAL. That is fine until we figure out how best to handle this growing situation which Michael is enjoying for a change.


Ron: If you are a Guest and have something to post. Write my private email and show me the post and I will normally post it for you. I will communicate back to you telling what I did. Thank you.


“For a change Ron is thinking again as he goes passive to take messaging. When he is not taking messaging he figures out what to do next. Ron asked my early this morning. Michael there has to be some way the rank and file can help in these endeavors if they are really interested. What would you suggest?

“I told him that unless you could transmit, you have no direct way of going to the spirit grid above you, but if you do transmit, it allows you full access if anybody wishes to speak with you. Ron is exempt from receiving grid reports at all as he is so solidly behind helping them and for them they know it and refrain from using him first. They like using devices but they are so poorly designed the devices are all but useless but once in a while spirit radio and EVP and Microphone Transmission work and help.

“I have given above the steps for the rank and file to be helpful now. When you received something Ron suggests recording it on a pad next to your bed, and then sending the list through his email to publish what you heard and found. I have a better idea: Become a member and establish your own account and then you have control over your work much more than Ron posting it for you. I am Michael and wish you a good day.”


“Ron as usual has opened up a can of worms but the truth is the request is timely as we wish to clear the Grid immediately since it is going to get very crowded with new people and so much help is needed we must figure out a way for all of you to make room for those who cry and need help at once. Lemuel did that with Phyllis and she was floored when he spoke full sentences she understood and he was part of the England she still knows too even though in Spain. Her life is already happy and that is making her doubt Ron was telling the truth only because there is no family to greet her or friends of the past to know for after two hundred years they have all moved higher on the mansion worlds and do not know she is back and alive to speak to again. [Phyllis: Ron. I am okay anyhow thank you.] I am Mother Spirit and Phyllis jumped right in on top of me and Ron laughed and I cried but that is not for you to understand. Good day.”


WELMEK, ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER speaks to Phyllis who still listends to Ron work this idea up for the list:

“She says the best you thing you can ever do is supply an ear to listen to the problems and let the idea of going to the light alone. Be assured they get the idea you know more but have no use for you if you badger them to go to the light. Actually Ron has helped a number of us do that as we listen to him talk with God almost daily in prayer and on transmissions they send to him in the morning all the time. They are entertaining and we love to hear Lemuel do the same when he is hemming and hauling over what to say next or ever. I am speak directly to Ron now: ‘your laugh is horrible and you need to train your ear to listen to us when we say something into the mike.’ Ron respects that entirely and he laughs hard for it bursts out of him when he catches it and it makes a big popping sound on the recorder and so on and he does not know how to control a big laugh ever and that is that too as he is welcome with Deity to be himself even though he is horrible sometimes.

“As Welmek, I see something developing in Ron totally unexpected and that is to provide a good reason to use transmission skills. The Teaching Mission never taught that and taught them as needy students only. Ron say though the problems with all sorts of humanity on Urantia will multiply so fast it should be helpful to all missions on Urantia to help clear the Grid to make room for more who will abound there as disasters accrue without proper insturctions to them how to clear the Grid. Good and I take my leave. Welmek, One Without Name and Number.”


“Ron you are the wonder of the Urantia-based hounds up here. We never had such help except from Sadler and he was so biased he would not speak to spooks who wanted to speak to him so badly. Finally they just gave up and you opened the door again and Phyllis, and to a certain extent, Anne, opened to you quickly as you speak for sentences they understand very well. Lemuel is the best and knows it. Do not get snooty Lemuel! I give you this Ron and Lemuel in particular:

“I as Planetary Prince manage the Grid and as such I know how full it gets and how many wait there for something to happen, but they need to know they have to initiate doing that and that is a hold up for them as some hardly ever made an important decision ever in their natural lives. I am truly sorry I cannot make more happen there as I am being transferred to Uversa for study on my part about how to be a One Without Name and Number for I intent to be the best besides Welmek and about one million others, as it is a rare bread and I am pround to know Welmek and probably Ron, as he fits all the characteristics of being of that Order.

“While I speak of people on this list. We have about one hundred (100) guests who live here. Another fifty (50) are so embarrassed by their lack of knowledge, they stay quiet and hide; the rest are of little consequence and are true visitors who hardly understand the sophisticated group that runs here at all. Language is always the problem but this list abounds in aberrant language too, and Ron is among the worst as he never fully reviews the Urantia Book, and that is due to the fact he recognizes the language barrier and adjusts his vocabulary to not use it fully. But it cannot be helped and that is the reason Michael wishes to establish a new web site that uses vernacular language and drops terms like “morontial,” “transcendental,” “absonite.” “Co-absolute,” and a dozen more easily. Ron would be greatly hampered not to use these terms as they are quite specific in reality, but he usually very careful in choosing what he uses unless forced to youse the esoteric brands as indicated here. I am suggesting though Ron you wait out this period of transgression over these language issues you are careful to pay attention to, but wait out for a better discussion forum where you can use them with people who know them well and let them flow to them in particular. They will have theirs opened when they receive the sixth epochal revelation much based on the idea you present that this a forum for all as long as there is interest in learning. Otherwise. Bye bye.

“I also place Ron in charge of the sixth epochal revelation briefly until we get Mantutia and Me, and Michael, and Lanaforge ready to handle the wail it will create when Ron publishes the picture and to let them suffer the consequences of legal action if they dare take it. Surely they must realize Ron cannot do this without direct benefit of origin and permission to present it. Be aware Ron is in complete contact with the Father as this is being written and he feels so strongly about my statements here, he triggers the Father to support hi angst over the present affair with the Chicago Foundation as it is.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek speaking so far, and it concludes with this: I am sure Ron knows the ropes with the Foundation already, but he warns himself to treat them like a vat full of fuming acid and never to trust ministrations from some of its leaders. Be assured Ron your real friendship with Keeler will blossom as you can talk with him easily, and he is likely to become the key for what will transpire in this change over from one revelation to another and from one manager to another. Good and this: good day, y’all. Machiventa.”


“Ron has just signed his warrant to be excused for all future ruminations from Machiventa as Ron knows full well that Machiventa is probably gone for a long time, and that means he is in charge not but Michael will be compounding Ron’s grit to change the style and measure of the Foundation to open and available and chosing to have people answer phones everywhere and that is why some of you had better learn the book well as you are going to have some sharp people call you with questions. Ron can handle anything but none of you can do that yet. Be not surprised if Ron asks some of you to study the book and to make a report on questions you have too. This is Mother Spirit and we welcome your feedback all of you including Guests who need to start stepping forward. Thank you. Mother Spirit.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania