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Unknown Scribe - Time and its purpose
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:29:21 PM »
Speaker/Teacher: Unknown Scribe
Subject: Time and its purpose
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria AUS
Date/Time: 29/08/2018 12.00-1.00pm(AEST)

Speaker: Unknown Scribe
[I asked for a name, but cannot seem to hear any names so nothing is told to me who this is as it seems ultra secretive but very relatable in my mind as this unfolds..Sue.]

“This will come from the most unlikely source you know nothing about, but let this flow as it comes to you. No doubt as you all know certain missions are to take place in simultaneous fashion and that is to correlate in the plans your Creator Son has to go with in agreement with both the Ancient of Days and with God the Supreme. What it has to do is to bring a rebellion under control, to allow certain mitigating factors to play out to allow the fruits to be laid bare for others to see its true worth in all probability. The earth has to formulate its own stabilising mechanism in response to pressure and heat that has to be let release one way or another. That is certain to be unfolded in time.

“Now as you figure the issue of “time” in your  mind, it is a measure of all that is in your own conscious awareness and experience. It is a known parameter you see as a felt environment and adventure. Coupled with the maturation of understanding as you learn to appreciate certain life experiences, emotional outworkings and impressionable decisions that arise for you to make and live by what is in the best interest to move forward in time. Time is relative to your station in life, it is not only a teacher as such as it is,  it is also a momentum driving you onwards to a destiny that is built within you to seek. The Father has inserted that inward drive to look beyond the hill, to be curious of your natural instinct to wonder, to question, to look further and investigate all avenues of pursuit. That is a driven inertia, a force to improve, to develop and grow better than what has already been accomplished, the past is behind you, it is a felt accomplishment in your maturing circle of progression. The ‘present’ is your actual notable existence and life prerogative. You exist because you will to be alive. The ‘future’ is in relation to your present statement of willingness to live. That is your free will abiding and conscious choosing to co-exist in the present now as you are.

“Now how goes you see there are parallel interchanges of existence you are in relation to your development of spirit being with the universal spirit, the pure energy of the Source and Centre that permeates all space and time. That is the driving mechanism of the Supreme that lets out the time permutations that require maturation of mind and will. You see, you live it to grow and learn from an infant to a full grown maturing adult in human progress, here to you proceed in progressing through those aspects of recognising the spiritual circles you enter as you learn discernment, perception and wisdom parameters that is very much infused by your growing ability to relate mind with the spiritual heart of reasoning and deep thinking of mind with the heart.

“I am a being not known to you but is relatable to your kind in the experiential path you travel in time. The path you have is invaluable to adjourn with as it increases the felt parameters where intelligence do not have the capacity to realise it’s knowledge with the impact it has in real material terms. You have the ideal opportunity to know how it is to be felt -  pain, sickness, sadness, happiness, fear, anger, annoyance, frustration and loss are the few areas of human emotional outpouring that you do come into actual real physical contact with and thereby have the difficult task in coping mechanism that an otherwise intelligent angel would not have the ability to empathise with in any gratifying way. Words can convey but not feel. It is necessary for one to feel before they can truly understand the complexity of life’s challenges and the decisions that arise that make you the person you are today. You are a person of choices. You live by those choices and it is the parameter in which you go about your life. Although not perfect, it is enough for the moment to deal with in all good reasonableness.

“As it can be said, even the most intelligent of angelic beings or divine being, there can be no substitute for real raw experience and emotional maturity that can be derived from  it. It is the substance of your capacity as a person of free will to relate on levels with others of the same ilk who have also been down the road you know all too well. That is arrived at because you have also come to know what it is to be under the weather that belts you one way or the other to help you see not only your vulnerable side, but your  most noble side of human compassion and understanding. That is an everyday kind of experience you grapple with and is taken in your stride to deal with and this helps you to help others in their own struggles with oneself. This is a inter-personal interchange of understanding and maturing in relation to the day’s unfolding. How you see it, take it, respond with and cope with what is a raw and necessary reality to face. This is the crunch of the debate between experience and philosophy. One can know by how it is felt, the other can know by reasoning the unthinkable. These are two different time manifestations, one is in linear time progression of unfolding circumstances, the other is in an eternal space that has no bounds but has to make sense of its existence.

“Time to go, Sue is quickly waning in her concentration and I leave it here for now, more can be discussed as I have gotten her attention on this timely discussion about the issue of “time” and how it relates in your present journey in knowing and understanding the importance of your placement in the domains of God the Supreme.”

End. (1.07pm)