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Interesting Anomaly
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:50:14 AM »
I just share this with you as an interesting and humorous anomaly.  In my formal dining room, there is a curio cabinet that is always locked.   It has  a light inside to highlight  a few pieces of  "objet d'art".   The lighting in the cabinet can only be turned on and off by a remote control.   About once a month, early in the morning when I wake up,  and this morning is a case in point, I notice that again the light is on.   I always find it amusing and it always brings a smile to  my face.   I sometimes associate it with the Midwayers, just like they were responsible, so we have been told, with  so much of the 11:11  phenomenon that was popularized a few years ago. Although I am sure that  there is some logical explanation that escapes me.  As it often turns out, usually those days when that light is on, it turns out to be a really good day for me!

I am sure that most of us have these types of experiences that come to mind and we let them be whatever they are and let them serve as reminders that Spirit does work in mysterious ways....and we reap the benefits regardless of where they come from.    It can sometimes be the simplest and most innocent of experiences that can have such positive results and impact.

I wrote  a couple of weeks ago that in my efforts to get in better awareness of my leanings to worry, that I heard Sue's wonderful  Aussie accent  saying "No Worries, Mate.," and I  now use that little phrase daily and believe it or not, it is working quite well.  I even looked for a leather bracelet embedded with "No Worries, Mate" but haven't found one yet.

I wish you all well and a good day as we prepare for tomorrow's Broadcast from Salvington.   I am so hopeful that many who may have never or rarely tried will  give it a go.   As Lemuel said in his  recorded message, we have nothing  to lose and EVERYTHING  to gain.

  While I am not surprised, I do get really enthusiastic when I read different posts and receptions that often have a common link and thread to them and almost seem to be well coordinated with each other as the flavor, text, and  underlying meanings are so similar.

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