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Sordon - We are All Gifts to Each Other
« on: September 14, 2018, 03:07:14 PM »
Sordon - We are All Gifts to Each Other- 14-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Sordon
Subject:  We are All Gifts to Each Other
14-Sep-18 2:46 PM  EST   18:46 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“It is good, is it not, to be in communication with your celestial brothers and sisters and know of a certainty that we are here for the benevolent purposes of intellectual training and education for each and every one who would receive our words of encouragement and enlightenment?  There are many standing in the wings, so to speak, awaiting their opportunity to connect with those on Urantia who would give of their time and their listening skills to come forth and be one in spirit and union of purpose.  

I am Sordon and several transmitters here have received my words and that is for the benefit of all, as we are one family with one purpose, to serve the purposes and manifest the ways of the Heavenly Father.  He is a mystery to be solved and sought out by all of his will-creatures who will grasp the reality that relationship on a personal level is the basis for enlightenment and understanding among all creatures, great and small.  Now when I say ‘great and small’ I refer mostly to levels of responsibility not levels of importance in the Father’s eyes, for all are important to the Father as life that has been granted to each and every one is for the searching and finding of personal and universe purpose  and possibilities.

In such a way as this communication you are afforded and yes encouraged to partake in, you all will become familiar with the signature of many orders of beings throughout the universe.  It is time dear brethren of Urantia to acquaint yourself with your universe brethren, to become aware that you are part of a much bigger and grander plan and destiny than you could or would ever imagine on your own.

Many are searching for their origins and that search can lead them to the realization that they are not here by ‘happenstance’.  By that comment I infer that as the personality gifting is from the Father and Creator of All, and the Adjuster bestowal is added to each one that becomes aware that they need but choose to be their very best ‘self’, all the resources have also been put in place for the guidance and growth of every will creature who will take up that quest.

Learning and doing, sharing and becoming, recognizing and adapting are all part of life that would experience growth and find destiny attainment.  We are all gifts to each other, opportunities waiting to be explored and facets of Father’s truth, beauty and goodness to be discovered and added to our personal repertoire.  

Limitations are but temporary pauses where you are afforded the opportunity of self-reflection and granted the choice to reach out for the help you didn’t realize you needed, to take that next step inward and upward in your dual journey of self-discovery and Father-likeness.   Father “IS” and all who seek him [with all their soul] will become like him and grow ever more appreciative in awareness of such a privilege as you are afforded.

Take the time given you to ponder and to seek, to ask and receive, to reach out in faith and find the reward that it brings to all who would choose to exercise their rights and privileges as sons and daughters of God.  Acceptance of this gift of sonship is your first step on your journey through unimaginable opportunities that wait your choosing.

This is Sordon reminding and encouraging you all to come and dine at the feast of opportunities that await you. “

[Thank you Sordon I sense your joyous, loving, caring and encouraging signature beckoning us to step into the light of truth and all that awaits us beyond our wildest imagination.]

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.