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Basic information.
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:29:05 PM »
741) Basic information.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: Basic information.
T / R: René Durán.
September 16 2018. Time 5:38 AM.
Phoenix AZ.

I enjoy these connections now and I bring some notes for the readers here the message of the Universal Father.

   "I am your Universal Father in a display of symphonies for transmitters who have acute hearing and very well tuned to the One Source.

   "I am his Universal Father expanding concepts that have been forgotten in time, such as 'duality', an old hermit concept of the initiates, which today serves as the basis for other, deeper definitions.

   "The duality, the eternal struggle between light and shadow, without one the other would not exist, they are imperishably eternal, it is the anchor where the Ascension begins.

  "Today's instructors must recognize the bliss of the auditory consciousness that raises the greatest connection from materiality, our contacts are always the most developed in those faculties that are eternal, once they develop they continue beyond in the Worlds Mansions in others more subtle realities of the Spirit, as a gift learned in physicality.

  "The instructors of today are Blessed to enjoy all the protection of the bodies of Seraphim, the Intermediaries, etc., etc., etc., they provide protection to their guards.

  "I am your Universal Father in a display of basic information for all readers of any intellectual range with the ease of simplicity of character, accessible content. Do not worry about the disparity in the lexicon, because we naturally begin the enumeration of each of the concepts of intelligence in its minimum stages of evolution.

    "Do not be surprised at these assertions, for they are sustained in earlier revelations like The Urantia Book that states that material life on the planet as the beginning of the ascending experience in such a way concludes that 'the evolutionary states have a beginning but that they continue infinitely '".

  "I am your Universal Father leaving this note here"

René- Thank you Universal Father for transmitting this note.