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Welmek – Looking Forward
« on: September 16, 2018, 05:41:03 PM »
Welmek – Looking Forward - 16-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:     Welmek
Subject:  Looking Forward
16-Sep-18 5:14 PM  EST   21:14 hrs GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“Well you finally made it and I am impressed that you did not lose my connection to speak with you throughout your day.  I sense you will not make a habit of putting spirit “on hold” because that just wouldn’t do but I understand in this case that you are expecting your loved ones in the next few hours and last minute preparations were necessary.  And that indeed is where we are in spirit in the countdown so to speak to putting in place the many plans that must be woven together to reveal the tapestry of Father’s will to the vision of the mortals of this planet.

“The Melchizedeks have been especially busy as governmental affairs on this planet in particular, are a tricky business.  A “sticky wicket” is an expression you have heard but are not sure of its particulars.  Well let’s leave that for not and just say nobody is pleased with such a situation.  You can look it up later and post its meaning at the end of this message if you like.

“You recognize me as a teacher of some fame here on Urantia during what many thought were the “glory days of spirit contact”  but much went awry and we are here at it again to give it another shot.  There are indeed many orders of high beings here carrying out special missions to tie up so many loose ends that keep coming unraveled and yet why am I here once again for a second “go round”?   Quite frankly the population just didn’t ‘get it’ the first time round.  Such distractions, such waylaying of information and infighting confounded the best laid plans and, as you have all been so well informed on this Forum, several surprises were unable to be accounted for as well and it was best to let it rest until the “ducks were in a row” once again.  Perhaps I should refer to herding ‘cats’ as that is a more accurate metaphor to reveal the tasks that lay before us.

“Enough of looking back let’s look forward shall we to what is in store for the Michael Missions and Jesus return and so on and so forth, and there is a lot of so on and so forth to take in stride.  Meeting today are the planners and directors of such a diverse array of projects to be handled to launch so many interconnected field workers it would set your mortal heads spinning.  Communication and co-operation and (yes because you are a “time” actuated system) timing of each sector of responsibility needs to take place like the proverbial ‘clockwork’.  Now don’t despair for us as the running of a Universe is Michael’s forte and he does it very well and is an astonishing leader as well as a Super Creator Son.  I’m only mentioning this to you all today to get you to put your thinking caps on and consider your involvement in what will be taking place shortly.  

“How well do you handle a change of plans?  How open are you to doing whatever is necessary to get the job done, without checking your ‘job description’ first?  I think you are beginning to get the idea.  I’m telling you that whatever you have tackled in your life experience to date will have served as a needed learning experience for what is to come.  Now don’t forget as well that as you are doing, you will be learning, and you will be adapting and you will need to be listening and you will need to learn to reach out for what you will be required to say and do during a situation at hand; and that requires a higher degree of awareness and trust in your team and efforts that they all will be putting forth.

“You all will have your challenges along the way, and that is a given, but you also will acquire great opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and expansion of understanding on a very intimate level.  Your comfort zones will be invaded, your schedules turned upside down and the attitude you embrace as you move forward will have a direct bearing on your personal success.  We are here to help you and guide you, not pamper you, but guide you through your learning experiences and our mutual challenges we will face, and we will face them together.  

“You really have no idea of the hidden talents (each of) you already possess and those that will come to the fore when the occasion arises.  We, as your teachers, will be there to encourage and enable you to recognize your stages of growth that may at times seem they are exploding in your life.  All is well and the ‘suddenlies’ you perceive in yourself will soon be recognized as a new (skill) set of ‘support’ that you can depend  to be there as you have need of them.

“That is enough for now and this is Welmek, signing off for today sending you all a gift of encouragement and expectation.  Good day.”

[Thank you so much Welmek what an informative and eye opening missive and I receive your gifts of encouragement and expectation.  Domtia]

“Yes, this is Mother Spirit dropping by to let you all know that Welmek is likely to tap on your shoulder as well for a fireside chat, so be ready for him.  Good day!”

[We appreciate this news Mother Spirit and look forward to all Welmek has to offer us.]


"sticky wicket"  (according to Wikepedia): The phrase comes from the game of cricket. "Wicket" has several meanings in cricket: in this case it refers to the rectangular area, also known as the pitch, in the centre of the cricket field between the stumps. The wicket is usually covered in a much shorter grass than the rest of the field or entirely bare, making it susceptible to variations in weather, which in turn cause the ball to bounce differently.

If rain falls and the wicket becomes wet, the ball may not bounce predictably, making it very difficult for the batsman.  Furthermore, as the pitch dries, conditions can change swiftly, with spin bowling being especially devastating, as the ball can deviate laterally from straight by several feet. Once the wet surface begins to dry in a hot sun "the ball will rise sharply, steeply and erratically. A good length ball ... becomes a potential lethal delivery. Most batsmen on such wickets found it virtually impossible to survive let alone score."

On occasions in the history of cricket unusual tactics have been employed to extract the best use of a sticky wicket. One example is the First Test in the 1950–51 Ashes series. As recorded in The Ashes' Strangest Moments, as the pitch at the Gabba began to dry, England declared their first innings at just 68/7, in order to exploit the conditions. Australia were even more extreme, declaring at 32/7.  "...the ball proceeded to perform capers all against the laws of gravitation, and there came the craziest day's cricket imaginable, with twenty wickets falling for 130 runs and two declarations that must surely be unique in the annals of Test cricket."

The Language of Cricket (1934) defines a sticky wicket as "when its surface is in a glutinous condition".

Hence a "sticky wicket" refers to a difficult situation.

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