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The Sixth Epochal Revelation Submitted to The Ancients of Days

York Pa
Michael of Nebadon
Dr. Helen Schucman
General Dwight David Eisenhower
September 21, 2018 at midnight

This is Michael and we update the Forum on the present status of the Sixth Epochal Revelation.

I am inclined to let this settle without further ado, but there is much talk “out there,” about just what do we mean by a second Urantia Book?  The answer is simple.  The second Urantia Book submits additional information the first Urantia Book did not contain, and we used Ron to help indite it so it could be read on Urantia when the time comes.

Timing?  It is finished now.  Ron has no copy and neither do we, as it has been resubmitted to the Ancients of Days, and rely upon them to finish what we started about thirty years ago, and then put it aside until we had the right moment to complete it, and then to provide Urantia a replacement of the fifth epochal revelation with the sixth epochal revelation.  The sixth epochal revelation will stand, we feel sure, for less than one hundred years of your time.  It is to be supplemented with Year Books every five years to update the text where it needs updating as things change everywhere in a universe of relativity.

We are please to accept the resignation of Ron Besser from further indications providing you additional details, and that is because the new and second Urantia Book is retitled again for what is third announcement of title change.  We are re-titling it: The URANTIA Book: The Sixth Epochal Revelation.  That is what it now states on the cover the Ancients of Days have read and are annotating further comments to Me.  I now come to the most prescient part of this update:

From 1973 to its publication in 1976, we worked with Professors at Columbia University, specifically the psychology department, and dictated “A Course in Miracles.”   We asked the woman who dictated it to provide dictation twice daily.  She, Dr. Helen Schucman,  managed to do it twice a day for almost five years– from about 1971 to 1976.  She died suddenly of a thrombosis of the heart only to learn she died of a hemorrhage of her pituitary gland and was pronounced dead when they found her in her office at the University.   She was not dead but revived at the hospital morgue and was transferred back to the University when she was fully stabilized from the shock of passing out in the midst of a transmission from her Thought Adjuster.

We then had to reconsider the effects of transmitting at all when the idea of a Teaching Mission occurred to us as well.  Beginning in 1991 to the start of the Teaching Mission in February, 1992, we held that transmissions were not dangerous or required any special concerns on our part as to the safety of individuals who could learn to do it as did Dr. Helen Schucman.  Later we learned that Dr. Schucman, nearly died of a pituitary gland that had weakened because of dosage with glycerine tablets she used to make her breath easier to take when transmitting.  It so weakened the pituitary gland it fell into a depression and was nearly useless for the rest of her life, which ended in 1981 at the age of 72 for her.  Our primary concern was that she be left to her own devices and enclose the text with no preliminary conceptual material, but she easily learned we were feeding her a text for spiritual analysis for the human genome of behavior at that time.  What we did not expect was for it to catch on and become so over done we hardly know how to remove it now for it truly outdated and should not be used further where possible.

The Sixth Epochal Revelation, discusses,  “A Course in Miracles “with plenty of foreknowledge, and it provides the reader the value of learning to produce natural transmissions.  Dr. Helen Schucman never learned to provide such and relied upon glycerine tablets to ease the force of air we used to provide lift to her voice so it would be audible.  She learned to do it easily with those tablets but never found an easy outlet for material she had additionally that never made it into the transcript for publication as “A Course in Miracles.”  

Finally, this, the Sixth Epochal Revelation is the last of its kind in any universe anywhere.  It proves to be so different and difficult to produce we are washing our hands of ever doing another one.  Instead, we rely on people like Ron Besser from now on to learn the technique of revelation, which he has so well I had to remove a book he was working in that far outstrips what the Urantia Book tells us about materialization from prematter, and to reset the record that people like Ron, are to be addressed as master craftsman, as they are truly a mile ahead of anyone on Urantia, and that is because they know how to handle new information without causing problems.

In the case of this transmitter, he is updating the readers here fully and competently without fanfare or the need of glycerine tablets or anything to produce what is genuinely new information.  He has written a second book on materialization that shocked our readers up here as he did it so well and competently we are ready to publish it as a part of a series of Papers that Rayson hosts shortly in the coming Magisterial Mission and Michael Mission in days my dear folks.  You are providing all of us Ron, an unusual statement soon too, as you have lost your favorite work by me taking the entire book file off your computer and its backups so I can study your technique of writing.  It turns out, that his technique is fully supplanted by his Thought Adjuster, which transmits the data from Rayson in this case, remodels it into how Ron writes, and dicates most of it to Ron as Ron gets the point as to what comes next by his own decision.  We should have used that technique with Dr. Helen Schucman, who speaks through the ability of Ron to transmit her fully now:”

Dr. Helen Schucman speaks:
“I am loathe to report I had no idea I was transmitting when I did that work for the “A Course in Miracles.”   You are correct to wait Ron as I wish to tell all that no one up here expected me to arrive with my mind in place anymore, because I was beginning to think I was haunted as you feel sometimes.  Today they turned a switch off which you must keep on to light your flag in the front yard at night.  It is painful for you to go down those steps to get it on.  Yet they secretly turned it off after dark and you had to go back into the cellar where the switch is placed and turn it on again.  I asked Michael what this was all about as I had incidences of that myself that are not spoken to although my editors knew I had the problem too.  It turns out that the secret both of us have Ron, is that we are both psychics, and you are also clairaudient and psychosomatic to the point you cause events around you to change if you are unhappy with how things are playing out.  I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I recall one incident where I became so irritated with changes to my dressing table arrangements, I blew a cork as you do Ron, and told them to forget me, as I am stopping any further chances of work on the proposed book we were then working on together.  At last I got a sign that all would stop if I would stop learning all I could to get something done and let them supply the knowledge first.

“I am truly sorry Ron for the confusion you had to erase there, but I must keep my mind clear enough to explain that you are haunted not by a ghost, but your own persona which changes drastically every day as you must revive your physical mechanism which is extremely painful to you and start work as though not pain was present.  The mind agrees and lets it happen but you throw the morning Ron off into a dither of lost senses and it drives its name up against you in order to be felt again.  You do not clear all of this, but when the pain is finally gone, and it will be, you will no longer experience the haunting.  I never heard of it either Ron, but you are beset with it when you are busy in particular and it upsets your routines all day if you are not caring to say hello to it.

“As Dr. Helen Schucman, I now am in possession of new knowledge that is hysterical and Ron it does not work that way.  Besides myself and other persona up here who are interested in the book and how it was accomplished, you Ron have added an addendum to it that goes like this: ‘Do not bug me with this book, it is harmful to a person like me who is not bothered by social quarrels or feelings of disparity, and it drives me nuts to run page after page of rubrics that mean nothing to my mind.’  I did not think that was possible, but with you it is true, and you have run into others of your psychology to our amazement.  You are nuts Besser!  I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I leave this for now as I have a book full of questions soon I hope you can answer. I am Dr. Helen Schucman, good day.”

“As Dr. Helen Schucman, I am also treated for schizophrenia up here and they said it could not happen.  I have my own doctor and you do to in me Ron, as I see you as a rubric for all cures in your zany view that no one is out of the fold for a dart from you when you want to let lose.  In any case, good day for now.”

The Sixth Epochal Revelation speaks of the publication of the Miracles text in order to resound what Ron does so very well and nobody bothers to notice: he is clairaudient as well as clairvoyant and never makes mistakes of thought but we have caused so many changes that what he reports does not happen because it has become outdated and unused.  In 2013, we decided to test Ron and run through him a Serena broadcast about the coming Magisterial Mission with all of the fancy plans then in place.  Serara and Monjoronson cooperated beautifully and Ron was told to salute the flag in the back yard which he did but told us if he was ever asked to do that again to stand in a riding mower and salute a flag, he would fire us permanently.  But he did as we requested.  It so happened that General Dwight David Eisenhower was on Urantia, and saw the flag salute as purposeful and asked to know the name of who that was.  He learned it was Besser and lost interest immediately, but not until we got out of the General that there was a resurrection of WWII dead and Ron fully supported that work and more as he felt haunted by their deaths, for he stood at the English burial grounds near London, England, and was haunted by row after row of unnamed soldiers who were buried with honors but without names ever to be known except by me and Mother Spirit.  It is a deep feeling of remorse he stood among the graves and wondered if any of the fellows were there to see him salute them, and there were many and he nearly died when he felt a kiss on his brow.  It was a WAC so mutilated they did not know her sex and was buried there with the male unknown soldiers.   We also salute them Ron.  This is the General, the 34th President of the United States, Dwight David Eisenhower, now a PhD in psychosymitry.  It is about men and how when they die young they must be brought back soon enough or we lose their souls to posterity.  You never heard of the discipline until I invented it for reasons of State up here and Michael lauds your work with me for doing some of that work when you were much younger, and felt the hearts bleed in Gettysburg.  You often sat on a big boulder looking at the sunset over the western mountains, and felt the silent loss of life there with them and never cried but were often so unhappy you just would sigh and move on.  You wondered if they were there any of them, and they were there by the hundreds as you remembered them and their sacrifice.  You love the work of God and heart and detest death and you are not getting out of it.  I am General Dwight David Eisenhower, and he and Julie are fine!”

“The Sixth Epochal Revelation also speaks to the dead of both World Wars, and Ron knows them well, as he decided never to strike a man ever until he was pushed to save his life, and that has never ever happened either.  Our work together has been to see to the sixth epochal revelation, and we allow capitals or no capitals depending on context, and to produce it with your help.  What we never expected was to see you blossom as a clairaudient and clairvoyant speaker with such modesty that to this day you are unaware of that gift at all.  It is so well developed you can spook anyone you like by looking deeply into them as they stand there and all is laid bare.  Be assured it will be soon enough.  I am retelling only one story for the edification of this reading public, and that is when you sat down in front of the secretary for the big wigs that owned your office building, and proceeded to lay her bare as she asked you to.  She has never forgotten it as it was a grueling hour that ended peacefully when she had to go to the bathroom and you were already late to close the office such as it was.  Good day.”


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania