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Reminder II 27Sep2018
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:11:51 AM »
Michael of Nebadon
Reminder II
York, PA midnight local time
September 27, 2018

I am Michael of Nebadon, and I promised Ron I would write a chapter in his book tonight and we did and we had a good time doing it.  It is a nerve blocker for sure in that it reveals how mater becomes visible and while you have a lot of the pieces you do not have the means of material production we supply him with in a very good and natural narrative.  He will be enjoyed as long as the book lasts to view.  The Kindle book is nearly done and he expected that but there are a few die hards that search it out and load it onto their computers.

Today we nearly had a melt down with Ron over a failing heart.  We finally recognize that he is experiencing heart failure and he needs to be placed in a solid medical heart program to prevent what keeps happening to him now.  He was diagnosed with venous insufficiency that is accompanied by very painful limbs, but this morning the doctor ducked responsibilities and he went ballistic.  A law change in Pennsylvania now disallows his doctor to prescribe pain medication at all and he must be referred to a third party institution he feels is ridiculous and just adds expense and waster to the system.  However, I dared look at that third party and found they know nothing more than his doctor and I am quite sure his DO can do a better job than they can.  However, now he has to wait another day with all this pain until they get caught up after a week of explosive news from society that pain medications are lose again in huge batches.  These are opioids and Ron is sitting without help at all with a legitimate need for pain remediation.

Now, I bring this up for one very good reason.  What is coming to Urantia shortly is a loss of pain medications and heart producing pheromones that allows love to breathe some rest for people like our Ron.  He is exhausted for lots of reasons, one os which is the lack of sleep due to lack of pain medication.  Our heart bleeds for many who are dying of cancer and the awful pain that produces in every part of the body until they are gone.  Morphine takes care of a lot of it, but it is not sufficient to close life out with aggravated cancers of the colon or of the brain and the tumors it starts there as a side effect of out-of-control cell Melastoma. 

Be assured we are not making things worse by insisting we have good medication for really ill people.  Amethyst had to move her husband to intensive care for reasons they know not, but the pain will remit only with a good dose of blastoma peroxides which is similar to your Novocaine but much more powerful to cure the kind of tumor he has in his body.   In many cases the tumor’s removal will stop the pain, but in this case it may not because it is cancerous to some degree and chemotherapy may be required.  Ron always worries about printed diagnosis but I assure you this is quite correct. 

I wish to also hold some feet to the fire so some of you do not make the mistake Prozonov is making recently.  Ron reads them carefully and has decided he is revolutionizing process by repeating what has already been known into transmissions from others he uses to report here.  He is doing that, but he is using Margul and others to repeat the necessary warnings for Russia, as the entire staff of the Kremlin follows his reports as truth and Gospel.  He must learn to refrain from heavy use of the word Russia in order to make sure he is inclusive of all the world and not just Russia, He is a nationalist, and a good man for our team, but we are hoping Margul trends Prozonov toward inclusiveness and not just for Russian concerns.

Bu this time tomorrow evening Ron should have a new furnace installed.  Be assured it will take one day instead of the proposed two as it is a new unit with much improved draft design.  It will light without a noise and heat without a lot of pipe gurgling as the hot water baseboard heat Ron uses at home is so warm and comfortable it hardly needs a fire place to complement it for really cold nights.

However, we assure all of you that the planetary tilt and the dark period are still coming.  We forcast it to happen at the end of July 2018, but it was not possible at that time for lots of technical reasons, and we must now renounce this prediction slightly from what Margul told Prozonov.   It will become a matter of fact likely in the coldest part of winter in York and he needs fire wood galore to keep it going.  Be assured he has plenty but is chucking some away due to no use and the wood pile beginning to rot in the open weather.  I am now posturing that the dark period may hit York and the light period Japan.  They are almost exactly twelve hours apart to the minute at Tokyo.

I presume we must abide and make sure we do not go on for pages here, but let me state the following for you.  Ron needs surgery for a jaw problem, and then he needs to have either heart surgery or changes of diet to prevent osteoporosis from occurring as it wants to rear its head.  I am not sure we should keep a battered body like that around but we may have to and we may have to depend on Steve Gitz to bring some order to the York household and keep it going while Ron languishes in the hospital from whatever surgery is determined to be the best for a heart that is just worn out.  Believe me it should be better than this but he feels this was almost a plan by God to get rid of him just as the going got started.  But not so.  He will be up and at em soon enough and as Calvin Coolidge once said, “ The birch trees are skinny this year, but we will make of them a good fire anyhow.”

I am not funny tonight but Ron catches the silliness out of Calvin, and so do I.  He is one of the most dour people we ever observed on Urantia, but as President of the United States, he did well enough to observe the tea pot dome scandal of a few years back with President Harding, was a dandy.

I am Michael, and you are not Ron.  By that I mean Ron has so morontial attributes he cannot help himself but laugh at Calvin Coolidge with me.  In any case the trial we have for now is to get back to normal once our abnormal period of silence is done.  I am opening the flood gates to all of you very soon and that must be water in the ear to most.  He Coolidge had a chicken in every pot to run on but it was not too squishy to win the presidency for a second term.  We close with this soliloquy to say that our Ron is losing a lot of hair not but his scalp is very itchy with a sport or two of mystery.  He is to grown new dark hair as soon as his work is done with all of you soon enough as he must be taken to be operated on and then let out into a world of new bother.  It is both sudsy and silly for some of you but with ron you never know what next/ Good day to all!  Michael.

Mother Spirit - The last time we had to speak it was so serious I had to cope on my own as the world of prayer and solitude on Urantia was seriously disrupted by Trump running amok with others in the White House over issues Ron brought to his attention back last April.  He is now convinced there is no such thing, but he keeps reading Ron’s letter to the IRS and sees no wish for compensation, money, or honors, and wonders what is keeping this thing under cover?

What is keeping it undercover is Trump!  He never stops bragging and insulting everyone and he must learn to be quiet soon as we have an announcement over the media that Ron is leaving Urantia not and staying in York and that we are beginning what Ron started and will help run for us.  You are all wondering why the deliberate ways of our doings in a way that makes us sound as though we had a horse to trade for all of your help.  But that is not so.  What we must do is prepare the yard we have with Ron with festoons of bullets not but brightly colored balloons and that is not his cup of tea, ever.  But we like it for the usual crowd of curiosity seekers and that is his to take care of when he starts sending news grams out of Washington for our established clientele the Trump administration and the dignitaries of Britain and Canada and perhaps France and certainly Germany.   This is not news to some of you who see how hard Ron works to write a book that sets the four micron business up for fuel futures as gold will be plentiful and so will his pronouncements.  He must give Adam and Eve a chance to speak.  So will Dr. Ilok in a special broadcast from his favorite perch on high, and by all means, the distribution of Ron’s book on materialization of matter.  You feed this one to anyone and you have a lot of explaining to do as it cannot be publaished yet but it is accurate and full of antidotes of his times in Washington working with Ilok for four micron coal establishment.

Now, before your Mother Spirit closes, be aware the dark period is likely to fall over York in the dead of night.  Michael did not explain to Ron that his new furnace will have plenty of natural gas, but many others will not due to the fact it gets cut off when no money is paid to the corporations that supply it.  Ron has enough to keep himself warm, but he may have to keep neighbors in the house too as Gitz will not toelerate a lot of horseplay while he works with Rayson and Ron to get the water machines ready and the four micron coal plant built near York.  We are all sure that the trials he must go through will end before January begins and that he may have a sore throat to keep him quiet about who arrives in York to help.  None other than Jesus intends to cohabit with Ron on a few occasions and that is his to deny if he wishes.  We wish all a good night.  Mother Spirit.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania