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Levels of Understanding
« on: September 27, 2018, 11:05:06 AM »

Levels of Understanding
As we continue our search for spiritual meaning , as we reach inward for truer and deeper understanding, we find that many lessons are so written  and designed to help us gain  a  more profound, expanded and enhanced levels of  not only spiritual meaning understanding but spirit value as well. Just as our Urantia Book and the many discussions and revelations that are constantly being shared and given to us here expands our consciousness from just being a mortal going through the motions of a life lived as a mortal to that ever expanding state of being that slowly but assuredly opens up  vistas of a life  dedicated to the Father, to His Divine Plan and to the  enumerable Spirit Beings, teachers and guides who are associated  so closely and so intimately with each of us as they work to help us spiritualize our lives and so progressively  raise our own individual levels of understanding.
 When we commit, when we consecrate our human wills  to the Father , when we  so freely and  with intention give of ourselves, unselfishly, not only to the Father who has FIRST given  us that very freewill, that actual fragment that indwells us , gives us a unique and unduplicated personality and He does this for and with us so we can exercise our ever deepening and heightened levels of  understanding and each of us do this by self-discovery.
We often forget that not all beings created have this same and cherished treasure of  freewill. I sometimes think that giving man freewill was quite the “gutsy” thing to do considering all that could go wrong with that and what mankind on Urantia has done with that  surely is an example of mankind’s misunderstanding and extreme misuse of the gifts that have been shared with us.  But as has often been stated, our experiences are but the scaffolding that can take us from starting out at  being the lowest in all creation up to becoming a Finalitier and to  a life as a true spirit being having “graduated” from level to level , from life to life, always  working towards that mandate from the Father  to “ “be perfect as the Father is Perfect”… a becoming that delivers us to Paradise and then on to that eternal life of service that we can only glimpse right now.
So many of our spirit lessons are a bit hidden, disguised, not on the surface and  that requires us to read between the lines, look and search and follow the clues, intimations  and leadings that continually point and direct us  in this discovery for deeper meaning and discovery  for  true spirit  understanding  thereby enriching our experiences that all become a part of the Supreme Being.  We have been assured that our Thought Adjusters and attending Angelic Guardians, together,  forever hold in trust for us EVERY valuable experience throughout our time and lives as lived here on our initial world, Urantia.
When and as  we once and forever align  our lives with the  spiritual side of life,  through this dedicated and consecration of our wills to the Father,  it is then that we  can begin to sense that there is new meaning and new spirit  value to our life’s experience on this initial life.   Our Urantia Book tells us that the only real gift that we can give to the Father for all that He  has first done for us it to give and consecrate  our human, mortal wills to and with Him.  This we do through our worship, praise, through our prayers for Divine Guidance and through our knowing and the actual doing of His Will.  This we do by listening to that inner voice  and keeping our connections with Spirit strong and our minds and hearts ever responsive to  how we live our lives through our  thoughts, words, and actions., and how we treat our brothers and sister.  This is how the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man is established on this world of ours.   This is how we become in love and in service to the Father.  This is how we honor and execute  that  oath we have taken that again states:
 I am your servant
I am your liege
I am yours to do the Father’s Will on behalf of Urantia.
 Our initial lives here on Urantia are but a flash of light,  a brief moment in the overall experience that each of us will have in our journey and career here and in our  ascension from  the mortal and physical world  on up  through all succeeding  levels of  becoming a  true Spirit Being of  the Universe,   we become  a Cosmic Citizen of the Universe.  What a glorious adventure has begun for each of us. Through our  fusion with our Thought Adjuster, we are destined to actually be a new being,  receive a new universal name and will be registered as such in  the Halls of the Universe. 
These are but our initial steps in this “becoming.”    How wonderful to be taking them with all of you here.  Were we able to look beyond the vail of our mortal lives as we  live them  in this present moment, we would see how we all  have grown.   As we aspire and reach these new levels of understanding and  as we expand our knowledge, find the deeper meanings and values, and  do this work that requires us to sometimes read between the lines and follow the guidance and experience on our  way to becoming a true spirit being in the Universes of Time and Space.
 Recognize when we are in an accelerated growth period as we are now, and use that time wisely.   Everything revolves around the  Circle of Infinity, Havona, and Paradise and  all of us, will  achieve such an high estate as our  lives unfold and as we come recognize  all that the Universe offers as we come to know and recognize and do the Father’s Will  It is this knowing, this understanding, this  discovery as we traverse through each level, always achieving  a new and clearer understanding.
What Spirit wants with and for us is for us to discover for ourselves the deeper meanings and spiritual value of our own lives.  Spirt could tell us absolutely every little thing there is to know and do but that would deprive us of the sublime joy of adventure and discovery and this ever growing and learning  that only experience can teach us as we have been told that there is nothing comparable actual experience.
We come to a time now where the experiences that are about to unfold on Urantia are more valuable than we can imagine and many throughout the Universes watch and cheer us on as   Urantia welcome Jesus, and the Melchizedeks and all other Spirit Beings, seen and unseen who will, along with us,  create a new Uranita established and dedicated to the Father of us all.  And I say Glory Hallelujah to that.
Thank you for reading along.
I thank Paynor, my fused Thought Adjuster who is the inspiration for most of this over the past couple of days and nights.  And who helps  me  so much when  we come  and read between the lines and discover the deeper and truer meanings in our reading, study and thinking.     LarryG

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Re: Levels of Understanding
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 10:20:02 PM »
Dear Larry, it is a real pleasure to read you. It is such a subliminal reading that I will make a print of it and keep it along with me so I can go over it again and again when I am moving in public transport. I imagine you delivering such speech or conferencing in a hall of crowded people, not as a preacher, but with your stentorian voice, in a Martin Luther King style that will keep the attention of the audience at a very high level ( here I go again with my fantasy  ;) ). Millions of thanks for sharing your thoughts. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Levels of Understanding
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2018, 09:06:45 AM »
Thank you Larry, for this very valuable lesson and reminder of what we have received from The Father and what we may experience every day in our growth towards our spiritual status. We often do forget these precious divine gifts, or for many even worse, don't know about them at all!
Where Clency notes your voice as 'stentorian' I mentioned your voice once as 'fatherly', both very dignified and trustworthy for lecturing! SophiaVeronica