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Move on
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:42:24 AM »
Teacher: Micheal of Nebadon,Mother spirit,Teacher Margul.
Subject: Move on
T/R: David
Location: Kampala,Uganda
Date/TIme: Frid28/09/18   09:00am

Hi members, I've been trying to post something at least for my practice,a message everyday but the last two days I've been most engaged with work and also felt like my mind was not in the usual state of peace,ie struggling to stay in stillness, but I realise I must keep up no matter what and I feel better to continue my practice today.

Micheal of Nebadon:
You my son are most precious to us up here and we see to it that all is well with all of you inspite of all that may happen which seems contrary, and so I want you to know that in our loving arms you are and you trust for indeed nothing can happen to you that is not for the good. Some of all those obstacles are to take you to the next level of this faith walk in your life, So do not be distracted from this major goal of life for indeed the time is now more at hand than before and its important that you keep with us as we work this together.

Mother Spirit:
My son you are most loved on high because of the great work ahead of us and we cannot stop encouraging you to go past all distractions and move on in this journey of faith bse it's important to your faith that you move on. New privileges have been made available to all those who will continue the walk and not give up. Alot has been happening up here but now is the time for us to move on and see to the accomplishment of all that we started with you.
You are well loved my dea ones and all is well with you. We keep you in our peace.

Margul: trinity teacher,
I am Margul your most beloved trinity teacher son and am here this morning of your time to remind you of all the great things that we've talked about since the beginning its important that you keep yourself in memory of all these messages bse in them is hidden a message that would only come out if they are all put together. You know how spirit works to uplift her children even by the gift of revelation wc gift you nurture by meditating on what has been given you and see how it applies to your life both now and in the future. So my son keep these our messages in perspective always and you'll know more. I am Margul.

David:  Thank you father Micheal,mother Spirit and teacher Margul for speaking to me this morning am most grateful and humbly recieve your guidance and reminder.
God is love and jesus (lord Micheal) is the expression of this love

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Re: Move on
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2018, 11:21:49 AM »
Samara. 19.00 local time.
After the words of Michael of Nebadon, I took a pause for understanding his words. They showed me a picture: a forest is burning. There are many anthills in the forest. The leader of one of them asks: save us faster. To him answer: first of all we must save the forest. States are anthills. The forest is our planet. I do not want to be a nationalist anymore.
I would like to call Margul again to receive a new message ...
Write it. Today I want to tell you how you will be used in a difficult period for the planet. You need to study well those chapters from the book of Urantia, which speaks of God's divine love for man and the need to fulfill his will. When communicating with people, there will be a maternal spirit and he will direct you, what and how to tell people. But you yourself must be prepared. The Urantia book is your daily textbook. Be sure to re-read the chapter on the earthly life of Jesus Christ. There are all the answers to all your questions. His life should become an ideal for all of you who accept our messages and for everyone who visits this site and wants to participate in the mission. Do not waste precious time. There is not much left. Decide on the priorities - which is more important - God or the bustle of life. But those in a hurry and take your time. Jesus never hurried, let everything go on as usual. Be wise and responsible for every word and every action you say. Do not offend anyone, even if they offend and humiliate you. This is their choice. But they have a chance to continue, if they sincerely turn to God. His door is always open, until the last breath.
- Thank you divine teacher for guidance and trust. Always ready to be in touch.
Самара. 19.00. местного времени.
После слов Михаила Небадонского я взял паузу для осмыслении его слов. Мне показали картину: горит лес. В лесу множество муравейников. Вождь одного из них просит: быстрее спаси нас. Ему отвечают: прежде всего мы должны спасти лес. Государства – это муравейники. Лес – наша планета. Я е хочу больше быть националистом.
Я хотел бы снова позвать Маргула для приема нового сообщения…
Пиши. Сегодня я хочу тебе рассказать, как выбудете использованы в трудный период для планеты. Вам необходимо хорошо изучить те главы из книги Урантии, где говорится о божественной любви Бога к человеку и необходимости выполнять его волю. При общении с людьми с вами будет материнский дух и он вас направит, что и как говорить людям. Но вы сами должны быть подготовлены. Книга Урантии - ваш ежедневный учебник. Обязательно вновь прочтите главу о земной жизни Иисуса Христа. Там есть все ответы на все ваши вопросы. Его жизнь должна стать идеалом для всех вас, кто принимает наши сообщения и для всех, кто посещает этот сайт и хочет участвовать в работе миссии. Не теряйте драгоценное время. Его осталось не так много. Определитесь с приоритетами – что важнее – Бог или жизненная суета. Но те спешите и не торопитесь Иисус никогда не торопился, пусть все идет своим чередом. Будьте мудры и ответственны за каждое сказанное вами слово и каждый поступок. Никого не обижайте, даже если они оскорбляют и унижают вас. Это их выбор. Но и у них есть шанс сохранится, если они искренне обратятся к Богу. Его дверь всегда открыта, вплоть до последнего вздоха.
- Спасибо божественный учитель за наставления и доверие. Готов всегда быть на связи.