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« on: October 02, 2018, 05:38:30 AM »
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Subject: Grace
Date: 27-09-2018

My grace is upon you and on all of my brothers and sisters here on this world. My grace is an everlasting gift to you which comes through me and of me from the Father on Paradise. Father and His Divine Sons pour out their grace abundantly and in many forms. You do not fully realize how much grace is bestowed upon you. You can see grace in everything. In the beautiful creation that is given to you. In the food you get on the table. In the animal and plant life all around you.. But likewise in the rain that waters the plants and quenches your thirst and refreshes you as well as nature.

Look at your youngsters and note how much grace is brought to you through them. Listen to their laughter, their joyful words of conversation and play. Listen to the birds singing to each other and to you. Hear the wind and its soft breeze refreshing your mind and the whole environment. Did you ever watch a rainbow, how graceful is it’s shape and color. Watch the smallest animals creeping on the ground, always busy and alive, working and dedicating gracely to their daily work. Every of your birthdays could be seen as a day of grace, as a day in remembrance of the day you were born, when life was given to you, where you began  your earthly life and ascending career up to the heavens.

Teachers are provided to you in grace, as well as knowledge, experience, using your senses. All of this is the grace given to every human in love and abundance  in order to enjoy your life on this world.
Father gives out His grace to the whole universe, to each and everyone  and He will continually pour out His grace all over the universes. Be thankful for grace. Be thankful to your Father on Paradise. He will never forsake any of His creatures. Be in His grace.

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Re: Grace
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 07:20:57 AM »
I am so grateful to all  who are  being able to receivie again and I  for one am glad that  the "silent " period lis over and we can again resume our taking of messages.   It has been down right weird the past few days... It seems  that there have been many lessons  that 'we will have had the opportunity to learn as a result of  this quiet time.   My thanks to all.   I am working on a reception this morning and will finish the corrections of typos, spelling and punctuation  this afternoon when I get home from work.   It is so good to read all of the new messages and posts.  I am certain that even though  messages have been limited, still, always  are the  coming Missions running in our minds and thoughts.   Several times most T/R's and even those that  read and participate in their own ways, know that once you are on this path,  there sis no going back.  You simply can not  unknow what you know. I wish all a good  day..... and again my thank to all here as we can now get back to what we all love about our membership and participation here.   It has really been an odd few days not taking messages.    Be well and let us join in prayer for the successes of these Missions for Michael, Jesus, Lanaforge, Machiventa and  all of the other Melchizedeks and beings  who are come to be a part of this great endeavor.    The past few days I have been thinking about Abraham, Paul and Peter, Adam and Eve and Mantutia and Malantra.   We are so blessed by the opportunities and gifts that are shared with  all on this planet.

in love and service....LarryG