Author Topic: Approaching the 'INEVITABLE' and 'PRAYER' session is in order!!!  (Read 362 times)

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Speaker : Margul, The Trinity Teacher Son
Approaching the inevitable and 'PRAYER' session is in order
 Category: Threads for New Transmission.
Tuesday, 02 october 2018 @8:30pm, Stanstead, Qc, CA
 T/R : Antonio

Good evening father, this is Antonio to be at your service and for my TRing work session. Is there a message for me, someone,..., anyone available? Are-you available Margul at this moment to give me a message?

  “Start writing Antonio, this is Margul, The trinity Teacher son, and I do have a message for you. I guess that this is your first attend to receive multiple transmission in a day for your TRing work and I do encourage you to do so.

  “With all that has been mentioned in recent days, in recent weeks and even for several months now, ..., the Urantian people will be facing the inevitable in the near future on their planet on many geo-planetary changes that the Urantia people had never experience in the past. When you look around, and ask yourself many questions about what's really going on,…, and that you can only make the relationship of these weather states virtually become disturbing,…, and even that they become more and more powerful and even practically insecure just to note the increase of the atmospheric phenomena becoming more the time passes.

  “Certainly, ..., we are all waiting to 'see what will be looming on  the horizon'!!!. I can understand the level constantly of the questioning that preoccupies your thoughts, the level of concern you have about your situation before such an event and not forgetting to mention the level of concern for the people you care about, who are in spite of themselves, to start accepting that this will happen and arrive sooner or later.

  “It is true ... that the wait seems endless and even in many occasions a loss of patience, not knowing what to expect, not knowing the level of severity, not knowing 'who will be spared' and 'who will perish' in the face of these planetary changes on a 'Biblical' proportional scale.

  “The best that I can suggest at this moment my dear faithful members and guests at this moment, ..., is to 'PRAY' !!!

-          Pray for you, pray for people close to you in your life;

-          Pray that the people, despite facing the unknown, facing destruction, ... so that they realize and accept God in their hearts and souls despite during this dark period;

-         Pray for all Heavenly caregivers who have agreed to help us and help Michael of Nebadon in the 'Michael's Mission';

-         Pray for your ‘FATHER IN HEAVEN’,…, ask him to forgive you for all your bad intentions in the past and for all the harm you would have caused to others in your past life;

-          Pray to ‘God’ to release you from all vestiges of the 'LUCIFERIAN' and 'CALAGASTIRIAN’ era and having them a have a lot of grip on you;

-         Pray for the 'Second Return' of our beloved brother, Jesus of Nazareth, ..., as promised more than 2,000 years ago.

  “Antonio, ..., you will become a 'Leader' for many people, your 'Light' will guide them to you and we, the 'Heavenly Spirits of God', we will help you ‘what to say’, ‘what to do’ and 'how to act' in the circumstances out of the ordinary.

  “Antonio, ..., you will be 'OUR VOICE' on Urantia, you will be 'THE INSTRUMENT' to serve the FATHER by whom people will gather by thousands to hear you speak and proclaim 'OUR FATHER LOVE' and you will tell them that 'all of you who are gathered with me right now, THAT YOU ARE ALL THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE GOD LOVE IN THE PARADISE'!!!

  “I am happy once again to give you these few words, these few sentences and it will be good for you to meditate on this particular message tonight that I just transmitted to you. I detect that you're starting to have a headache, the pressure is increasing around your head and for that reason, I'm going to let you rest, ..., you did a great job tonight and take the time he You will need to convey this message to your colleagues and guests of the forum.
  “Thanks for asking me Antonio, ..., Domitia!

Wowww!, ..., I love your message margul tonight, ..., and yes, ..., I have a lot of food for thought and I have faith in the FATHER, I want to do his will and I hope with all my heart that I will be able to make people aware that I am going to share that this is not 'FICTION', but on the contrary, this is the foundation of life, THE LIFE THAT GOD, OUR FATHER, GAVE US WITH LOVE!

Thank you Margul for giving me this very special message and thank you for your patience and kindness to me!, ..., Domtia!


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Re: Approaching the 'INEVITABLE' and 'PRAYER' session is in order!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2018, 12:24:47 AM »
October 3, 2018
08.00 local time
Teacher: Margul, Nebadonia.
Write it. This is Margul the Paradise teacher of the Trinity. Thank you for responding to my call for a message.
- I am ready to accept any message dear teacher Margul.
Write it. Today I want to tell you and all forum participants about what you have to do in a difficult period of changes on the planet.
First of all, beware. Watch the atmospheric phenomena carefully and try to be in a safe place at this time. A lot of trouble at first can make water that will invade the continent. So try to be in elevated places, from where you can be evacuated. More difficult situation in cities. Not all buildings can withstand tremors. Many will collapse like card houses. And it is not predictable. That is why you need to be constantly in touch - listen carefully to the voice inside, be it a customizer or another messenger. And, of course, no panic. Sober mind, accurate calculation, an example of self-control for the family and other people can save many lives. Do you understand all the responsibility that lies on you, imagine that you have to go?
Saving prayer, a sincere desire to help yourself and loved ones will help you overcome these difficulties. The main thing is that you always be with God. And the one who denies it, denies life itself. Becomes dead while still alive.
- Thank you wise teacher of Paradise for the instructions. Is there anyone else nearby?
Yes, it is the mother of Nebadonia. My Holy Spirit protects you from all kinds of misfortunes when you sincerely and lovingly ask for help. Without love, without patience, without respect, without disinterestedness in your deeds and actions, you can hardly save yourself for eternal life. Put God in the first place, do his will, as your own, and you will see how things will change for the better.
Calm down my son. Do not live expectation of the bad. Live here and now, today’s day. Another day will come, bring your worries, then decide them.
- Thank you Divine Mom for the kind words.
3 октября 2018 г.
08.00. местного времени
Учитель: Маргул, Небадония.
Пиши. Это Маргул Райский учитель Троицы. Спасибо, что откликнулся на мой призыв к получению сообщения.
- Я готов принять любое сообщение дорогой учитель Маргул.
Пиши. Сегодня я хочу рассказать тебе и всем участникам форума о том, что предстоит вам сделать в сложный период изменений на планете.
Прежде всего, будьте бдительны. Внимательно следите за атмосферными явлениями и постарайтесь быть в это время в безопасном месте. Много бед в первое время может наделать вода, которая вторгнется на континент. Поэтому постарайтесь находиться на возвышенных местах, от куда вас можно эвакуировать. Сложнее ситуация в городах. Не все здания могут выдержать подземные толчки. Многие разрушатся как карточные домики. И это не предсказуемо. Вот почему вам необходимо постоянно быть на связи – внимательно прислушиваться к голосу внутри, будь это настройщик или другой посланник. И, конечно никакой паники. Трезвый ум, точный расчет, пример самообладания для семьи и других людей может спасти многие жизни. Понимаете ли вы всю ответственность, что лежит на вас, представляете, что вам предстоит пройти?
Спасительная молитва, искреннее желание помочь себе и близким помогут вам преодолеть эти трудности. Главное, чтобы вы всегда были с Богом. А тот, кто его отрицает, отрицает саму жизнь. Становится мертвым еще при жизни.
- Спасибо мудрый учитель Рая за наставления. Есть ли еще кто рядом?
Да, это мать Небадония. Мой Святой Дух охраняет вас от всяческих бед, когда вы искренне и с любовью обращаетесь за помощью. Без любви, без терпения, без уважения, без бескорыстия в ваших делах и поступках вы вряд ли сможете сохранить себя для вечной жизни. Поставьте Бога на первое место, выполняйте его волю, как свою и вы увидите, как все будет меняться к лучшему.
Успокойся мой сын. Не живи ожиданием плохого. Живи здесь и сейчас, днем сегодняшним. Придет другой день, принесет свои заботы, тогда их и решай.
- Спасибо Божественная мама за добрые слова.