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The Quiet Time Draws To a Close
« on: October 03, 2018, 04:11:43 AM »
To all of you.   I had planned to get this corrected and made presentable yesterday when I got home from work but  it was quite the day of me being a clumsy clutz and  right before I   got off work, I  had an accident at work and cut my leg  and started bleeding.   I actually got at least three injuries throughout the day at work. Because I inherited very thin skin, from my Mother and easily can get punctured and the fact that I have taken blood thinners  for  many years, when I get a serious cut I can bleed, just like yesterday, for as much as three hours before  my blood clots and the bleeding stops. I probably lost a full cup of blood and naturally I had to  raise my leg as much as I could  since that does help the clotting a little.  All of that meant that I couldn't get  upstairs where my computer is to make the corrections.   So  I planned to go to bed  early and wake up early to make my way upstairs so I could get this presentable.   I set a mental  alarm and woke up at 2:00 AM, gave myself a few minutes to more fully wake up and begin the long and tedious process I have to go through since I am such a terrible typist.  Anyway... such as it is, I share this with you.   In love and service.... LarryG

Mother Spirit – The Quiet Time Draws  To A Close – Larry Gossett – Florida, - 3 October 2018

Speaker:  Mother Spirit
Subject: The Quiet Time Draws To A Close
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park,  Florida  -  3 October 2018  - 04:15 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett

"Indeed Larry, this is Mother Spirit and Michael is of course with me as well.   I know that all of you have sorely missed our messages and as you have felt like a bit of a spiritual orphan these past 4 days, especially considering how much  this has become such an important part of your lives.  But we never left any of you nor would we ever for you are our children, loved each and every one of you.     This dry period, a quiet time...., quiet in  the sense of  a purposeful  silence, and I  say purposeful  since it has been made clear that this has equally been a good measure and gauge for all of you and for us as well since it has given you the opportunity to  look at so many aspects of this work and your parts and positions in where you all stand with us and  where you stand with yourselves.   This quiet time has also given you additional opportunities to take and make important and valuable assessments of your short and intense lives as will be forthcoming as and when  the earth changes begin to be made by  Urantia Herself.   It  will be a time of significant  and  transforming  adjustments that She must make to rid  and  reverse Herself of  so much that man has continually inflicted upon Her.  Know well that She will now correct every transition that She must make and it will be as much a Correction Time for Her just as it will be for mankind.  It will be much like a metamorphosis. She, like all of you, have a grand destiny ahead in all  of Nebadon, which is one of the  many reasons why so much  has been put in to and planned, and changed and updated.  

“I know that many of you have almost  felt  a kind of incompleteness or emptiness in many ways and so missed the  prompts  and the many  ways that you have come to know and experience how we work within each of you . You are all quite different in how you perceive us and as you grow in spirit and in your abilities you will become much more adept at hearing and transcribing our messages and will become much more comfortable and of course much more confidant and above all much more self trusting.  That all is accomplished through your diligence and consistency.   All of these preparations and work that each of you is doing is accomplished for your careers and journey with Spirit and is done quite specifically to your individual needs.   My children, we are aware that for many of you who so regularly come to do this T/R work that even though this has been a time of quietness, that your minds and thoughts are still yet centered and focused on these Missions and that as you so often  like to state it, it is always “running in the background”  and present in your thoughts, minds and hearts  and is an integral and essential part of all you now think, say and do.  And this is as it should be and speaks well for all of you.   Even though you may not realize it, this time has allowed you to  more clearly see and observe your own  personal approaches and understanding to having us in  spirit who  always abide with and within you and who are a part of what you are becoming.

  "This short silent period has created within each of you an appreciation that you might not have had and  it serves you well, each of you.  It is very important to come to the realization of how intimately and how closely we work with you.  Each of you approach this work in  varying degrees  but all of you  have now, as a result of  this  small  but significant test, have learned  and gained quite a few very important insights and a better understanding of how you view and accept this work and what it means to you.  This period of silence or quietness has been a good teacher for all of you and will serve all of you well in the coming days or weeks as the dark period, as it is being called, comes and what you have gained in this understanding demonstrates to you just how these messages can and will be used and are so vitally important as this period comes upon Urantia as its effects will be felt and experienced by all on Urantia.  Many of the  things that you have so realized in these past  four days revolves  around your access to us,  and ours to you  and teaches you how to best use all that is coming to Urantia and to all on this world now and in your futures.

"There will be many distractions of all kinds and intensities that will occur from all that is to come, yet, can be minimized though the many lessons that you have been exposed to of late and as you will be required to hear and receive our messages under much  duress at times.  The ability to clearly and accurately hear, and transcribe our messages can prove to be helpful to all around you and  all of you will  have the opportunity to help many  of your brothers and sister as they  will look to  you not only for information and an assessment of what is occurring  all around the globe, but for peace, a calming state of reassurance and stability.  You all are destined to  become light bearers as you come to represent Spirit, as you become peace, goodwill, and yes that very embodiment of that  truth beauty and goodness that is the hallmark of the foundations of a life lived and dedicated to the doing of the Father’s Will.

"As you can see and experience, this time of quietness, stillness and silence is now coming to an end and the light, circuits, and connections are almost back in full swing and all of you  can faithfully and expeditiously begin to receive our messages again and with a renewed sense and level of commitment.   This  has been a time of testing and a time of learning for all of you.  Know, my children, that all is done for your spirit education, for your teaching and individual guidance.  All is done to help you refine that spiritual perception that  has been discussed. And most importantly, know that this is done through our love for each and every one of you who  is giving so much as you are dedicating your lives to this work as we together know and do the Will of the Father.   I bid you good day."
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Re: The Quiet Time Draws To a Close
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2018, 08:57:42 AM »
October 3, 2018 16.45. local time.
Teacher; Margul
There was a call. I turned on the computer.
This is Margul. Write it.
You must continue to listen carefully to yourself, your tuner, or any signal entering the brain. Of course, we can duplicate it, but it is important to get it on time. It may be worth living. We talked a lot about things to come. I would like to focus on today.
Your relations with others, close and simple people should be the kindest, sincere, but not intrusive on these days. Many of your loved ones, friends do not share your views. But this does not mean that they reject God. Usually, in a difficult, critical moment, a person first of all turns to God. Requests: Lord, help, Lord, have mercy! And if at that moment you find yourself next to such a person, you must help in his impulse to recognize God, to obey his will. Even if he dies and you cannot save him, the main thing is that he has already made his choice. So another soul saved. Think about it.
And do not persuade anyone if he does not want this.
3 октября 2018 г. 16.45. местного времени.
Учитель; Маргул.
Был звонок. Я включил компьютер.
Это Маргул. Пиши.
Необходимо продолжать внимательно слушать самого себя, своего настройщика или любой сигнал, поступающий в мозг. Конечно, мы можем его продублировать, но важно получить его вовремя. Возможно, это стоит жизни. Мы много говорили о грядущем. Я бы хотел сосредоточиться на сегодняшнем.
Ваши отношения с окружающими, близкими и простыми людьми должны быть в это дни наиболее добрыми, искренними, но не навязчивыми. Многие ваши близкие, друзья не разделяют ваших взглядов. Но это еще не значит, что они отвергают Бога. Обычно человек в трудную, критическую минуту в первую очередь обращается именно к Богу. Просит: господи, помоги, господи, помилуй! И если в эту минуту в окажетесь рядом с таким человеком, вы должны помочь в его порыве признать Бога, подчиниться его воли. Даже если он погибнет и вы не сможете его спасти, главное – он уже сделал свой выбор. Значит еще одна душа спасена. Подумайте об этом.
И никого ни в чем не переубеждайте, если он сам этого не хочет.