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Audio Transmission / Being a Role Model
« on: October 03, 2018, 02:07:08 PM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Being Role Model
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 3rd Oct. 2018  20:06 Local  18:06 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / Being a Role Model
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2018, 11:12:40 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Being Role Model

Lemuel : Good evening to you all. For the past half hour or so, I have been sitting here, thinking about the topic that just been putting into my mind about becoming ‘a role model’ and so we will talk a little bit about role modelling, becoming a role model. I am sure you all know what I mean and when I was just a small boy of course it was Tarzan and Roy Rogers and movie stars and of course to-day there are still movie stars who are adopted as role models I suppose and many sports people, football players and these people get an absolute fortune.

Anyway, I don’t want going into that, but there are still people who in fact are role models, but I will suggest not in a positive way and this is sad. Where are the great politicians to-day like we had in the past, great debaters, great leaders, where are they ? Well, I suppose there must be some somewhere, but if they are, I do not know them. Throughout history there have been those who have come here and one cannot help but thinking about Jesus. He, indeed, was the perfect Role Model and He would have been the perfect President of the United States of America or any country really.

I am just been reminded (thank you) that there is still one excellent role model in the world that many people sort about look up to and they admire so much and that of course is Queen Elizabeth II of England and she has been on the throne for more than 60 yrs. She indeed has been and still is an excellent role model and probably she is the only one at the moment. I think about all those movie stars that we grew up with and they became a kind of extended family because we are so used to them and when they were no longer there, of course we missed them.

Sometimes, we asked ourselves – what ever happened to so and so, what ever happened to him or her – well you all know of course they died like everybody else and they have gone hopefully to the mansion world and they are continuing with their ascension journey. So, when you think about it, the influence that all these people had on us youngsters as children when we were growing up. Has it really left upon us a mark positively ?

Well, I would say in general : Yes, because when we were young, watching these star-movies, those movie actors, we want it so much to be like them because they were fighting for good. They are not only Superman or Batman or Tarzan or Roy Rogers. I think it is very interesting to note that in general people want to be like those who are doing good in the world and they are attracted to these people. I find it hard to imagine that there are those who are naturally proned to the dark side and yet we all know that people like that do exist.

Now in this moment in time when we are all waiting with bated breath the start of the Missions and the changes that are about to take place and the dark period, all these things and thinking about when we are all experiencing these things. Where do we look for a role model, where do we look for this to inspire us ? Of course, there is only one answer and that we look to ourselves, we must be the model to other people, we must be an inspiration for those who need help so that they may see we are goody-goodies, so to speak and they will trust us and come to us. This will be a tremendous test for us to be a role model.

Dear brothers and sisters here on the forum, it is a very thought-provoking situation where each and everyone of us will be called upon to be just that : an inspiration for other people. We must be a role model and of course we can only do that when we ourselves are in contact with our own Beloved Role Models and you all know I am referring to our Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments, our Thought Adjusters. Now, think about this, we here have a tremendous responsibility because we know what the vast majority of other people do not know.

Nevertheless, it is our job and responsibility to impart knowledge and information that is appropriate at that time for people who will need that information. These will be moments of inspiration for these people when they can see that we are in a situation and in a position and have the knowledge, the ability to be of service to them, so in fact, we will be role models. It is a great responsability of course and this is why it is always necessary to be ever mindful of your relationship with your Beloved Thought Adjusters.

As time goes by, your faith and trust in Him grows evermore stronger, so you do have the determination and the trust in everything it takes to be a role model for your brothers and sisters who will need to look-up to people like you for help and support. The days of looking for a role model from a movie star or a football player or a politician, I think those days are gone, may be for ever. It is we, ourselves, who will become the role models for the future and perhaps that has always been parts of God’s greater plan for each and everyone of us. I think that is a wonderful thought.

Well, this is Lemuel, signing off for to-day, thank you for listening, we wish you a good evening, a good night, sweet dreams and to just bear in mind that you are to be a role model of the future, thank you. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Audio Transmission / Being a Role Model
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2018, 07:15:21 AM »
Lemuel (or another member of the forum), could you (together with your Adjuster) say what this role of „inspiration for other people” would be like in cases of different individuals equipped with the Thought Adjuster: 1) fused (in different phases of the fusion), 2) not fused, byt transmitting (in different phases of communication skills) and 3) neither fused nor transfering skills.


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Re: Audio Transmission / Being a Role Model
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2018, 08:04:43 AM »
Andre_P, may I answer this in the following way. Being inspirational is coming from years of experience and understanding. The Urantia Book has its own inspiration, from which to draw from, for all those if they would only seek it, there are the Adjutant Mind Spirits that builds on the psychic mind circles in which we attain those areas of tuning in with perception, intuition, understanding, wisdom and worship. Animals have some of the first three but not the last two but we who grow in spirit, do attain those heights of wonderful joy in knowing the Father in us. The role model is really in you to find and to be the potential that is yet to blossom like a flower that spreads in the morning sun and says “look at me, look at me all pretty in colour in the light of the sun”. Yes, Lemuel has shared a most touching tribute to modelling “goodness” and it has to stem from deep in the heart to flow to the other in divine understanding that “namaste” role that is in us to adore in oneself and in the other. Respecting the journey one is on and seeing that it is an eternal one with the Father who makes this so supreme. The Adjuster is the pilot light that lights all men. Jesus has shown the way and it is up to us to see it and walk in it. Be ye the light and let your light shine, you will know as I do know and so, we can know together that oneness we have with our loving Father of All.


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Re: Audio Transmission / Being a Role Model
« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2018, 08:24:59 AM »
Andre, being an inspiration for other people does not depend on being fused or partly fused.
A good coach can inspire his team to play their greatest game ever.
An officer can inspire his men to enter into battle with an increased sense of purpose and to fight for right.
Those who are spiritually more advanced than others will be an inspiration to all by just simply being themselves.
You who have knowledge of your Indwelling Thought Adjuster can inspire others by the way you talk and act.
They will notice something different about you that causes admiration.
We are all capable of inspiring others when we talk and act in an appropriate manner.

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« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2018, 02:13:10 AM »
October 6, 2018
09.45. local time.
Teacher: Margul.
Theme: Love.
In the morning there was a call, but only now there was silence in the house. I'm ready. Who is in touch, Margul?
Yes. Write it.
Today's topic of transmission is the love of God for man and man for God.
God is not personlike. He loves all his creations equally. He spreads his love throughout the universe for all creatures. He equally loves the rich and the poor, and the smart and the wretched. But this does not mean that all of them are prepared for the same fate to unite with him in Paradise.
God gave man free will and does not interfere in his desires and actions, providing an opportunity for himself to decide what his future life will be after physical death. But he, with the help of his particle, the tuner of consciousness, who, of course, has it, constantly knocks on the closed door of your mind and soul. The one who responds - he opens the door to heaven, the opportunity to know God and save his life after death.
This is very well written in detail in the Urantia Book. Refresh your knowledge to speak to your brothers in the flesh with skill and conviction. Much will depend on your example in the near future. And our Heavenly Father, the son of the Creator, the mother of Nebadonia and all invisible helpers will always be there. Only your desire is important, but again, based on knowledge, conviction and love. For where love is life there. Where there is no love, where lies and hatred thrive, there is desolation and death.
Use all your free time to study. It is good that you read and listen to chapters on the life of Jesus. This will help both you and those who will listen to you, to better understand what is happening and the future.
Do not retreat. Be in touch.
- Thank you wise Paradise teacher.
6 октября 2018 г.
09.45. местного времени.
Учитель: Маргул.
Тема: Любовь.
Утром был вызов, но только сейчас пришла тишина в доме. Я готов. Кто на связи, Маргул?
Да. Пиши.
Сегодняшняя тема передачи – любовь Бога к человеку и человека к Богу.
Бог не лицеприятен. Он любит все свои творения одинаково. Он распространяет свою любовь по всей вселенной для всех созданий. Он одинаково любит и богатого и бедного, и умного и убогого. Но это не значит, что всем им уготована одинаковая судьба соединиться с ним в Раю.
Бог дал человеку свободную волю и не вмешивается в его желания и поступки, предоставляя возможность самому решать, какой будет его дальнейшая жизнь после физической смерти. Но он с помощью своей частицы – настройщика сознания, у кого, конечно он есть, постоянно стучится в закрытую дверь вашего разума и души. Тот, кто откликается – он открывает дверь в рай, в возможность познать Бога и сохранить свою жизнь после смерти.
Об этом очень хорошо и подробно написано в Книге Урантии. Освежите свои знания, чтобы квалифицированно и убедительно говорить об этом своим братьям во плоти. От вашего примера будет многое зависеть в ближайшем будущем. А Отец наш Небесный, сын Создатель, мать Небадония и все незримые помощники всегда будут рядом. Важно только ваше желание, но повторюсь, основанное на знании, убеждении и любви. Ибо где любовь – там жизнь. Где нет любви, где процветает ложь и ненависть – там запустение и смерть.
Используйте все свободное время для учебы. Хорошо, что ты читаешь и слушаешь главы о жизни Иисуса. Это поможет и тебе и тем, кто тебя будет слушать, лучше понять происходящее и будущее.
Не отступайте. Будьте на связи.
- Спасибо мудрый райский учитель.