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Supreme Announcements for All Today 03 Oct 2018
« on: October 03, 2018, 04:07:08 PM »

Supreme Announcements for All Today 03 Oct 2018
•        Michael of Nebadon
•        Father on High
•          All Human Souls Detained until Uversa Concludes Safety Assured for Nebadon
•            A New Book of Revelation Is Coming thorugh Jeus to Earth with John the Revelator
•            Medical Attention for Aging Transmitters Amethyst, Lemuel, Gossett, Besser on Us
•            Channel Abilities to Be Cut Off. Transmitters Allowed Only to Continue to Earth Messaging
York, PA, PA 16:00 hours local time
October 03, 2018

Michael of Nebadon
I have several important announcements concerning Urantia here:
One: No one leaves Urantia for the mansion world until further study of what is happening on Urantia, that it makes the planet a bath of acid for most of you and the rest of the population with no axe to grind except to leave when the door is opened to move on. We now hold all departing souls to the grace period in the bonding energies called the Grid by all of you. We call it the Aphrodisiac Frequency. It holds all alive until we can pass all before the Judges on high.
Two: We resign all medical attention for some of you soon and for Ron in particular, as the decision has been taken to end the travail of human misery of the old-age syndromes Lemuel and Ron and Larry G. complain about. This decision will affect Amethyst and Larry and Lemuel only, and that includes Ron first over his constant misry of pain and blindness approaching quickly. We speak no more to this for now.
Third now:
I am letting it be known to Rayson that his work with Ron MUST continue unabated now. Ron has the idea that we have books to do and he is not wrong. However:
3 - Let it be know that a new revelation will concur Urantia. We are going to write a new two or three hndred page book called the Book of Revelation for Urantia and let the chips fall where they may reserve nothing and all for John the Revelator after all is furnished inthis tomb (sic, spelled correctly) to be written just for the Jesus freaks that abound on Urantia who are heartless and pitiless above all and have caused us so much damage we can hardly recover anything we meant to do.
I have used the arabic number three to make sure you noticed this. We are out of ways of sectioning off information so let us do the unusual and write so you notice what we want you to notice.
Ron does not used quotes now because his memory gland has been dispatched and he has no memory of the right side of the keyboard and knows not where the punctuation keys lie now. He will regain it but not for now. The new Book of Revelation will start this ways:
Source: Heaven’s Gate Channeled from Paradise Alone
“LO’ be this world to ever rise again~
“We speak as the Lord God Most High, and We channel this through the heathen known as the Voice of God Transmitter, exclusive to Jesus of Nazareth when He bled His life out before the Cross of Golgotha.
“Stand still Oh God! We stand still before you too. Let us learn our fate on earth and never purge me more than my sins prevail upon me yet.
“Be still the hearts of the people of this poor place we dignified with a name with Jesus, and Jesus spoke it gladly before the Judges and before the Father, with whok He resides yet in perpetual calumny of the trials of retrinbution spared your earth, when He died the innoncent lamb of God before you, the Sanhedrin of Fate now, and no one shall ever be held so hard as Jesus has, for that is His Order to you these Days of Infamy.
“I stand before you in Majesty. Today we must begin a new Book of Revelation, so that all become injured together with our views of how this must be done and how it must be told.
“I am John the Revelator, and I stand tall before God and with Jesus, as his best friend and his confidant. I gave up my mortal life on the Greek Isle of Patmos, not an unhappy man, but delivered from the flesh at last in order to train myself in the Act of Reveatlion, a sacred name of history given to all High Revelation such as this becomes to all for all time. . . . .”
Now speaks -
“My voice will speak John the Revelator, and it is my voice that will write this history of a new book of revelation. Ron is the only one suited to do this and I forbid the silence of the lambs among you either! Be assured I write in red because now you must understand that Ron was and is terminally ill no more. He is revived today and so on until he is himself again and we have no furthertalk of death for a character out of the soul of Claribell.
“We close my views about this new revelation in normal black script without a lot of fanfare, as you must all now recognize that your friend who speaks the Voice of God here becomes quite a historical character all by himself. We have carefully looked at this Transmitter, and declare him wicked and clever and ready for a good fight, but this time, there will be a wicked and a better fighter than he is, and I will do the work of God as I was intened to by being the Voice of John the Revelator, and not appear among you as was intended all of these Millennia past.
“Concomitantly, I speak to Ron alone at this point. He has now been advised as he should. Be assured it works up here as well too. The new Book of Revelation will be dictated through God the Father, the Adjuster, and I will send that Adjuster the full text of the daily briefing Ron must ascend to and be advised he must do this alone in spite of him asking for a little help to put it together in great dispatch. He also know that the Voice of God never varies but human minds vary it and the text must be of one Voice. Good day.”
This is Michael: I am continuing to have reservations not over Ron and his ilk as he is proving over and over again he loves me and will not harm me even when I push my chin out to have a poke on it from him. He leaves it saturated with bitterness but not dislike of a very fair Deity as he calls me yet. I am not funny most of the time but he can get up my sleeve so easily with his easy view that everything is a position taken and not a brawl from God. That is so unusual I relieve him of the worst transition pains in history in any universe to date. He has to be made whole and it is at work today for good. We looked at him sideways and over the top as he sat at the computer and we found it really good when he was unaware of the frighten failur of his blood pump, the heart. HE had heart failur prominent for forty eight hours straight and all he did was finish installing a complex new furnace installation he still wonders why it got so complicated!
I am, therefore, closing all other so-called channels off. As Ron has explained over and over again, the Voice of God transmitters do NOT DO CHANNEL. It is an exclusive pattern of contact Ron delivered fully to Urantia through the Most High, Andromadeus first, and then had spell bound consequences for Me, the Creator Son, when Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four, the Voice of the Father-Son Deity Union, also solidified it on Paradise through the direct request of the Deity Absolute, and the Father already in place with that decision. You all should know the history that preceded such an undertaking, but we will not emboss this message with that history now.
You who read this may wonder what in the world we must do to get people to notice that God is the preponderant example of a “MUST DO” apparition pm Urantia– on any sphere for that matter. And that we must bring it sharply into focus for any publisher that attempts to put his out in great quantity as it will be snapped up quickly by the majority of Christians and maybe the Moslems too. The rest of the world is so complacent we doubt they can hear very well for eons and that is wht we are prepared to prevent too. The catastrophes on Urantia will decimate most populations who hear little and pay no attention to the Christian precept, “all are loved greatly.”
We now come to a sacred moment: Ron feels it in prayer already.
“Be assured that God loves all.
“Be assured that love is fully commencing for all of you whatever your calling.
“Be advised that your friend Ron is accorded a value of everlasting duty to Me the Father and to you my children through the offices of Revelation, forthwith all the accustomed challenges to the human mind. We accord this Transmitter all he can hold and to leave himself open to further discussion on how to handle the Sixth Epochal Revelation, he is being accorded to as well. He alone seems to know the path it must take, and he alone with Father will see to it well.
“Be advised this is one of the most important messages any of you will receive from our heavenly Father, and with that here is His pronouncemnt:
“You who read this now understand the final spike has been put into the destiny of Urantia:
“I am speaking now to the general audience.
“URANTIA is no longer a habitable world for human souls alone.
“URANTIA is to be placed in excrow until the geodetic designs it is meant to perform to are completed during the next ten thousand years.
“URANTIA will be outside the normal planetary circuits until it achieves Light and Life, and then it will be reassigned to the home of the brave, Salvington only. Here we will speak not further.
“URANTIA is beholden to Me and as such, I the Father, hold it shrill and despondent over and over as its cause is nasty and lofty not, but harsh and caring more than it knows, to be part of a normal transition planet for human souls to gather and become one with Me, the Father on High.
“URANTIA is to be favored one day, but today there is nothing left of your past to help you gain everlasting life by merely being a Bestowal Planet. You all are most reserved in all of this anyhow, and Ron sees no reason why anyone should be given a pass to anything unless they are awake and ready to serve in whatever capacity suits them.”
“I as the Father have two large compartments on Paradise:
“One is to load that which cannot be dissolved easily into our system of Justice; and TWO, that which cannot be reserved any longer but must be used now or lose too much in time or even success by holding back. We are assigning Ron to rewrite the Book of Revelation as John the Revelator attempted to do before he died long afterwards, wondering if he did any good by writing that huge revelation down and then behaving as though he was done for good. Not so. Not Ron either as we must explore all this talented man beyond redemption, as he knows what must be done even before the activity of God in time is sure what has to be done. He did not forecast a new Book of Revelation, but he did foresee that the ihtroduction to the divine and our Deityship must be harshly and fully stated to those who refuse to give any time to their own salvation. I am Father and close with this sure warning:
“Be glad you know what is to happen. Be glad you go to your reward in some cases because you are not useful here but up there– ooo la la– are you helpful there. I care that this place is cleaned up and so do most of you, but no one knows that better than Michael of Nebadon and his Consort, Mother Spirit of the Infinite Spirit too. Father”
Inventions for Urantia to be Pursued by the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation:
We now present what must be done immediately for our beginning science work on Urantia which must come at once in order to be timely for the Urantia world to recombine itself into a natural planet however long that may take. We progress the world immediately with:
1 - Discoveries of Pre-Particle Energy Transformations;
2 - Pre-Particle soundings for physics departments around the world to experiment with and portray the end to dependence on fossil fuels. All monies to be paid got to Ron and Steve who load it into a joint account for themselves to travel when necessary to speak to groups on how energy is held so well in space it need not be burned as stored in coarl or petroleum;
3 - Ron alone will develop the history of the ∑ (Sigma Entron particle) and reveal it as the new loan shark around the world that gets physicists wondering how a lame duck author like Ron Besser could ever come up with such a remarkable find.
“I am leaving nothing alone from now on.
“We conclude this extraordinary post with this last statement from Paradise, when we gave Michael permission to move heaven and earth with the tools at hand. Michael spoke to my Judges by saying that all now is prepared and that the everlasting word of God reigns soon again on Urantia. I am FATHER.”
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - You will finish the book on helium four micron coal and start the new Book of Revelation shortly there after. We will do this by the book and you will be held incommunicado until we have the first rough drafts completed we think in about forty to fort-five days. Good luck and Good Day. Michael.”
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania