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Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns
« on: October 10, 2018, 12:53:09 AM »
Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns

Anxiety levels can eventually kill you when the body can no longer cope with fear and other problems that force your heart to beat faster and blood pressure either to rise too far or go down too far.

I spoke with Michael of Nebadon this evening about how to learn when a stress and anxiety level is dangerous.  He referred me to the Deity Absolute, and between Michael and the Deity Absolute, we worked out a formula about how to calculate your stress level at any time you want to.  You need an arm band blood pressure machine from Walmart or other place that proves you a calibrated read out of what your blood pressure is stated as x/y or normal for age 60 is 135/79

You then have to count your pulse rate.  Normal pulse is 110 beats per minute (110 bpm)

The scale for anxiety levels is a universal calculation in the time space universes.  The scale runs from 100 to 300 for the human species on Urantia.  The scale varies for other species in other universes.

Normal scale readings showing very little anxiety on Urantia is 95 ti 105.

A reading over 212 begins to require medication to calm a person down to prevent blood pressure illness.
A reading from 250 and upward is exceedingly dangerous and requires hospitalization.

Calculate as follows:

Your scale level is determined by taking your blood pressure times your heart beat rate.

Blood pressure 135/75 (is 135 divided by 75 = 1.80)

Heart beat 104 bpm x 1.80 = 187.20  Any result must also have a correction applied to it  which I show below for you.

This 187 number has two corrections applied that brings it down to 155 and this person needs a little sit down that's all. I show you corrections below.

Another example.  Yesterday let's say your blood pressure was 159/64 ( = 2.48) and you counted a heart beat of 120 bpm
2.48 x 120 = 297
The anxiety in this person is not good at all,  and some medical attention at once is required; however, the number needs two correction applied:  Here is how to do the correction.

This diagnosis is off by a factor of 25 points (276 is still bad enough and that is the correct answer) because the blood pressure division has a small correction to multiply the answer with.  There are two corrections. One is 0.0321531527 for condition red and the Urantia human species correction is 0.041572157.

297 x .0321531527 = 9.157   and 9.157 must be subtracted from 297 which  is about 288 and that is extremely high as well.
297 x .041572158 = 12.35 and 12.35 must be subtracted from  288 = 276 and this person now has the corrected actual scale level of anxiety stated of 276.  Immediate reduction in blood pressure is called for and some sort of histamine has to be injected to normalize them from having a stroke.

Normal blood pressure runs for a person age sixty (60) at 135/79 and normal heart bpm is 108.65
A heart beat over 110 is excited and a heart beat at less than 60 bpm is very ill for any length of time as well at 60 years of age.


Anxiety Level is calculated as follows:
blood pressure numbers x/y = z times heart beats per minute x .032153111527  x .041572158=  K (the anxiety level)


Now for the religionist, the number 0.032153111527 is a logorhythm.  It corrects for the presence of the Deity Absolute in our life force system/

The number 0.041572158 is a logorhythm that correction for our own Urantia species of a human and indicates that homo sapiens are anxiety driven to the point the universe must correct for their presence on Urantia for planetary evolution expectations downward by the results of this log.

Both log corrections are available in my new book which I am still working on due to lots of volatile ideas concerning molecular matter and I release these log numbers at great risk to those who do it for me from our Science Engineer to our Michael of Nebadon, because the Deity Absolute is not quite sure what releasing these corrections will do to evolution on Urantia. 

Good day from Michael and the Deity Absolute and a host of angels who watch me with horror when I get into this stuff.  I thank them ALL.


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Good and evil
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2018, 07:38:33 AM »
October 15, 2018
15.00 local time. Samara.
Teacher: Margul.
Topic: Good and evil.
Our heavenly Father, forgive me, but how tired this TV is. From there lies a lie, dirt, violence, hatred ...
But sometimes you want to be informed. Then we must learn to separate the good from the evil in the programs. But if everything is evil? How to be? Who can answer me?
Magrul says.
First of all, tune in to the good, cut off all the negative emotions when viewing the news. What not to like do not look.
World journalism is arranged in such a way that it is focused on a sensation, on showing such plots that excite animal instincts in the audience, forcing one or another product to be bought. But this is not the main thing. Mass media are the heirs of Lucifer. They promote lowland animal instincts in which the decision is made not by the soul¸ but the mind perverted by the received education of the consumer. Animal instincts, the desire to be the best, the richest of all, the lucky ones all raise a person, or rather, lower it to the most moral, moral bottom, the result of which is moral, spiritual death.
To forbid a person to watch TV is impossible. But you can teach him to recognize what is possible and what cannot be watched and not to litter his mind with ideological and immoral garbage.
I know that in many of your families there is a disturbing situation. You can say antagonistic. The only answer is to endure, to show a personal example of moral behavior.
The brotherhood of man is based on the fatherhood of God. The hardest thing to achieve in the family. With like-minded people easier, because they are like-minded people. And if a wife or husband, or children reject your worldview, they even sometimes hate you for speaking out and advice ...
You will not achieve anything if this member of your family does not want to listen to you. And do not seek. I say again - only a personal example of humility and the subordination of one’s will to the will of the Universal Father will help a loved one open his heart to God, if he wants it.
All for now. Margul
- Amazing revelation, thanks to the wise teacher Margul.
15 октября 2018 г.
15.00 местного времени. Самара.
Учитель: Маргул.
Тема: Добро и зло.
Отец наш Небесный, прости, но как надоел этот телевизор. От туда льется ложь, грязь, насилие, ненависть…
Но иногда хочется быть в курсе событий. Тогда надо научиться отделять в передачах добро от зла. Но если все зло? Как быть? Кто мне может ответить?
Магрул говорит.
Прежде всего настройся на добро, отсеки все отрицательные эмоции при просмотре новостей. Что не нравиться не смотри.
Мировая журналистика так устроена, что она ориентированна на сенсацию, на показ таких сюжетов, которые возбуждают у зрителей животные инстинкты, заставляют покупать тот или иной товар. Но это не главное. Массовые СМИ – наследники Люцифера. Они пропагандируют низменные, животные инстинкты, в которых решение принимает не душа¸ а извращенный полученным воспитанием потребителя разум. Животные инстинкты, желание быть лучше всех, богаче всех, удачливая всех поднимают человека, а вернее опускают на самое моральное, нравственное дно, результат которого – нравственная, духовная смерть.
Запретить человеку смотреть телевизор невозможно. Но можно научить его распознавать, что можно, а что нельзя смотреть и не засорять свое сознание идеологическим и безнравственным мусором.
Знаю, что во многих ваших семьях тревожная ситуация. Можно сказать антагонистическая. Ответ один – терпеть, показать личный пример высоконравственного поведения.
Братство людей основано на отцовстве Бога. Труднее всего этого добиться в семье. С единомышленниками проще, потому, что они единомышленники. А если жена или муж, или дети отвергают ваше мировоззрение, даже порой ненавидят вас за высказывания и советы…
Вы ничего не добьетесь если этот член вашей семью не хочет вас слушать. И не надо добиваться. Говорю опять - только личный пример смирения и подчинения своей воли воли Всеобщего Отца поможет близкому человеку открыть сердце Богу, ели он этого захочет.
Пока все. Маргул.
- Потрясающее откровение, спасибо мудрый учитель Маргул.

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Re: Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2018, 10:31:57 PM »
Thank you Ron for these judicious recommendations to us, oldies in particular, who are most inclined to stroke or heart attack when it comes to face heavy pressure and stress. I am not sure, where I am located, that this ‘arm blood pressure machine’ you preconize can be found in a mall center, it may be available in a pharmaceutical shop, but even then I wonder if it can be provided without a medical certificate. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.