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Audio Transmission / Pay the Price
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:37:51 AM »
Speaker. Lemuel
Subject: Pay the Price
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 12th Oct. 2018  07:37 Local  05:37 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / Pay the Price
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2018, 11:37:34 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Pay the price

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled ‘Pay the price’. This is a strange one and quite an amusing one really which you will understand in a moment. When I say that pay the price, these words came to me this morning and they immediately reminded me of one of the James Bond films, way back in the 60’s, more than 50 yrs ago now and the film was entitled ‘You only live twice’.

I am sure many of you will remember that film and thinking about it now it is very interesting because, well I would just voice the first few lines of that song, I am not going to sing it, but it goes like this :
You only live twice
Or so it seems
One life for yourself
And one for your dreams
And later on it goes on to say - So pay the price. They say nothing is free in this world and certainly in material terms this is true. But also there is an emotional price to pay for experiences, especially romantic experiences.

I mention this because if you remember the conversation I had with a friend just a couple of days ago, talking about the relationship that he is within, a marriage relationship for many years and in fact relating to his problems, the price that he is paying, has paid and continues to pay for his experience. The question sometimes arises – is it worth it, is it worth paying the price for experience ?

There is also another wellknown saying – once bitten, twice shy, and there are many people who have been in and out of love and who shy away from another experience that they do not wish to repeat. Obviously, looking back on your life, you have the most wonderful experiences, I am sure, but also there are those that you wish never to repeat. It is perfectly understandable, but also you will realize that you have paid a price for your experiences, even the ones you enjoyed.

There are so many people who, because of fear of doing wrong or making a mistake, whether there will be something good or bad, right or wrong, etc…This has a very detrimental effect on their feelings because they do not to pay the price, this is what it comes down to. It is understandable, we all have been in such a situation from time to time, momentarily I hope, but not to let one’s experiences put you off from other experiences, especially in human relationships.

Everyone wants to be loved and love, this is a natural human condition and sometimes it hurts of course, but pay the price. It is so better to have loved and not to have loved at all. You all know this and so this little talk this morning is about paying the price for experiences. There is an emotional price to pay, but what you gain, your knowledge and the wisdom that comes, especially with the passing of age, you will come to realize and give thanks that you did in fact have the ability to pay the price, you went ahead and experienced it and that is wonderful.

I want now to address directly to the guests on this forum, some of being here for years now, reading the postings and perhaps listening to some Lemuel’s transmissions. Some of you also are afraid to pay the price, something is holding you back from experiencing something new, we talk about this before. Those of you who are still standing slightly off stage, on the sidelines, you cannot do that for the rest of your life, you need new experiences and so go ahead, do it, stop procrastinating.

Life is passing you by, and life should be full of new experiences, no matter what the price, pay the price and enjoy life to the full and you will discover that your experiences were well worth the price that you paid. You have been told many times before if you are here as a guest on this forum, you are here for a reason and it is your Indwelling Father Fragments that brought you here. What you lack now is your own experience, so please don’t be afraid, pay the price and experience what life has to offer.

I thank you for listening, it is always a pleasure to speak to you. To-day is Friday and so here we are again looking forward to another weekend and so I wish you all a very good weekend, with happy experiences, eventhough you may have to pay the price. Domtia
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