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« on: October 13, 2018, 06:27:21 AM »
Teacher: Margul
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Subject: Truth
Date: October 12, 2018   Local time: 10:45 am

It is with full confidence that you may sit and write. We from on high will always tell you the Truth, we are the Truth and it is our goal to invite you all to come nearer to the truth, to it’s understanding and to the way it works. You know from our lessons that the truth will always be different for any one as long as you are growing, which is your soul that is growing.

Truth as discerned in your life at this moment in time, truly differs from to morrows experience and truth and it’s value to you. And so you will grow and your mind will develop and discern more of the realities you come across.  Life is the experience of learning,  to know truth and the reality of truth.
You begin your life in the flesh by trusting your parents and those who are near you in your own environment. You live in the truth of your experience in that moment. Your soul takes on that experience and makes contact with your spiritual self, your higher self and over the years this contact becomes stronger  and you begin to feel the connection. That interaction of yourself with your higher self, your Thought Adjuster, will give you a deeper insight in all that you experience, encounter, learn, perceive in the lessons of your life. In that divine and earthly combination you begin to discern more truth, expanded truth, measured to your capability of understanding.

When you leave this sphere to continue with your morontia carreer it will still further expand and you will learn to adjust yourself more and more to the spiritual truths given to you by your spiritual teachers in coordination with your Thought Adjuster. You begin to feel more connected, attracted and longing for this coordinated contact while going through this process. Truth will always be true, but truth is non material, truth is spiritual and ever changing into a wide variety of truths, depending on the person at any given moment.
God is Truth and He will always be the same Truth, never changing before you. His revelations may have a million fold character, but they will always be true.

SV: Thank you so much for this lesson of truth.