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Pre'Mtor regarding Enzymes
« on: October 13, 2018, 07:59:29 AM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Enzymes
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 13/10/2018 8.00pm (AEST)


“The moment you are relaxed, it gives off so many enzymes……”

[Sue: Wait what? Enzymes!]

“Look it up will you.”

[Sue: Alright then this: from
“enzyme” -
“Any of a group of chemical substances that are produced by living cells and cause particular chemical reactions to happen while not being changed themselves: an enzyme in the saliva of the mouth starts the process of breaking down the food. (biochemistry)”]

[Sue: So what gives in this Sir?]

“It’s me Sue, your indwelling Adjuster and I aver to think you know well what is inferred here as it is to do with your ability to sit still and let it drift and then pop goes the weasel and now here I give you a lesson on how to sit still and listen to what this is telling you. You know that the moment you sit down after a long hard days work, you are wont to flake in the weary brines that work up in you, yet it is when you can hear this.

[Sue: So what is meant by being relaxed and then it allows many enzymes?]

“Yes, well as you survey the definition as contextualize in the Cambridge Dictionary above, it does tell you that “..the living cells produce any group of chemical substances..” and stimulates “chemical reactions” while remaining unchanged in themselves. Your living cells behave in a manner to stimulate and, perchance, the mechanism, by which, you can determine those reactions. This in conjunction of being relaxed in oneself, you are allowing your enzymes to circumvent your relaxed state of composure and so on that I can interject here with you and speak so as to enjoy you in participating with me in this little exercise I get you to be stimulated in. The problem is, is that you are not finding an avenue to interest you. The science of biochemistry will have you astounded in the variable ways your living cells can produce so many stimulus to enable reactions to properly have certain desired effects satisfied. And so on it goes.

“The reason I start with this in this way is to let you see that you have two ways of getting transmitting done, either by listening and writing or to sit in front of a computer and type up what may eventually flow off hand. The effect of willingness, to sit to write on the drop of a moment, in an instance of time, or even, perchance to record it via audio device application and speak whatever happens to be chatting away, then by all means, get it in writing, audio, or typed up. Either way, this one is done by pen and you are quick to notice this small little sentence that gets you prompted in good measure.

“The human body is a remarkable machine and has its own mechanism built in to fully be good to get a good dose of neural input that this purports to be in your mind at this point. Later on, this will flow better as you get used to the idea of the subtleties of my way in you in various areas of the cortex.

“Tiredness is not a factor to inhibit you, rather it is the unfortunate ways of the work-life imbalance that you find yourself in as so much of the best energy is spent and then you are home from work, rather spent than good to go. Here, it is that you are able to take away those distractions and let things sit and then pop does my voice come in to its central place for you to pick it up and let it run.

[Sue: Yes Father, let it run, so now you have my attention, what is going on for us to be aware of?]

“That is a typical question, you all may be asking and that is o.k. to ask, while certain things seem to you so unforeseen, let me assure you there is a lot going on to enable your cells to produce more than it has, to equip you with the necessary energy that is required to allow the flow-on effect of reasonable substance enhancement and intuitive discernment. This increases in each of you as you grow in prayerful intent in with us to see solutions to a world in distress.

“It is important that you remain calm in yourself. You know how the blood pressure can increase, the moment you are stressed and worried in severe trauma. This is a deadly trigger in the body and it is for you all to know the calming mechanism that you need to keep in one’s own enzymes to restore the metabolism of your own body’s defense structure and stability.

“This is probably to you, easy said than done, and you are most certainly right, yet it will behoove you to learn the meditation breathing technique in moments of stress or trauma or extreme concern. You recall the moment you had a brief anxiety attack one night back in 2013, and how you learnt to go outside on the deck on a warm balmy tropical night to get some air to breathe in and out in slow deep intentional intakes and out. With soothing reassurance and mental sharpness, those enzymes quickly came into play to enable you to respond, to assess and to adapt in sudden bursts of stabilizing factors that faith overcomes fear.

“Fear becomes a number one enemy in your human makeup and it quickly gets going the moment you let it become so overwhelming it could even paralyse you in numbness and despair. That, whatever it is, has to be acknowledged, recognised and accepted, before you can overcome the chill it gives, then come to your senses to quickly think, assess and adapt and move in a direction that is fitting in your purposes you see is a better way to go, than to fight something that you know you cannot win. Fear serves a defensive purpose, but it also creates in you, decisions that warrant your will in which way to go. In all, it depends on you to find a happy place in yourself and sit well with that as it has come to be resolved in your breathing to clear up what makes you so anxious. Not that you are at this moment, but certain things will come along that may or may not encroach upon you to cause you the anxiety reaction.

“To remedy this is to revert to the breathing technique, calming yourself, with prayerful paces to instill the calm in your living cells to be still and trust that it is going to be well when you sit well with the Father within.

“This will be all for now, as the weary body has to rest, yet your spirit self is truly keen to get this as much as I would like it to be. As Sue’s Adjuster, I am very much as keen and adamant that this will become more merrier in good areas of thought that is good for all to have. I am Pre’Mtor, and that is all I have to say for now but more is going on and will be prompted in Sue to get up and go what is natural for her to work on with me in all earnesty. Good day to you all.”

End. 9.26pm (AEST)

[Sue: Thank you Father, that has been very interesting and something I did not know much about, I very much appreciated the topic of enzymes. Good night and Shalom.]