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Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« on: October 14, 2018, 07:21:27 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Too Little, Too Late.
Location. Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 14th Oct. 2018  13:20 Local  11:20 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2018, 09:32:24 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Too Little, Too Late

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our chat this morning is entitled ‘Too little, too late’. Almost everyday now we see on television reports of hurricanes, of typhoons, of tremendous floodings in countries that have never been flooded before and the earthquakes that have been taking place several times in Indonesia and the South East Asia and it is becoming more and more clear that there is something serious going on and although we have all been warned many times.

This little chat this morning is to encourage you not to get caught out by doing too little, too late. Now, obviously not everybody will be able to escape, not everybody has got friends in the countryside. There are many millions of people living in high buildings, not just in america skyscrapers.

But throughout the world there are blocks of flats, very many tall buildings of flats and even Lemuel himself lives in a block of flats on the seven floor and so without electricity he is going to walk up and down seven times the steps, but that would be nothing compared with other people who are living in high rised block of flats.

The point I am trying to make is that you can only do your best and the money you have and other resources, just do your best and surrender to the rest, because there is nothing more that you will be able to do. Those of you who are in a position to escape, that’s fine.

But the majority of people will not be able to do that and so I repeat : do what you can and do not be caught out by doing too little, too late. Now, when there is no electricity you just have to eat cold food from a tin, there is dried or whether it is dried milk powder which you combine with water to turn it to milk or you can use condensed milk and again dilute it with water.

So, you can have cereals and cornflakes and dried fruits is a good reserve and dried biscuits. There are many things out to the tin which just you have to get used to, eating or drinking cold if there is no electricity. This will save your life, there is no question about that.

Other circumstances you will not be able to control and so I repeat : just do the best you can and your conscience will be clear that you have done your best and the rest you just surrender to your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, this all that anyone can do. Time is moving on and as I say we can see everyday some disaster all over.

Even here now in Spain, yesterday approaching the coast of Portugal was an hurricane, beleive it or not, that has weaken into a storm on the south-west coast of Portugal and now in the north of Spain. So, more and more countries are being affected by unusual weather condition.

So, my dear friends, take the maximum of precautions that you can and this is our simple message this morning : do not get caught out by doing too little, too late. I thank you for listening and I bid you a good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2018, 07:06:38 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Too Little, Too Late

Lemuel :

This little chat this morning is to encourage you not to get caught out by doing too little, too late. Now, obviously not everybody will be able to escape, not everybody has got friends in the countryside. There are many millions of people living in high buildings, not just in america skyscrapers.


                            When a tsunami strikes, the alert from government officials and civil society is for people to leave the regions at risk and move to the higher parts of their respective regions.
                              Normally, when a tsunami occurs, sea waves advance further along the continents, following the rivers, as if the rivers were highways. In addition to the lower regions, that is, with low altitude compared to the sea, lowland regions.
                            The same logic must be followed in relation to megatsunamis. The difference is the distance that must be much greater.
                          Except for deception, in the Indian Ocean tsunami, which hit Indonesia hardest on December 26, 2004, the waves invaded the mainland in about four (4) kilometers in the hardest hit parts.
                              The cave paintings of the capybara ("Serra da Capivara") in the Brazilian state of Piauí, in the southern region of the State of Piauí, are located approximately 500 kilometers from the nearest ocean, going to the region north, that is, the coast of the State of Piauí.
                                However, analyzing the map of the Brazilian rivers (river basin), the most logical way forward of the Atlantic Ocean to reach the "capivara mountain range", in the south of the Brazilian State of Piauí is the São Francisco River.
                                Possibly, the greatest chance for people to survive the Megatsunami is the preventive exit of the regions of greater risk, that is, before the events happen, preferably, by plane.
                                   Anyone who is able to do so should consider looking for a new residence and even transferring or relocating, if he / she has the conditions (or summer residence or winter residence if he / she can afford a second residence) in more protected regions, higher regions and more distant from the oceans, preferably away from the regions of shock between tectonic plates, as soon as possible.
                                   I have several close friends and relatives who live in the coastal region of Brazil, or in plains regions, regions that are likely to be flooded in a megatsunami and I hope the resident Thought Adjuster helps their souls reflect on this.
                                   If by chance many of my close friends and relatives do not survive a megatsunami, my hope is that their souls will seek God, and thus may continue the existence of their souls, on the walk, in the heavens, towards Paradise. Thus, physical death will be only a stage of their souls, with the rebirth of their souls in the heavens.
                               Finally, I believe that the unusual climatic events that are happening all over the world are signs that the moment of the gigantic movement of tectonic plates, with mega-earthquakes, megatsunamis, the beginning of a small new ice age, that is, the beginning of the The period of desolation is near.
                                   In adversity seek refuge in God, knowing that a new world will begin again after the period of desolation, as well as the joy of the birth of a baby, comes after the pain of childbirth.

Post Scriptum:
With the exception of the sea tsunami of March 11, 2011, sea waves have advanced approximately ten Unless mistaken, in the tsunami of Japan on March 11, 2011, the sea waves have advanced approximately ten kilometers on the continent, by the rivers or streams and lowland regions, in some regions, that is, at least the double (if not triple the distance) in relation to the Indian Ocean tsunami of 12.26.2004.

                             Quando ocorre um tsunami, o alerta das autoridades governamentais e da sociedade civil é para as pessoas sairem das regiões de risco e irem para as partes mais altas das suas respectivas regiões.
                           Normalmente, quando ocorre um tsunami, as ondas do mar avançam mais no continente, seguindo os rios, como se os rios fossem rodovias. Além das regiões mais baixas, ou seja, com pouca altitude em relação ao mar, regiões de planície.
                                   A mesma lógica deve ser seguida em relação aos megatsunamis. A diferença é a distância que deve ser bem maior.

                           Salvo engano, no tsunami do Oceano Índico, que atingiu mais fortemente a Indonesia, no dia 26 de dezembro de 2004, as ondas invadiram o continente em aproximadamente 4 (quatro) kilometros nas partes mais atingidas.
                               As pinturas rupestres de baleias na serra da capivara ("Serra da Capivara") estado brasileiro do Piauí, na região sul do Estado do Piauí, fica aproximadamente, em distância superior a 500 (quinhentos) quilometros do oceano mais próximo, indo para a região norte, ou seja, litoral do Estado do Piauí.
                                    No entanto, analisando o mapa dos rios brasileiros (bacia hidrográfica), o caminho mais lógico do avanço do Oceano Atlântico para chegar até a "serra da capivara", no sul do Estado brasileiro do Piauí é o Rio São Francisco.
                                            Possivelmente, a maior chance das pessoas sobreviverem ao Megatsunami é a saída preventiva das regiões de maior risco, ou seja, antes dos eventos acontecerem, preferencialmente, de avião.
                                     Quem puder deve refletir em buscar uma nova residência e até transferência ou mudança de local de trabalho, se tiver condições (ou residência de verão ou residência de inverno se tiver condições de ter uma segunda residência) em regiões mais protegidas, regiões mais altas e mais distantes dos oceanos, preferencialmente, longe das regiões de choque entre placas tectônicas, o quanto antes.
                                    Eu tenho vários amigos e parentes próximos que moram na região litorânea do Brasil, ou em regiões de planície, regiões que possivelmente serão inundadas em um megatsunami e espero que o Ajustador do Pensamento residente  ajudem suas almas a refletir sobre isto.
                                 Se por acaso, muitos de meus amigos e parentes próximos não sobreviverem a um megatsunami, minha esperança é que suas almas busquem Deus, e assim possam continuar a existência de suas almas, na caminhada, nos céus, em direção ao Paraíso. Assim, a morte física será apenas um estágio de suas almas, com o renascimento de suas almas nos céus.
                           Por fim, eu acredito que os eventos climáticos incomuns que estão acontecendo no mundo inteiro são sinais de que o momento da gigantesca movimentação das placas tectônicas, com megaterremotos, megatsunamis, o início de uma pequena nova era do gelo, ou seja, o início do período de desolação está próximo.
                           Nas adversidades buscar o refúgio em Deus, sabendo que um novo mundo irá recomeçar após o período de desolação, assim como a alegria do nascimento de um bebê, vem depois da dor do parto.
Post Scriptum:
Salvo engano, no tsunami do Japão de 11 de março de 2011, as ondas do mar chegaram a avançar aproximadamente, em torno de dez quilometros no continente, pelos rios ou ribeirões e regiões de planície, em algumas regiões, ou seja, no mínimo o dobro de distância (se não for o triplo da distância) em relação ao tsunami do Oceano Ìndico de 26.12.2004.
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Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2018, 12:59:26 PM »
With these disasters happening around the world, it makes me ponder how we, who have been informed, can warn local authorities about what is waiting ahead. In some regions in France, the population has been alerted beforehand, through the media, about flooding, but there have not been security measures from the governmental representatives. Only a few people, having insight knowledge from previous experiences, have been able to save some material belongings. We have here an example of human behaviours when facing catastrophes and it is the same in every part of the world. There are perhaps unpredictable circumstances – tectonic plates, earthquakes – where people are trapped, but with advanced technology science is now well-equiped to forecast a change in the weather before it happens. To me the only recourse is the help of our Celestial friends. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2018, 01:12:27 PM »
October 15, 2018 20.40. Samara
There is still time.
The coming time is full of surprises. We cannot predict exactly what will happen and where. But we know for sure that the movement of the plates is about to begin. It will cause megatsunami, the consequences of which you are informed. The sacrifices will be enormous. But those areas that are far from the coastal zone will suffer. A wave of earthquakes sweep across the planet. High-rise buildings will collapse. All artificial dams will also be destroyed. Those who are downstream of rivers closed with platinum will also be affected. They will not stand. The force of the flow will depend on the degree of destruction, which will enable the population, with timely information, to move to higher places. All communications will be broken. There will be no light, no drinking water, no fuel. We'll have to survive somehow. It will be easier for those who are somehow prepared. But these stocks can be destroyed.
But this is not the main thing. God loves you all the same. He is ready to meet you in the mansion worlds, if only you yourself want it. Turn to him with love, open your heart to him, repent and say: “You are my God, I love You, I want to live according to Your laws, I want Your will to be fulfilled, not mine.”
As the robber on the cross was forgiven, so our Father in Heaven is ready to forgive you if you yourself want it.
Death for believers is not terrible. Only those who deny God die in agony.
You still have time to make a fateful decision and become a worthy son or daughter of the creator.
15 октября 2018 г. 20.40. Самара
Время еще есть.
Предстоящее время полно неожиданностей. Мы не можем точно предсказать, что и где случиться. Но мы знаем точно, что движение плит вот-вот начнется. Оно вызовет мегацунами, о последствиях которых вы проинформированы. Жертвы будут громадные. Но пострадают и те районы, которые находятся далеко от прибрежной зоны. Волна землетрясений прокатится по всей планете. Многоэтажные здания будут разрушаться. Все искусственный запруды также будут разрушены. Пострадают и те, кто находится ниже по течению рек, закрытых платинами. Они не устоят. Сила потока будет зависеть от степени разрушения, что даст возможность населению при своевременной информации перебраться на более высокие места. Все коммуникации будут разорваны. Не будет ни света, ни питьевой воды, не топлива. Придется как-то выживать. Проще будет тем, кто хоть как-то подготовился. Но и эти запасы могут быть уничтожены.
Но не это главное. Бог любит все вас одинаково. Он готов встретить вас в обительских мирах, если только вы сами этого захотите. Обратитесь к нему с любовью, откройте ему свое сердце, покайтесь и скажите: «Ты мой Бог, я люблю Тебя, я хочу жить по Твоим законам, я хочу, чтобы исполнилась Твоя воля, а не моя».
Как был прощен разбойник на кресте, так и вас Отец наш Небесный готов простить если вы сами этого захотите.
Смерть для верующих не страшна. В муках умирают только те, кто отрекся от Бога.
У вас есть еще время принять судьбоносное решение и стать достойным сыном или дочерью создателя.

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Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2018, 07:06:01 AM »
Better late than never.
                   This comment I am making reflects this phrase: - Sooner than later.
                   What I want to say is that the Brazilian government must reflect on the need for regulatory stock, located in the most protected regions, that is, high and distant regions of the coast.
                    Regulatory stock of food, water, fuel (refinery), etc.
                     Possibly, this information is valid for other countries and their respective governments, besides Brazil.
                    Brazil, in my view, (I may be wrong) does not even have a contingency plan for the great catastrophes that are about to happen.
                    Contingency plans are to predict situations and anticipate solutions.
                     For example, if there will be a collapse with the possible destruction of most oil refineries worldwide, what are the possible solutions for this event?
                    I will present three solutions, as an alternative to gasoline, diesel and kerosene in Brazil, in case of collapse in oil refineries in the face of major catastrophes:
                   1) To allocate all the production of ethanol and sugar mills in Brazil, for the exclusive production of alcohol, since most Brazilian vehicles are bi-fuels, that is, they can not be supplied with alcohol or gasoline.
                  2) Allocate all soybeans stored in the country, and the one that is going to be planted and harvested for biodiesel. Yes, soy can turn into biodiesel. And biodiesel can move the fleet of trucks and buses.
                  3) Allocate the entire logistic structure of the Army and other organs to enable the expansion of the use of aviation biokerosene.
As for the question of electric energy.
              Brazil can greatly increase the generation of electric energy from the winds in the higher and protected regions. An example, near Brasília, going towards the north of the State of Goiás, that is, going towards the cities of São João d'Aliança / Go and Alto Paraíso de Goiás before there is a small village. If I am not mistaken, it is called São Gabriel de Goiás, which belongs to the municipality of Planaltina / GO.
               It turns out that in this region there is national hang gliding and paragliding championship. There is a relief that propitiates strong winds, with the unevenness of the high region, with the Paranã valley.
              But no government has seen the site with an incredible prospect of wind power generation, ie wind power on the spot.
              Unless mistaken, this place is approximately 70 (70) kilometers from Brasilia and could bring an incredible amount of energy to Brasilia, which is the federal capital of Brazil, and the third largest city in terms of population in Brazil, losing only to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
             Thus, the collapse of electric energy will probably happen in Brasilia, because the energy comes from long distances, from hydroelectric power plants. It is possible that most of the large hydroelectric power plants in Brazil and the world will be broken.
            Then, one more possible situation (rupture of the dams of the large hydroelectric power plants) with the respective solution (increase of the energy of the winds in the higher regions and with high incidence of winds).
I will make a brief essay on the circulation of the winds.
                Usually, in the higher regions of the troposphere, there are stronger winds. In my view, perhaps this situation is repeated in the higher regions, that is, plateaus and mountains.
               As for this event, only as a curiosity, there is the popular saying that the strongest winds hit the people at the top.
              From what I have researched, and I will speak in approximate values, the limit of troposphere in the region of the equator is around sixteen kilometers of altitude. At the poles, the limit of the troposphere is around eight kilometers of altitude.
             The difference in elevation of the troposphere boundary at the equator and at the poles, in my view, is due to the expansion of the atmosphere due to heat, that is, in the equator there is more heat and the altitude limit of the upper troposphere is larger, unlike poles in which there is colder and the limit of altitude of the upper troposphere is inferior.
            With the advent of a new ice age, that is, cooler than normal temperatures today, in my view, there will be a decrease in altitudes relative to the upper limit of the troposphere.
            Thus, perhaps, more winds occur or not, according to the geographic region of the planet. What I want to say is that this factor, whether or not the winds increase, could be an indication of the feasibility or not of the increased use of wind energy, that is, of wind energy.
               Another issue that comes in my mind, involves sustainability.
               Organic waste from cities, which are now problems for civilization, can be a solution. I'm gonna explain:
             - Gas plants can be made with raw organic waste. This gas produced may replace the cooking gas. And the residual organic matter transform into humus, that is, organic fertilizer.
Antes tarde do que nunca.
                  Este comentário que estou fazendo reflete esta frase: - Antes tarde do que nunca.
                  O que eu quero dizer é que o governo brasileiro deve refletir sobre a necessidade de estoque regulador, localizado nas regiões mais protegidas, ou seja, regiões altas e afastadas do litoral.
                  Estoque regulador de alimentos, água, combustível (refinaria), etc.
                 Possivelmente, esta informação é válida para outros países e respectivos governantes, além do Brasil.
                 O Brasil, na minha visão, (eu posso estar errado), sequer tem um plano de contingência para as grandes catástrofes que estão para acontecer.
                  Planos de contingência é prever situações e antever soluções.
                  Por exemplo, se haverá colapso com a destruição, possivelmente, de grande parte das refinarias de petróleo em todo mundo, quais são as soluções possíveis para este evento?
                 Vou apresentar três soluções, como alternativa a gasolina, diesel e querosene no Brasil, caso ocorra colapso nas refinarias de petróleo diante de grandes catástrofes:
                 1) Destinar toda a produção das usinas de álcool e açúcar no Brasil, para produção exclusiva de álcool, pois a maior parte dos veículos brasileiros são bi-combustíveis, ou seja, pode sem abastecidos com álcool ou gasolina.
                 2) Destinar toda soja armazenada no país, e a que vai se possivelmente plantada e colhida para biodiesel. Sim, a soja pode se transformar em biodiesel. E o biodiesel pode movimentar a frota de caminhões e ônibus.
                3) Destinar toda a estrutura logística do Exercito e de outros órgãos para possibilitar a ampliação do uso de bioquerosene de aviação.
Quanto a questão da energia elétrica.
                 O Brasil poderá ampliar e muito a geração de energia elétrica a partir dos ventos nas regiões mais altas e protegidas. Um exemplo, perto de Brasília, indo em direção ao norte do Estado de Goiás, ou seja, indo em direção as cidades de São João d'Aliança/Go e Alto Paraíso de Goiás, antes, existe uma pequena vila. Se eu não me engano, se chama São Gabriel de Goiás que pertence ao município de Planaltina/GO.
                   Acontece que nesta região existe campeonato nacional de asa delta e parapente. Existe um relevo que propicia fortes ventos, com o desnível da região alta, com o vale do Paranã.
                   Só que nenhum governo viu o local com uma perspectiva incrível de geração de energia dos ventos, ou seja energia eólica no local.
                   Salvo engano, este local fica aproximadamente a cerca de 70 (setenta) quilometros de Brasília e poderia trazer uma quantidade incrível de energia para Brasilia que é a capital federal do Brasil, e a terceira maior cidade em termo de população no Brasil, perdendo apenas para as cidades de São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.
                Assim, o colapso de energia életrica provavelmente irá acontecer em Brasília, pois a energia vem de longas distâncias, de usinas hidroelétricas. É possível que a maior partes das grandes usinas hidroelétricas do Brasil e do mundo sejam rompidas.
               Então, mais uma situação possível de acontecer (ruptura das represas das grandes usinas hidroeletricas) com a respectiva solução (ampliação da energia dos ventos nas regiões mais altas e com alta incidência de ventos).
Vou fazer um breve ensaio sobre a circulação dos ventos.
                   Normalmente, nas regiões mais altas da troposfera, existem ventos mais fortes. Ao meu ver, talvez esta situação se repita nas regiões mais altas, ou seja, planaltos e montanhas.
                  Quanto a este evento, apenas a título de curiosidade, existe o provérbio popular de que os ventos mais fortes atingem as pessoas que estão no alto.
                  Pelo que eu pesquisei, e vou falar em valores aproximados, o limite de troposfera na região do equador é em torno de dezesseis quilometros de altitude. Nos pólos, o limite da troposfera é em torno de oito quilometros de altitude.
                 A diferença de altitude do limite da troposfera no equador e nos polos, ao meu ver, se deve a espansão da atmosfera decorrente do calor, ou seja, no equador existe mais calor e o limite de altitude da troposfera superior é maior, ao contrário dos pólos em que há mais frio e o limite de altitude da troposfera superior é inferior.
                  Com o advento de uma nova pequena era do gelo, ou seja, mais frio do que as temperaturas normais de hoje, ao meu ver, irá existir a diminuição das altitudes relativas ao limite superior da troposfera.
                  Assim, talvez, ocorra mais ventos ou não, conforme a região geográfica do planeta. O que eu quero dizer, que este fator, ampliação ou não dos ventos, poderá ser um indicativo da viabilidade ou não da ampliação do uso da energia dos ventos, ou seja da energia eólica.
Outra questão que vem em minha mente, envolve a sustentabilidade.
                 Os lixos orgânicos das cidades, que atualmente são problemas para a civilização podem ser uma solução. Vou explicar:
                  - Usinas de gás podem ser feitas tendo como materia prima o lixo orgânico. Este gás produzido poderá substituir o gás de cozinha. E a matería organica residual transformar em humus, ou seja, adubo orgânico.
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