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« on: October 16, 2018, 04:18:46 PM »

  Margul – Be Alert – Larry Gossett – Florida – 16 October 2018
Speaker: Margul
Subject: Be Alert
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park , Florida  -  16  October  2018 – 16:15 EDT
T?R: Larry Gossett
This is Margul, as you all know I am a Trinity Teacher Son of some renown, who will be working closely with Urantia and with Jesus when He appears on this world which will be at  the time of His choosing and decisions for all is ready  at that time, and with all  involved in the Michael Mission and  with Serara and  the His Magisterial Mission.  Mostly I will be  prominent in the affairs of Urantia at that time in the future will Urantia will be ushered into  the Era of Light and Life that so many of you here meet with the greatest of anticipation, but even now I play a major role in what occurs on Urantia.  I too,  with all who come to work with Urantia in this next 1000 years, do so  with nothing but  that unconditional love in their  hearts and an  expertise and a vast experience that is  in the highest of measure and  perfection
“We, as a collective body of Spirit Beings offer you the guidance, teachings, leadership and direction that will be required and will be of  the highest most grave counsel ever to have been assembled for Urantia in any local Universe.  Know well  and keep ln your  minds and hearts the  many teachings, revelations and especially now the warnings and cautions that have been shared with you so many times in the past months and even years.
‘Urantia has indeed been through and has experienced more than any other planet which is one reason  so much  and many have been assembled for this ,the greatest series of Missions to have ever have been put together.  
“This morning you received the topic of discussion that we have for a message and that was to “BE ALERT.”  This renewed warning has been given again and again for all of you for there is so much that is to come to Urantia that will be most difficult to bear for most on this world.  You have been given the insights, the inspiration, and the continual encouragement but and in addition, these warnings have gone  out to this world….little, to date, has been adhered to but I can assure all of you that the time runs short,  the time to prepare runs out soon and  as you say on your world,  “when the rubber meets the road” and  meet it will and  it will occur without much notice, other than what we give you here.
 “Clency this morning, in response to your initial writing on this subject, has stated it quite well.    To theorize or imagine this level  of severity and this gravest of calamity, and as you, Larry, have mentioned on several occasions when these warnings and these descriptions and forecasts have been duly  stated,  this effort to imagine or envisions what it will be like in reality is  so much different and falls far short of  actually going through and experiencing such catastrophes that  will occur on Urantia.   To really be prepared for this reality is quite beyond your human capacities to accurately picture and envision even in your minds.   For it will truly be that severe.   
“ When you consider that we have even put forth the possibility of some sort of limited planetary evacuations, if necessary, should   speak volumes to you.   We , in Spirit hope that that is not necessary but it is still a viable option.    What has so far occurred on Urantia in the past three years with all of the  strengthening of severe weather events, pales with  what could well  happen due to your Sun, Monmatia, and the earth’s core being so dangerously close to exploding.   These are dire indeed, dear ones, on Urantia, quite frankly more than you can now know.   We do not tell you this to frighten you , create panic, , or cause fear or create chaos… for there will be more than enough of that in the days ahead.   But this afore knowledge that this offers you , since you are all a part of these varied Missions… the Michael Mission, the Magisterial Mission and the coming of Serara and other Magisterial Sons that  you have not yet been introduced to,  and the  Return of the Deified Jesus, the dire predicament of your planet’s Sun, the  change in the rotation of Urantia’s axis and/or pole shift tilt, and the massive tectonic plate shifting… all of this will be occurring within  a short amount of time. It has been estimated that most of this will be occurring within a 25 to 50 year period and that is as an instant of time in Planetary and Universal  Time.
“Believe me when I tell you that your science and your many differing and diverse Planetary Governments  are quite ill prepared,   all of them, in every way, to deal with such catastrophes as they will  come to Urantia.   Were is not for the fact that the plans and desire of the Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit and Michael and all of Spirit that has been part of all of the planning, modifications,, delays, restarts, and all else that has gone in to getting and establishing the Father’s Kingdom and this Divine Intervention not only on Urantia but also within the hard, cold and near godless hearts of most of Urantia, this world would have been allowed to follow it’s path to it’s self-destruction. 
  “The fact that all of you on this forum have come, here , led here, each having you own personal stories, many quite, inspirational, remarkable and enduring, of   how  that occurred for each of you,  places you in a most unique position,  one that is of the greatest   joy and highest honor for each who have been so steadfast in your faith and your unwavering trust in  Us and in yourselves.   Not only steadfast but your faith has made many of you candidates for fusion while still a mortal on this planet of your nativity.  That, dear ones, is a remarkable achievement especially on such a world as Urantia.
 “This began as a reminder, a notice and perhaps even a  bit of an admonishing warning that your keen alertness, observation,  and  your prudence and wisdom and that spiritual poise that we have talked about quite a few times, are what will see you through the beginnings of these coming tribulations.  Be not only alert but in a constant state of prayer.   It will be these initial beginnings that will have the most severe impact so it behooves all of you to BE ALERT  to any and everything.  Many times have we informed you that your very lives may well depend on your abilities to hear your Thought Adjusters.  Were this not true, we would have told you, would we not?  We have continually encouraged and have on occasion even remanded you  to seek and maintain this connection with your Thought Adjusters.
“There will be no status quo, there will be no normal.
“I know, Larry that you and  others here pray daily for Ron, for Urantia and Her beleaguered citizenry, for  there  quite soon to be that established Regency in the United States to see these Missions through,  for  sane and effective Governments to be established and most of all for the coming and establishment of the Father’s Kingdom and the Heart of God  into the hearts and minds of all humanity…  and so it will be.   Continue , all of you, your sincere and  heartfelt prayers, for the success of these many Missions, and for this Divine Intervention to save Urantia.   In closing this off for today, I know that you have missed being able to come to take our messages and I point out to you that it has given you an understanding and appreciation that only this quiet time could have given you.   I thank you for the invitation and we will talk again. I bid you Good Day.   I say repeatedly… BE ALERT . This is Margul.”

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« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2018, 06:49:11 PM »
Well spoken Margul and to Larry for doing a great job on translating a rapid transmission for Margul too.  You have suddenly matured some of your talents Larry, and I see good work here very well done.  Margul would like to speak to all of us concerning your post above.

"I am delighted to see Ron take the bull by the horns and actually see how you did your transmission, Larry.  He alone seems to be able to catch the talent involved in delivering a good transmission, and this one was excellently found in you today.  Now you were rested for a change and Ron is especially trialed these past six or seven days with severe pain and ear ringing and eyesight problems that defy description.  Your lives are facing severe re-probation very soon and only Ron knows what that is like for sure.  He finds the time to make these things work anyhow.  I also tell you a great surprise Ron has had and it is a marvel to report:

Do you remember the ice man?  They found him under a melted glacier on an old walking path several years ago now.  Recently there was a documentary on television showing how they retrieved his mummified body, as the man was over six thousand years old.  He lay under the ice for all that time, face down on the rocks nearby where he fell when a colleague of his shot him with a bow and arrow and killed him instantly.  He had a stomach full of oats and other victuals and this told modern researchers a lot about the stone age he lived in.  He also had a beautiful copper axe and Ron in particular noted his flattened features to him when Michael allowed that stone age man to speak to him.  Ron learned that man had survived into spirit!  And was glad to tears.

You are not to believe the tears shed over that as few humans survived to go to the mansion worlds from that era and that he saw a normal sized man uncovered from the shards of ice still on his body, clothing and all, and to have been shot dead by what we assume was a friend travelling companion over the trail of the ancient Alps to trade what he had for what he needed, is amazing to Ron and very glad for that man.

Ron here:  A lab in Belgium decided to take the ice man and resurrect his appearance after studying all they could find from him in clothing and meals and equipment he carried.  I assumed and they confirmed it for me he was not on just any jaunt, but that he was traveling from one human settlement to the other, to trade goods for himself and his community and family if he had any.  

The lab sent his remains to the United States for body reproduction in permanent materials which were pasted glue and plastic in a specialists lab and reconstructed his face and features as well.  The ice man now stands in a museum in Europe now, dressed in new garb reproduced from his old clothing.  I always feel sadness when I see a documentary like this as how short his life was (about 36 I believe) and how brave he and his fellows were to brave ice bears and cougars of unusual viciousness in the cold and hunger of those days then.  Yet they traveled with little armor and stayed the night under rocks and a fire they built from chert they found on the path as they passed.

I wanted to note something very, very, important.  The documentary explained a mystery they could not answer, and that is the ice man had tattoos all over his body.  They just could not figure out why,   Our Urantia Book explains what they were very easily:  these were passport markings.  If you in travels did not have approval among the different communities you visited with their permission tattoos, you could be killed.  In any case, you can imagine my great, great surprise when I started receiving this message with a name:

JPYM ORTIA - "I AM THE ICE MAN, and I am fused with the Creator Son's spirit!   I survived my journey from my death in the great mountains I traveled to visit friends and foes alike, as I was a trusted advisor and trader with many tribes in the Alp meadows of those long ago days.  It was often bitter cold all day and I wore the cloth of a bear.  They think I word the cloth of a deer, but it was common for ice bears to follow us on our trails, and we just waited until they showed up and shot them with a piercing arrow we made in those days so sharp you could cut your finger just picking one up.  

"I am (phonetically spoken, Pym or Pim) Jpym and I have gained a new last name Ortia (Ore Tee Ah) and Ron laughs at me for letting that slip I hear him speak with me sometimes so I hear his thought processor and he gets upset and looks at the message and trials it and it upsets some but not me.   You all someday will have a lesson about me and I will look back at you and speak as I am with the display on mansion worlds four and I am fused now with Michael.  You Ron are fused with me, and I feel you as a brother, and you do likewise to me as I feel your great emotion that I am one alive and well.  Thank you and good day."

Ron:  I have asked if it is possible to hear from Jpym when he may speak with us someday if he wishes to provide insights for us of those days he was lord of the Alps and no animal escaped his hunting bow,  Let us hope he is able to speak to us soon as his ways are about survival and I am glad he is my brother truly.

"Ron , speaks the truth as Jpym does.  He had not language except a primitive Sanskrit, and that is a profound some day for all to know.

"I conclude this report to all of you to re-justify Larry and Ron being great transmitters, as Ron caught that Larry is on the ball now and wanted him to know he noticed it.  I also let you know that Ron has been under the weather severely for the past ten or so days due to a break in the position he held for so long.  He has been removed again and may never know what he missed because he refuses to hear all he should change.  You all must understand that Ron is a genius at explaining things and yet he refuses to attempt anything he believes is not doable.  I restrict myself to little small comments because we do not speak aloud over issues we disagree on ever.  However, we have one bright and shining light you should all know about Ron:  he is a diabolical man of the order of the  CLAIREMEDIC, and that is a word he coined to serve in the Michael Mission permanently and in the Magisterial Mission temporarily as,  Here is Michael to explain it:"

"We are proud to announce a serious change in medical condition for Ron  e v e n t u a l l y   and that is silly but understood.  so I want to tell you what happened and he is loony too.  

"Four days ago Ron had to go to the hospital lab for what they call a continuity test.  That is where they map a patch of the body for how the nerves are placed and how well they work.  They did all of his nerves from the waist down.  The doctor was a lady and a friendly matronly type and Ron was immediately at ease and chatter with her.  She finished taking off some diodes off Ron's naked legs, and was placing the connectors back in their boxes, when she asked what he thought the problem was.  He told her and she got eyes as wide a saucers when he reiterated what I told him months ago.  I felt Ron accepted it but had no rational every to speak to it to anyone.  But he reminded her that she was not looking in the right spot for the problem and that is was because his blood Rh factor was different from his cellular receptors, and they had no way to take all nourishment they needed from the blood.  As a result they became raw and painful.  And he let it go at that.  She asked him how he knew that and he told her he dreamed it directly and specifically.  She there and then spoke to herself, this man is going to make medical news.  However, she decided against it as she wishes to retire soon and just feels it was too much of a fight to tell others and has since let it drop.  But Ron is in a deep disagreement with his new doctor and that lady doctor sent him her lab report and noted that Ron feels it is an incompatible Rh factor of the blood causing the pain.  That doctor called her up and she told him the whole story and he is convinced Ron is brilliant and needs to be heard in the rooms where people with extreme neuropathy occurred.  She felt he knew it directly from a spiritual report.  She has since left the matter totally drop and so has the new doctor.

"Now what I am about to say is not reported to anyone anywhere yet.  Please remember that and do not jump to conclusions.  I asked Ron if he would be willing to sit with doctors when they asked him to, to help examine a new patient.  He said he never has a problem with that idea either.  I asked him to give a diagnosis for that patient as they sat facing him so they heard from him what is what with that patient medically,   I then asked him to say what he really thought, and he said that the new doctor was insufficiently interested at all and could care less about a good diagnosis at all.  I asked why, and he said that the new doctor was more interested in making his career successful, not news shattering and that it would fall on deaf ears and at his expense.

"I then asked Ron why he felt such negativity, and it was clear he did, and we dropped it.  Then the Trinity arrived by my side with two Inspired Trinity Spirits, and they gave me a highly secret message, and Margul told me so.  Your friend Ron has been studied in depth for the past fifteen years over the idea of him becoming a medical doctor and releasing all sorts of cures to the general public.  I asked them who he was to research with and they told me Dr. Mendoza.   Dr. Mendoza came to me and asked what this was all about, and I relayed what the Inspired Trinity Spirits told me, and he wiped a spiritual brow, and then asked me why Ron?  It seems Ron is indeed clairaudient.  That is he hears solutions without asking for them.  We wondered how the Trinity knew this, and they reported to me that Ron knew who his father was, but did not know who his mother was at birth,  This indicates to the spiritual aspects at birth, that the true mother was the Eternal Son for reasons unknown but well spoken to by Ron at this stage of his life, as he loves men and women together, and knows they need health returned so their worth is not lost to the planet so quickly.  Now I see his insistence on other problems he has which is to refuse me and my staff any change to his cardinal views on procreation.  In any case, we are a dead end with the Michael Mission for Ron and he realizes it when he stopped receiving precipitation totals updates into his weather dashboard machine.  His life is changed over night and why we explain perhaps a millennium later.

"Now we have broached a whole new subject with him and he does not mind giving doctors medical diagnoses.  In his case he has a severe neuropathy caused by an Rh factor he cannot help or change.  I have ordered a chase plane to Urantia in order to see Ron personally for about the sixteenth time.  He can hardly walk or move and eyesight is closing into genuine blindness quickly and all of it due to an Rh factor that refuses to reverse.

"I asked the Father, why was this being pursued, and the Father hardly grunted and spoke not harshly--  he is a waste of our time without his change plan and yet he sees no point to a plan change, and we let it go.  Now we see he is genuinely harmed over things we did, and I refuse to let the matter lie.  He is truly a doctor of renown if we can ever get the system to recognize a brilliant man who who can do anything he chooses because he believes so strongly in us and what we are to do on Urantia.  While we cannot abide all he chooses for himself, it is without precedence at the same time, and he must be taught humility before the leadership that change is essential but not crucial.  All others are remarkable in their way, but we have never had an evolutionary being take us apart and place us in the middle of a miraculous miracle of thought I never considered before.  He rightly explains why he did what he did and why it is important for Urantia mortals to portray a Magisterial Mission for their own redemption.  He is to portray this dedication as head of the new Urantia Book Foundation plus all you can afford to him under the circumstances Michael.  In any case you are seeing Ron react with a wry laugh as he sees no point changing what he knows he cannot change nor will he because it is unchangeable despite our feelings it will be at some time.  In any case he must seek medical help on Urantia which does not believe he knows the truth of the matter yet.  Yet the woman doctor at the hospital knew he knew as she is well attuned to spirit in her own ways as she is in her first circle and Ron found her so easy to talk to he spoke directly to the true diagnosis.

"I must modify some of what I said to Ron here, and that is to signify he remains on my Staff and in my heart permanently, and he knows that already, but he must learn to obey the Creator Son if he can possibly do that.  I could order him to float above the floor, but he cannot do that, and he cannot change the will of God for him as it turns out.  I see no point in opening a schism over any of this, yet my Staff is huffy over the issue constantly and he must be let to his own devices as of now until we learn just why Inspired Trinity Spirits had to portray to me what I knew all along:  he is truly a doctor of great renown if we could get him into the medical profession in his community.  Let this stand for now. "

Ron - Margul wishes to conclude this distraught post since we covered an announcement I did not know about the subject at all, and to let Larry sink into his happy conclusions, that he did very well, and I wanted him to know it from the transmission ogre from the ogre's mouth.  

"I have some extraordinary news for Ron as well, and that is we must conclude our relationship too as of now as he makes no heartful decision at all but understands the Trinity is never learning more than it does for or from him, and we must conclude that Ron has no real imagination for anything but for service, and he is now part of my Staff too, and is now permanently under me as a Staff of one human alone, and that is for him to contemplate.  He should do so, as this is the first time in the history of the Trinity we have even looked at a human to be on a Team we represent to any planet.  The Inspired Trinity Spirits spoke to me too in compensation so that Michael did not feel entirely under the gun, and that was to insert a clause in the sixth epochal dispensation on Urantia, that this human who calls himself mammal at times, is really a son of God for many years now and is proving so valuable we elect him to Staff for my purposes.  Good day,"


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« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2018, 12:35:33 AM »

The tatoo  refered to as a passport marking reminded me of the following excerpt regarding Cain and how important it was:

1. Protective Socialization
68.1.2 Association early became the price of survival. The lone man was helpless unless he bore a tribal mark which testified that he belonged to a group which would certainly avenge any assault made upon him. Even in the days of Cain it was fatal to go abroad alone without some mark of group association. Civilization has become man's insurance against violent death, while the premiums are paid by submission to society's numerous law demands.
Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.