Author Topic: A fine time for bananas and ice cream  (Read 713 times)

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A fine time for bananas and ice cream
« on: October 28, 2018, 01:50:19 AM »
Nice to see you back in the saddle, Ron.  There is but one good thing about a recovery period after oral surgery and it's not tomato and pea soup. But it IS all the ice cream shakes you can mush down. If I may suggest, add some sliced bananas to your stirred milk and ice cream, and don't forget to squeeze some Hershey chocolate syrup and a tablespoon of cherry syrup.  But be careful not to substitute cayanne pepper for the cherry syrup, if you happen to be loopy from the hydrocodone. Don't get me wrong, we love hot spicy food down in Cajun country, but not in the ice cream please!  

Seriously, measure your steps carefully, Mr. Loopy. This is when you can trip up. Just a bit of caution from Mama Gitz. Now go eat your ice cream and rest.
Gleefully, Steve. 
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Re: A fine time for bananas and ice cream
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2018, 10:08:43 AM »
Thanks, ma.  I did not eat for 48 hours.  Yesterday at lunch time at 60 hours not eating I took a tiny portion of a sugar iced cake to get some sugar into my system which I usually find helpful.  In two minutes I was holding on to the kitchen counter as I started to pass out.  I doubt the sugar represented a teaspoon but it hit me so hard I quick had to find the sofa and stretch out and recover.  What has happened is I took on a load of local anesthesia which by my count was 8 vials of what the doctor called Novocaine.   I am positive it was some version of that stuff because I know that pure Novocaine hits harder than that one did, but I kept oxidizing it almost as fast as he pumped it in.  The surgery was extensive too and at the end it got quite painful.  But what has me wondering more than anything is I got a viscous headache that I cannot tamp down.  Aspirin does not touch it.  Motrin does not touch it. Pain pills do not work it. I can find nothing but lying down and closing my eyes to keep light out which sounds to me like a migraine symptom.  By 4pm yesterday I tried heating bullion and a slice of bread in it and managed to get it all down by pressing it back of the front lower jaw where all the bone grafting took place.  I am about the same this morning and insist on getting up to participate at least a little bit in the day.  So thanks ma,  I will at least try to eat today when body says it is ready to give a go again. 

Oh, and by the way, I experienced mostly celestial silence for the first 48 hours and very little except to respond to emails on line here.  The book is silent as it is too much effort to get into long technical transmissions ynder present circumstances.

"We believe you are happy under your present circumstances, but they will change rapidly if you do not stop fidgeting with your plans to move or do what you feel you need to under the circumstances.  Ron is out of the picture until he revives the head which he correctly says is a viscous headache deep in the brain pocket.  It has nothing to do with too much anesthesia, but the Trinity must rearrange the brain stem in order for Ron to take on all he has to in the near future.  HE will live a hectic life and he is in no condition to take it on today or even tomorrow.  He sees the doctor again Wednesday this coming week and a decision must be taken to implant or not and we expect the doctor will implant if possible, as he knows Ron is in a hurry to get it over with.  

"You Gitz have too much to do and then not enough to do as you are nearly done with a build out but the place is in a dusty shambles in some ways too.  Be assured you are needed and it would not hurt to see to it sooner than later as once the dark period starts you are going to be stuck in Louisiana and that is not good.  Be assured the trial to get moving well in York is rapidly approaching and Ron will be alright by the time that happens next month as early as the 20th or so.  I am Michael and I am warning all around the Gulf Coast to watch out and stay out of the Gulf of Mexico with pleasure cruises as the waves will get very choppy as the bottom starts to sink bit by bit and then with a sudden collapse.  It has already receded five to ten inches from where it was last year at this time.  Michael."

"The trial to be anything but good is losing ground for all of you,  Louisiana is in the worst possible place for disaster relief as it comes into the pagan idea of soul losses that have no redemption everywhere.  That means many inhabitants who find the Gulf region salubrious also have either untrained Adjusters or no Adjusters at all.  That is the problem with certain areas of the world and in the United States, those problems persist in new York City , the Gulf Coast and Los Angeles.  Beyond those borders it is fairly normal.  Besides that Ron is framing these messages as best he can but is getting a deep headache as we type as that is a sign he cannot take the light very well again.  I agree that is a symptom of migraine headaches but these are spirit induced to provide a better version of the brain stem he already has.  I am Mother Spirit and wish you all a good day."

"Ron suffers the mirror side of the Trinity lately, and that is to be indwelt by the entire media that is the Trinity, and it is painful all the time as this indwelling is for him.  It will end shortly and then resume briefly again in a few days and then be done indefinitely for some time.  It happens when he hits trauma that is hardly bearable to him or to us, and we look to see if he should be seized and placed into the morontial.  He is ready to work but we keep piling on to him our changes and he is sick of being placed in bed so frequently he does not find it easy to live the day, as he puts it.  In any case Steve Gitz, you are pandering to your own tastes and you are going to lose out on a magnificent career in spirit if you do not make the decision to move on regardless of the financial strain, either to York or a place of your choice further north.  Stay away from the mid west and concentrate on areas north of North Carolina as they are not entirely safe either.  Lastly, Ron cannot use extra people to help because he has pain and muscle fatigue and no amount of people around him can relieve that.  He needs you in proximity for when he receives his orders and that was addressed to him late last night.

"Be aware Steve, you are one of the few to be told the full truth and the full truth is far beyond what you expect I assure you.  You are well received by Ron but he is so limited right now on how he can drive or travel and even to eat as it has been a severe blow to his body system to go through this just as we were beginning to lift the advancing paralysis of the legs and feet.  He is in terrible straights these past few days but gets by the best he can.  See him if you dare, but there is little you can do until he gets his assignments that includes both of you and those assignments are due this coming week.  I am Margul and thank all for their commiseration for this chap, but he will battle it through and be fine in a few weeks for sure.  Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of renown everywhere but on Urantia." K K K K

[Ron a note:  More and more the transmitting spirit closes their transmissions with a K.  I was once a teletype operator and the K K K or one K or multiple K's at the end of a message meant, message over and we are signing out.  Teletype still operates that way today but a little more sophisticated that when a message is over t he machine turns off.  That was not possible in my day so we used what they call Pro signs to indicate our status on the air transmissions.  Morse code uses BK to separate messages and breaks.  ZNN is transmission complete and we quit.  QRM tells the other guy he is being received with a lot of static.  QSA is I received your message and here is my receipt I received fully and okay.  QRN is you are sending me a message with a lot of natural interference (often used for problems with the sunrise and sometimes the sunset as the sun gets in the way of these transmissions too).  ZZT is your transmission is received but I am having local difficulties making things difficult.  And a lot more but the use of KKKK's is a sign we are done sending and we are out of here.  FYI]
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