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Books: Urantia and Kindle update
« on: November 03, 2018, 01:37:09 PM »
Books: Urantia and Kindle update
Michael of Nebadon
Mother Spirit on High
Mother Spirit Nebadonia
Margul, the Trinity Teacher Assigned to Urantia Permanently

York, Pa 1330 Local Time
November 03, 2018

Michael of Nebadon -
“The new Urantia Book is satisfactorily done now and we have every reason to state it will be a big hit once we have it out of the way of delivery for Ron to distribute as he sees fit for the most part.  That list he collected from all of you over a year ago is still good and he will work with it to begin with. 

“I am preliminarily making it available to the Chicago Foundation provisionally and that is through the Magisterial Foundation.  No publishing company mark shows on it and Ron suggests we stamp it with “Magisterial Foundation,” as its identifier.  Finde but it is printed and sealed but it can be added by you Ron by wishing read hard for each book to have its imprint however they may wish to do it.  It is done now already and that is not joke Ron - Mother Spirit on High says so. 

“Our work will carry the ideals of the new Urantia Book entirely and that is to be bold and aggressive in our work as Ron has suggested all along.  He sees the trial in three colors: red, white, and blue.  That is bolue for Me Michael, Red for Margul who is upset over how the last book was decided on so quickly and irrevently when done with the Sadler work on it, and White in order to bring the peace of the dove back to Urantia wholeheartedly.  Be assured Ron is not a great peace maker but he his quite often by doing what is necessary to establish the basis for peace. “

MARGUL - Trinity Teacher Son from Uversa today -
“We must start with an apology to all of you for letting things slide to the point no one is sure what we have going on for the time being.  Ron already decided it was high spirit work being done over Urantia and that he would not understand the issues anyway.  That is part true and he should be given credit for allowing it to pass as normal for the moment.  BUT: He refuses to accept the fact that his nerves have given out and that he must rest so much more than he likes doing so.  He must never take on Michael as he did before for all the work accomplished and then let out because no on really cares what was done on their behalf.

“Our look at the new Urantia Book is forthcoming in another post by Michael shortly after this week, we believe.  We are also concerned that Ron is well enough to take on all he has to in order to bring the old Foundation to heel over changes he did not order, or they did not heed when they were asked to several years ago by a mandate issued by Michael at that time.  He is sure it exists somewhere but a computer crash left him without a copy for now.  In any case we have a copy to reinform everyone with if the Foundation itself did not keep a copy, 

“Secondly, the trial for distribution is on the table with Ron at this point and he will be well enough to handle it well shortly.  We are making every effort to see to distribution by our orders as best they can under trying conditions, He must make amends to all when they do not get their Urantia Book on that list he assembled only because the post office is having terrible problems of logistics over the pole shift problems of communication and transport.  We will see what is what shortly

“As a result of this changing scenario, we in the Paradise Trinity have determined that Ron has the full authority to change what he wishes with us, but he has not, but only worries not that things are about to be placed on earth, that he is not fully able to work with them.  Not so.  The Divine Minister of Nebadon publically announced yesterday that the human they know as Ron Besser will be reinstituted for work on Urantia shortly.  She made it clear he has the full authority to do these things and will rely upon Jesus and Michael and others to fulfill his duties as best he can under very trying conditions.

“We are coming to the point that I must speak plainly:

“Ron, we need a rousing sensation from you again and you have a couple you keep under cover for the book, but the book is slowly becoming a henchman for all the excuses the unvierses uses not to do something, and you are sure they are using this one in particular because it deals with a subject almost no one ever works with:MATERIALIZATION.  It is a proud book full of anagrams of the past and events no one ever thought would be told but you do it.  In so many words it would be a great loss not to have it but Rayson is tired of you and your ways and is t ired of the world and its ways and is tired of Roule and so one.  We need to re- compensate both Rayson and Ron on something that is needed even though the audience diminishes by the day as he is watched for new material there.  In any case he is successful on Kindle and not among all of you because you care almost nothing about a synthetic fuel discovery from dirty old coal that will change how far your drive and how easy it is to use.

“I recommend to you Ron you let some of this out for this list.  They need a rousing sign of your interest in all areas and this one are is spectacularly done in what you hae put together. . . . .

The Proposed Kindle Book to Come

RON here - Since I deal mostly with the carbon atom, I concentrated on its unusual aspects as an atom that is always changing its face as to which it is and what it does or does not do.   Basic carbon atoms are what is designated as Carbon 6 (six).  That means it has six protons in its nucleus, and supposedly six electrons in orbit in to shells around the nucleus.  

Carbon 6, and all other carbon atoms with less electrons or more electrons are derivatives of carbon 6, and the reader should know that any derivative from any elemental atom other than the original, is called an ION.  Carbon 12, is the ion of carbon 6 the original carbon,  that makes up most coal delivered to your cellar or furnace or to the steel making plants in this country.  Most chemists assume they are getting carbon 6 coal when in fact it is carbon 12 they receive, and it is that misunderstanding that causes bad explosions in manufacturing synthetic fuels from coal.

But let us cut the extra language here and go to the heart of our discovery:

The Carbon Six (6) atom has an Electron Guard!   The nucleus has a specially designed electron the fits like a bag over the entire atom.  It is a Zip Lock stytle Electron and no body knows its work or eventhat it is there.  See a picture of each atom of carbon 6 with a baggy over it and you will discover why the carbon 6 atom so misbehaves in chemistry class all the time.

But that is not all that is a real shocker to learn:

Each carbon six nucleus has a Entropic Proton, it sits just out side of the nucleus, and it is also a guard against something stealing something from the nucleus, If something gets through Zip Lock bag over the atom it is this Entropic Proton that jumps at it and destroys it.

No one has ever explained why this carbon atom deals with electricity so strangely as it creates a lot of electricity when spinning in a chamber that is not static either.  All that spare electricity spinning the carbon 6 and carbon 12 atom can zap a worker at 70 (seventy) feet outside of the chamber in the work room and kill him as though he stuck his fingers in the electrical socket. 

The new book, about 80 percent complete, shows how these things called Entropic Atoms of which there are thiry four or so out of the 100 or so in Periodic Chart, are the only atoms that have Guard Electrons and that is why when materializing as an element, they go through a metamorphosis other elements do not go to at all.  Copper is an Entropic Element and so is Uranium.  Sulfur is not Entropic and neither is Borax an Entropic Element.  The book explains many more details about this unusual state of affairs in atoms and how they are behaving normally if one know what one deals with especially in coal.

That should be enough to give you and idea of what is in the book, but I also bring the reader into the world of the Nazi government in Germany in the late 1930's and early 40's for a look at how Eva Braun accidentally got tangled up in the work on the German Atomic Bomb and almost lost her boy friend, Adolf Hitler.  The problem in getting it done is there is no time for Rayson to help me with information and discarding reams of material already collected for it.  I have enough material for at least one hundred fifty pages, but the real heart of the book is right around 90 to 100 pages at best right now.  Only time will tell if we can get this thing launched or not.  Thank you Margul for bringing it up for our edification as well.

MARGUL - I stress this is a preliminary report too as Ron knows he has one huge chapter coming he has not taken down yet and that is how to produce four micron coal synthetic fuel with Helium only and no spinning to break it down is necessary now.  It will revolutionize the idea of clean coal for a very long time to come on Urantia.  But we must wait for the powers above us to decide just how this will be told.  Margul”

I am satisfied we have enough in the book already to make quite a mark on those who read the book for the first time.  It is an amazing piece of literature, and Ron dug deep into our archives to learn that Eva Braun, who is on the mansion worlds, had a run in with the Gestapo when she flirted with Wagner Heisenberg by asking him how the bomb was coming?   It was super top secret and she smiled and asked in bold daylight in the lobby of the elegant hotel for a fund raiser to help the troops on the eastern front.  She has forgotten the incident but sees how it went with Ron;s write up in the book which sits languishing on his desktop and needs a push to get done and out.  I am sure we can accommodate all of that shortly Ron.  Be assured you will be wondering at no reaction, but that is what happened to your first book too.  I am Michael.  Good day.”


(Ron’s Note to readers - Mother Spirit on High happens to be the Original and First Creative Spirit, that was the operating pattern for all Creative Spirits in time space.  She is located variously in Havona as a Transcendental Being of the Creative Nature, and is also found on Uversa when it is required to speak to time and space such as She does so now to us:)

“I am that Mother Spirit who wishes to be known as ‘Mother Spirit on High,’ as I hve no extra title to carry at this time.  In any case we say this according to our vision of how Ron fits all of this for all of you: Do not bother yourselves with titles these days as Ron never uses them anyhow and he feels totally dependent on Michael and Nebadonia and the rest of the sub-absolute Deities in Nebadon, to carry through his duties and he will, I feel sure, order nothing without checking to be sure this is proper with all of them.  He says he would be foolhardy not to go that route for all important actions and for actions he does not consider that important either, as this must work or we have a doomed planet.  Good.  I am also quite sure the illusion that Ron is fully in charge will be dispensed with when we learn that God the Supreme has now indwelt Ron for the last fifty four days and is sure he is well done in spite of the pain and suffering he goes through daily.  In so many words, the universe has made sure this individual is fit and ready to do the job.  In closing, note I am carefully observing our rules of communication and not saying anything about Ron and how silly he can get when the right word is used in transmissions.  Today it is the word “fully” as he is sure there is no such meaning for him.  I any case, the die is cast and we move to the next phase right now, as we had to be sure Ron can withstand transmitting even with a moderate level of headaches and various other kinds of disco,fort.  Be assured we smile with you Ron too.  K K K K”

“I am determined to keep all of this in one batch of conclusions; however, Ron now needs to be sure he can survive this mess on him and wonders if his surgeon will let him go on to the next phase of implanting the stems of the new teeth in the front lower jaw.  He will wait a month Ron and you need protective covering and ask him to fit that thing into you mouth so it is not so raw now.  Be assured he will be glad to but warn you it will hurn now and then and to take it out for relief.  Be assured it is the best they can do under these trying circumstances.

“With regard to that book that sticks to you like glue Ron:  Rayson will make time today and finish it up for you and you can rearrange according to taste.  For other purposes, let Rayson set the tone and keep out of his way when he is delivering bulk information, and Ron Rayson here: “bulk,”  is the word not: “load.”  In any case we are delivering a pound of flesh for you soon Ron as the entire matter of those awful headaches and painful teeth and gums will be ending shortly as healing may proceed quickly.  He is truly dismayed over your reaction and wonders just what else is working on you too.  In any case we are finished with this post and will relay to Rayson the probable schedule for you today.  Thank you.  Mother Spirit.”

Michael of Nebadon - “You are carrying a heated mental plate this morning Ron so let it dissipate for a few hours and get back on it with a new chapter from Rayson shortly.  It is mandated this is his last chapter for you and so on.  Let the rest of your material decide the length then.  Okay? [just fine says Ron].”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Books: Urantia and Kindle update
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2018, 02:39:16 PM »
It seems like you are beginning to feel a little bit better.  I hope this is true.

The news about the new Urantia Book is so wonderful!  I can't wait to get a copy in my hands and begin the study.  I will now have to start in earnest to begin to understand all that Ron is producing on energy.  I have not been doing so and Ron knows this, but even though it is not one of my areas of great interest, I feel that a basic understanding will now be needed as it appears that this is to be included in the new Urantia Book, and I will need to study every page carefully.  

My heart sang when I read Ron's post. I look forward to the time when our transmissions will once again flow.

kindred shall forever remain unbroken


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Re: Books: Urantia and Kindle update
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2018, 03:28:16 PM »
Ron. Like Amethyst I am waiting to get out the new Urantia Book or the Second Urantia Book to read and know the important updates that will inform the many issues possibly about the Sixth Revealing of the Epoch. So, I reiterate in the direction of the request I made earlier: - I ask you to acquire the book when possible. If, by chance, the website falls or goes out of the air, during the events, from now on I look back on my private email so we can keep in touch, that is, I pray that you will soon restore your health fully. At the end of last year I was also having dental treatment and we have to have patience until the completion of the dentist's work. Soon after a dental surgery, remember to eat creamy and cold foods (ice cream), like ice cream. Finally, I ask God to work on the missions of God in the city of York, Pennsylvania, USA, when it is due. Either way, regardless of fate, I accept God's destiny for me. A big brotherly hug, Julio.


Ron. Assim como Amethista eu estou esperando sair  o novo Livro de Urantia ou o Segundo Livro de Urantia para ler e conhecer as importantes atualizações que irão, informar, entre os muitos assuntos,  possivelmente sobre a Sexta Revelação da Época. Assim, eu reitero no sentido do pedido que fiz anteriormente: - Eu peço para adquirir o livro, quando for possível. Se por acaso, o site cair ou ficar fora do ar, durante os eventos, desde já eu relembro meu e-mail particular para continuarmos mantendo contato, ou seja, Eu rezo para que restabeleça logo sua saúde plenamente. No final do ano passado eu também estava com tratamento odontológico e temos que ter paciência até a conclusão dos trabalhos do dentista. Logo após uma cirurgia odontológica, lembre-se de comer alimentos cremosos e frios (gelados), como sorvetes. Por fim, eu peço a Deus para trabalhar nas missões de Deus, na cidade de York, Pensilvânia, EUA, quando for o momento devido. Seja como for, independentemente do destino, eu aceito o destino que Deus me reservar. Um grande abraço fraternal, Julio.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)